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  1. Big top is open to the elements if i remember correctly. Being i got fucking soaked watching mr bragg. Top yep . No sides. I may be wrong on where i saw him mind xx
  2. Thats why i said 'endless '. Im not on about migration going both ways or people moving over in numbers that can be absorbed. But there needs to be a cut off point. 3 million a year extra living in uk? 2 ? . And the spread ig people moving in needs to be looked at. Some cities are at bursting point- some areas of UK are very much not.
  3. That's a very utopian outlook though. Housing/infrastructure / hospitals etc cannot keep absorbing endless numbers of people. I know that makes me sound a w*nker.
  4. Thats basically festival glamping lower end these days. And bloody hell some of the pre erected tents are almost price of ticket for various festivals and it is just a tent. Dunno man i feel pre erected is the way forward- less to carry def no leaving the tent to get binned etc but such silly money you start comparing holiday prices. Isnt Glastonbury eventually meant to be all pre erected tents? That would be a genius and brave move by any festival.
  5. Ah .thanks for replying. It does say due to allegations so yeah it does read a bit like hedging their bets at the moment.
  6. Why do you say it's gutless? I thought it was quite a big thing as the bluetones were some of the sales pitch. Would have been much easier to do nothing at this point.
  7. Dunno. Seems suspicious maths some of it. Unless total household has gone to Glastonbury heating, electric etc will still be being used at home. Feels wrong that 200,000 people specifically travelling,consuming, buying etc is producing less carbon footprint than not doing it.
  8. Didn't post that when i should have. You lot need to step back and read what you come across like. Jesus. Ive subsrcibed obviously but if this is the first thread id come across i wouldn't. Gammon Ok not offensive unless your middle aged bloke. That's me then. Partner is called Karen Ready for any jokes on that? Oh please sir he looked at my profile and remembered what i voted. Oi you look at my graph better than your graph coz.... Oh you said he said etc. Grow up. Ozanne you like starmer. Some people dont. Some people dont vote labour. Fray you dont agree. Some people do. It doesnt matter..
  9. Aspergers is autism. In fact aspergers isnt recognised as a thing anymore. Its classed as being on the autism scale.
  10. Aspergers is autism. In fact aspergers isnt recognised as a thing anymore. Its classed as being on the autism scale.
  11. So is there any Springsteen announcement today? Or was that bollox/ wishful thinking?
  12. Tho bizarrely it was rammed 2016 so someone at Glastonbury likes them
  13. There seem to be some tickets for coldplay available again. All that was available earlier when i finally got through were coach packages. Theres a couple of 77quid seats there now.
  14. Ahh yeah i saw that. Was hoping for tour dates as in just pick up a couple of tickets tour. Cheers tho.
  15. Where does this info come from? Cant find any tour dates (daughter's fav band so that would be xmas sorted)
  16. The radiohead thing - i still struggled with the whole t-shirts were 20quid (i think) about a fiver more than the going rate at the time - but the selling point was they were 50percent recycled milk bottles so better for the environment. And this is where it falls down, no one needed 5 different tshirts available at that gig (Victoria park i think) so better for the environment would be to have 1 t shirt for sale. Ultimately no tshirts would be best. (No gig would be best but you've got to live a bit). But mega consumerism choice and green credentials are just trying to square a circle and we all need to collectively say - nope. This isnt a dig at Radiohead btw It was a very good show but its still - dont make the tshirts at all.
  17. Ticket master say coach leaves at 11.45. 11pm. Makes sense. 8pm. Yeah fans of liam entertain yourselves for 3 3/4 hours that wont go wrong.
  18. Yep. I heartily agree. Always raise a smile with your stories for me. (Obviously not the crap time stories). (Jesus the internet is a tricky beast to make yourself clear on).
  19. danmarks


    Do you mean that places wouldn't book anything in case Adele decides to play? Genuinley don't know what a house seat is? Unless you mean in the crowd? And as way back when led zeppelin reformed some people are much more equal than others (unless Noel gallagher etcreally was just lucky to be 1 of the 2million who got selected by ballot.) Its the new peerage system. Meet the new boss same as the old boss. (Bug bear of mine obviously)
  20. I have read this 5 times and i still dont understand whats being said.
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