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  1. Any chance of vinyl rips of the Cherry Tree release being out there somehwere?
  2. Yep enjoyed it! Please post up if anyone finds a good deal on the High Violet vinyl by the way.
  3. Following on from Eliza & The Delusionals, this week's random KL browsing discoveries are:
  4. The rules about these bets usually state first headliner announced, so they should have paid out (if that was the case, they've probably deleted T&Cs now).
  5. Dua Lipa's new album is out there
  6. Oooh thanks! Burn him!
  7. Just heard this browsing on Kingdom Leaks
  8. Well that’s never going to happen for tax reasons, besides it being grotesquely unfair financially for many people.
  9. Live in Krakow so Warsaw and Prague are on the train!
  10. No idea, probably met the guy about 3 times and not for 8-10 years. Just recognised the name and then the face.
  11. Ha that's one of my best mate's friends from uni
  12. Bombay Bicycle Club in Warsaw was supposed to be today. waiting for The National Homecoming in Cincinnati in May to be cancelled, as well as Tokyo Police Club in Prague in May and Hamilton Leithauser in Manc in June.
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