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  1. Testing starting next fortnight for me (nhs). Twice a week at home. 30 minutes result. If positive go for a full test. If that is negative carry on as negative. So testing could easily be put in place for people to do from home before a festival. What is done with that information to prove youre negative pr whatever is the bigger challenge i guess.
  2. Fairytale of New York - Ronan Keating. Ronan try and sound like an angry pirate. Yep youve nailed it (and h3 changed the words before it was a thing)
  3. As the title says really. Bad cover versions. Live or recorded. Bloody Robson and Jerome can be in there for unchained melody. And Gareth Gates for Spirit in the Sky.
  4. Are we doing bad cover versions?
  5. Well it definitely is a thing. As someone working on a covid positive secure ward i can definitely confirm that.
  6. Snowflake is up there with gammon and Karen Its not an insult Yes it is
  7. I agree that history shouldn’t be forgotten, but people like Colston shouldn’t be celebrated in 2020 either. Exactly. Of course they shouldnt be celebrated but it needs to be in the consciousness of everyone now and in the future of how these people got so rich.
  8. And obviously this isnt going to read how it sounds in my head so sorry if it came over as goady in any way. Truly not meant like that.
  9. I meant that it was internet driven. Groups of frothing mouths read a statement then run off and act even if its not true. The last one round here was 'if you post the magna carta in your shop window youre allowed to open .' Absolute nonsense but a march was had to defend it without any one listening to any conversation. You may think its right to pull down statues (and in some cases appear to erase history which sometimes is an uncomfortable thing it would be better to have reason to have conversations about) Some people wont and you saying obviously it's the right thing just closes down
  10. And most garden centres sell animal feed/pet food etc.
  11. If it helps- snowmen- knock em down or let them melt? The statue thing is sadly an absolutely brilliant reflection of everything thats wrong with the internet. People get involved with something and need to take sides without allowing an equal exchange of views to be that. Whatever anyone thinks it really is personal if you think a statue of Colston should remain. Theres no right or wrong. Its subjective but there's no shades of grey in discussion any more. Leave a statue with explanations who he was and how the world was then etc- wrong (as was mooted). Get rid of statue- ahh itll
  12. Hunky Dory is an underrated album worth a listen too Mr Yog
  13. Stop sitting on the fence. Do you like the tull or not? Any album that first two tracks are called a christmas song and another christmas song deserves cool points for that alone (possibly). Everyone likes Ring out Solstice Bells though. Even if most people pretend they don't. Sttick it on the list !
  14. 6 March 1988 apparently. And as no ones asked- Jethro tull xmas album, obviously Dylans and Nick Lowe -Quality Street if youre after something a bit different. Got John Fahey xmas cd and Kate Rusby sweet bells cd to try this year but not before Dec 1.
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