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  1. Ahh ok cheers. Makes,sense
  2. Ok ill bite. Why isnt london grammar underlined?
  3. In fairness it is lovely and everything i hoped for😊 but had to (had to= wanted to) drive a 90mile round trip for a fantastic pub lunch yesterday. Driving through the beginning of a storm on a cliff edge was interesting
  4. Be glad it isnt held on Skye. Currently here with a roaring fire and sheep eyeing up storming the place. No telly at mo. Electric dodgy. So basicslly glastonbury without music or food
  5. danmarks


    No idea how to attach a gif but hope everyone has a fab time (as much as they can) and huge thoughts to anyone who is dealing with a hard time at the moment. Xx
  6. Had an email saying lunarfest 2020 (tanworth in arden) snt happening. It had already gone to every two years. Says it will be back but i cant see it. Shame .it was a tidy little festival. Sister festivals mosley jazz is still on apparently.
  7. danmarks


    Made me want to kill myself. Made myself watch it again 3 years ago. Still grim but dates enough to go - well that didnt happen, happy to be in an unawreness state to be honest
  8. And its paul McCartney in the walrus costume. Yep im an anorak sometimes
  9. George harrison. When we was fab
  10. Dont know how to link but give a shit xmas . Bootleg blondie. Beak and idles. Bristol marble factory. 30quid and all for homeless charities. Tix just gone on sale
  11. Lady madonna? Or her majesty?
  12. Genuine question. Whats the difference between this and tangerine fields etc? Guessing if pre pitched it will be formal set out- no random tents in between so some kind of fence would be used? Also how can it be so cheap? Even tiny festivals where ive gone pre pitched its minumum 90quid for basic. Obviously if 20 is realistically sustainable then thats fantasitc.
  13. Can i just add cos im a bit pissed. Sales after live 8 wemt up 800percent for some acts. Mind you if you were only selling 1cd you were now selling 8. The who and pink floyd donated any sales to live aid
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