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  1. The email says they cant gaurantee their usual standard of expectations and with no insurance in place if it had to be cancelled at last minute they can't take that risk.
  2. Cornbury festival postponed until 2022 as of today.
  3. 166000 cancer deaths per year. Flu about 20000. There will be some cross over so 25000 extra deaths isnt quite as extreme as it first reads as in we all die of something.
  4. Fair i guess. But it makes the Glastonbury 'feel' become a bit like red nose day or Children in need. Think im just a bit disappointed about the people who have commented (not in here) well its Glastonbury they can have my money but I'm not interested in what they are doing. Like you i donate any way just kind of presumed most people who can afford 300quid for a festival wouldnt need a carrot to donate 20quid then say well i wont watch it anyway. Not for me.
  5. Sorry if its not clear but reading lots of social media - its like- oh its Glastonbury doing some for others of course I'll pay 20quid even tho I've got no interest in Coldplay or whatever. Just wondered if these same people think - shitting hell this is somr bad shit of a year I'll chuck 20quid towards this target that need it- or do people need a - woohoo its Glastonbury Worthy farm. I can watch this for 20quid cos i can afford it and feel smug. Might not even watch it but Glastonbury so 20quid to charity. Look at me. And seriously anyone who donates outside of Glastonbury all po
  6. Ok. Playing devils advocate with some of the comments (not necessarily on here) do you need Glastonbury or something Glastonbury related to donate to charity or could you just be - ah heres 20quid?
  7. Sorry im a proper luddite. Have been trying to copy email but it basically says they cannot gaurantee presenting the BST experience people would expect within current guidlines so they feel its safer to let performers and staff to plan alternatives for this year. Dont know if it could have snything to do with pearl jam and nile rogers being American so travelling and tours etc not easy to plan this year? Nile was supporting Duran Duran.
  8. Bst Hyde Park cancelled for 2021 now. Pearl JAm and Duran Duran rolled over to 2022
  9. Bst Hyde park cancelled this year. Rolled over to 2022. Dunno why im quoting Mr fish. Fat thumbs probably.
  10. https://lunarfestival.co.uk/
  11. If you look at lunarfest website- they did this last year (camping on where the festival normally would be) with limited stuff for weekends May and June. Theyre doing the same this year so I would imagine Worthy farm camping would be same sort of set up. Not cheap mind!
  12. Forward.makes it an hour quicker
  13. Weird how we all interpret these things. I thought 20,000 in one place in middle of May was going great guns. Though i am so fucked off with all this now i may be interpreting it in a positive way that suits me at the moment
  14. Beautiful days tickets still available through See Tickets if anyone is tempted.
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