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  1. There havent been 40,000 deaths yet tho?
  2. When did everyone start to rely on waiting for the government to think for them? Jesus
  3. The tests they are banging on about in the current way are pretty pointless anyway to be honest. Ive had it. The test wasnt like on the news. You are doing it yourself in a car after driving x amount of miles whilst feeling literally like death (obviously that will be slightly different now theyve opened up the testing criteria). I ached just sitting upright let alone swab myself an inch up my nostril and by my tonsils without gagging or touching tongue etc. It came back negative. Was told to presume it was positive as 30percent failure rate in tests anyway and only a,small window of time it actually registers. Male and 49 btw. If i did have it i wouldnt wish it on my enemy. Im vaguely fit (not run a marathon but did 35mile walk last year for fun). Im rambling but until it affects your personal life (also had family members not so lucky ) its easy to be distracted by the who does what well. Get thru it ; lets all get thru it and then lets judge everyone who needs to be accounted
  4. And if some wondrous person would collect them after rather than have to walk back for a 3rd time return it (2 trips with tents etc)
  5. Used one at latitude. Well my mate did. It was ok but needed 50quid cash deposit whixh was a ball ache to find. And could have done with bungees supplied
  6. Somehow im spending as much staying in. Though i have bought some 1972 dated luncheon vouchers cos i watched Bronco bullfrog after waiting for years and they had an old luncheon voucher sticker in a window which led to an argument were they green or blue. ( film is black and white and really not worth the wait but suedehead fashion before it was wvwn named. 1969) so not all spent on drunken ebay shopping (ahem). I knew nothing about tiger king til this thread and now i feel i know too much. But yep i think Netflix is next purchase. Glad you're back up and around mate.
  7. In doing the Sopranos for the first time. Working mostly so smashing them in when i can. Just finished series 1. Enjoying it more than the game of thrones nonsense.
  8. Is that the opening lyrics to cliff Richards final assault at number 1? A brave new direction for him but it may just pay off. (I may have drunk a bit)
  9. Ahh you know youre doing a good thing ! Itll pass. It always does. Just often doesnt feel like it.
  10. Nhs? ive Just said goodbye to any weekends off til July (edited cos i just checked rota)
  11. Im seeing them too. They are both over 60 tho, so an empty stage apart from zac and Simon?
  12. Gigs get cancelled a lot. I've been stuck a few times with pointless hotel rooms and or coach tickets. I dont think i've has ever thought 'they should pay for this and that as well as my ticket money back.' It's massively disappointing and can be really frustrating if i've got a weekend planned around it but ehat can you do? Don't think i would describe any of it as a pr disaster. Glastonbury is bigger so more people are involved but if it's cancelled as it has no choice then as long as ticket money refunded/option to move ticket to next year (depending on whats decided, and people on here are already discussing that a lot) then i genuinley can't see why its a potential p.r disaster. Annoying/frustrating obviously. Caveat- also had a holiday booked through tui totally changed as thomson went bust. I had no dealings with thomson but tui did. It came down to was i happy to change holiday (any extra cost except the 300quid normally charged to change details would be down to me) or did i want my money back. Tui didn't worry about any other arrangements i may have had around the holiday- they only worry about providing their side of contract. Glastonbury is still a business.
  13. I know none of us are really going to know what goes on behind the scenes but the fact liam started tweeting about Noel's family in a negative way has pretty much put any kibosh on a reunion any time soon. Would be different if they were not dping ok but both seem happy where they are. In theiam documentary he seemed to want it a bit but that was before his success of second album. Bit led zeppelin like - jimmy page would reform and has done stuff similarto what he is famous for(liam)- robert plant is happy doing his own thing that while has some nods to his past is actually quite a way away from what he is famous for (noel).
  14. Kitchen roll doesnt dissolve so don't flush it!
  15. For some sections of society- you basically are saying - yeah i should be ok and people i know are ok- apologies if you dont mean that but thats how it reads.
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