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  1. danmarks


    Thats a big Miley. Bigger than the moon
  2. danmarks

    Screens at the Park

    Bloody hell. I was convinced of it. Still couldn't see anything Must have been the lasers im thinking of. It was full of smoke?
  3. We would need a bigger stage
  4. danmarks

    Screens at the Park

    Did the park have screens forvthe Bowie orchestra thing 2016 or have a totally is remembered (made up)?
  5. Bunk bed style long drops. Slightly off centre holes sbove. Be like a really awful space invaders game of missing the poo .
  6. I absolutely agree with the fact he was using power for sexual explotation and on all levels is abhorrent. Just the slinging around the word paedophile muddies the water and can make it easy to say 'he wasnt a lost prophets ian Watkins level so i dont believe what is being said'. Not by people on here who read and have knowledge but by people who grab hold of the word and then make the rest up to fit what they wish to believe. I also apologise to r.c boy and others. Some how i missed a page so hadnt realised this had already been bought up.
  7. So if the age of consent was raised to 18years old tomorrow- would you call everyone who was with a 16/17 year old today a peadophile?
  8. I know im probably opening a whole debate i can't begin to win but john peel never admitted to paedophilia. He married a 15year old- that was legal at the time. Peadophillia is attraction to children before puberty.
  9. That's a wierd one though. In as much as if you take out it was a one off would you be going for the music.Would it be more to say - yep i was there. The actual performance looked a bit ropey in bits and very much of it's time. Though mrs Dan would have bit your hand off for a grand . When Wilko announced he was dying tickets were going for silly money. Now its 25quid again. When the specials reformed it sold out almost instantly now you can get tickets without too much stress. When does something become a ridiculous price to say 'i was there' as opposed to being there cos you want to be. Same as,Glastonbury to me. As orhers have said - when you havent been able to make it and the fuss dies down a bit- you can make peace with it just being a festival so silly money may become a - what was i thinking- moment. I know its all conjecture anyway.
  10. danmarks

    2020 headliners

    Dont know how to add links but just google coldplay new album for all the rumours.
  11. danmarks

    2020 headliners

    Coldplay Supposedly recording a new album as we speak.
  12. danmarks

    2020 headliners

    Chris and the who. Chuck florence in the mid slot thats all boxes ticked.
  13. All that would happen then tho is people would want to queue from mon night etc. It wasnt that long ago Thursday was early.
  14. Charging traders more. Chances are people have x amount to spend be that over a week or 3 days. I cant see much extra trade being made on a monday or Tues. And thats before the issues of enough stock etc.
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