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  1. 2007. 2011. 2016. My 3 worst years. 2016 still haunts me. Walking up to park stage broke me. Walking back after the Bowie thing was 2foot deep in places. Mud not water.
  2. I know the clue is in the name but jam shed is so sickly. Couldnt drink loads of it without heartburn or drinking past that and feeling proper rough the next day. Each to their own and all that but if you can try a pinot or a totally different wine. Its amazing the difference. Marks and spencers miniatures and waitrose do 250ml (not the usual 187ml) and some are plastic bottles if you want to mix it up
  3. Paulo nutini October. Dunno how to link. Sale Wednesday. Presales etc tues. London Hull Birmingham Probably more. Sorry if been posted. Couldnt see it
  4. Watched wet leg on jools holland. Genuinley don't understand the hype.
  5. My next door neighbours sister
  6. Yep just saw that. Thanks. Did doubt myself to be honest
  7. Waterboys are headlining other against paul mccartney. Or have i totally dreamed that? Sure mike scott said about running over to catch the end of the set. May totally be misremembering that and it was about another festival.
  8. Pp arnold any ideas? The park? Don't know how big she is.
  9. Ahh. Fabulous. Thankyou for letting me know
  10. Not quite sure where to put this but has anyone heard from guypj recently? Last i read it was emergency hospital for his,granddaughter. Just had this with my grandson and realised he hadnt popped up anywhere. I know it was going a bit generation divide on some of his last posts but whatever you think of someones political (?) Thoughts you dont wish ill on anyone so just wondered really if all was ok for him. Sorry if this comes across wrong or in the wrong place.
  11. Should add this wasnt at Glastonbury- it was 3 nights of b.bragg in bristol so people knew what they were going to and actively bought tickets to see him. All seemed odd.
  12. Saw billy throw someone out of one of his gigs cos he was shouting something about Arsenal (i think) . Refused to continue until they guy had been removed. Apparently (or it was explained to me when i was-" what the fuck is going on " it was some coded Jewish slur. That felt quite hostile too tbh. Not what i expected at a 3 nights of billy bragg session. There was also a full on fight in the crowd. Mind you also saw that happen at first fleet foxes gig
  13. Sorry for delay. Just had a proper read. It's not an anker and reviews are mixed so i don't want to be responsible for people buying something that doesn't work. Back to nosing around again. Will link if i find something worthwhile.
  14. Cool. Thankyou. Ill go with that then. 1 can less will balance any weight issues and hopefully it will last a,week without too much use
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