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  1. Thanks. Daughter just bagged some.
  2. danmarks

    Gig Ticket Prices

    There's a clip from 1970s . Jethro tull talking about ticket prices. Ian anderson says - well we try to price it like a nice meal out for people (jethro tull were huge st the time). I guess the disparity isnt so different now. (Decent meal 40- 50 quid) . We were spoilt in the 1980s/90s even early 2000s cos cds were selling shit loads so people were rich without rinsing fans. Now i guess most people in that situation think - i want the lifestyle i was promised. How can i make cash. Maybe not quite as cynical as that but you know if people jeep paying why would you stop charging.
  3. https://shops.ticketmasterpartners.com/the-war-on-drugs
  4. Try going thru ticketmasterpartners.com/warondrugd
  5. Got birmingham so im happy. Was that or london from Bristol and Birmingham smaller do all good.
  6. Nah. Itll miraculously seem to work without much impact and then suddenly you wont have half a million people off work isolating just in case.
  7. Could be 10 people they've asked all at some kind of amish rally. That would skew the results. Gaurantee its not asking people at 3am tripping off their gourds
  8. 10pm bst or gmt. These are very important questions. Ill be shafted on the eat your greens bit. 😋
  9. Cheers mate. Bloody do almost anything at this point!
  10. The tomorrow war. Amazon prime is a good bit of cheesy sci fi. Bit like starship troopers without so many heads exploding.
  11. Dont suppose there are any presales for bombay bicycle club bristol? Cant see any and daughter desperate to go. Working 9am friday . Bad timing is my life story.
  12. Thoughts with you and yours. Be kind to yourself
  13. Ok cant get the link to work but there is a very exciting 6 page document online pdf format. Duration of wearing of face coverings. All the details are in that. Bloody hell this feels almost civilised. Good stuff 👏
  14. Ah thanks mate but theres millions of us have been doing our bit. Any one who has worked through this or has taken guidance have done our bit and mostly no one should be singled out. Obviously some massive self sacrifices have been made by very caring and generous people but most of us vaguely muddled through and kept hoping it was gonna pan out ok. That's why i was hoping for a stop and collective breath and a bloody hell that was a close call kind of thing Lets all try and get it together with allowing others to do the same. Unfortunately it seems the human race is bollox at the love in bit except on a 1 to 1 kind of way. Always hope for the future though!. I hope your anxiety is starting to ease a bit too.
  15. Yep course it is. But i worry that battle lines will be drawn over things that actually dont make that much difference. Not on about public transport and stuff. For the time being totally valid view but the general in public bit. We have all come so far it is just a shame to have these drawing lines in the sand opposing views. As someone said earlier in this thread - we mostly all want the same thing- just may take a slightly different path to get there.
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