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  1. Sounds like Kasabian. This is a bad thing. Sounds like Pale Waves. This is a good thing. Sounds like Los Campesnios! This is a great thing.
  2. That bit where some dude called Keith Urban starts signing almost ruins the whole album, but otherwise Fearless is incredible. And I've only got into Swifty (and Bleachers) via the Dessner, aside from the obvious singles.
  3. It's easy to say that an artist gets paid in terms of their ticket price, and yes a lot of/many/most people (myself included, if I had any musical talent whatsoever) would very happily accept that "fee", but if the artist is trying to make a living out of their musical career rather than have a free week(end) at Glastonbury with their mates then they are likely to be on tour, hiring transport equipment and possibly session musicians, so leaving all of that parked up in a field for five days just isn't going to be financially viable. I'm not saying that what Glastonbury/WG does is wrong, and I don't know what the answer is, if they're even needs to be an answer, just my two cents. Also, for what it's worth, I was at that Summer Camp gig, and I'm a relatively big fan I suppose for our how popular the band is/was. They put on a great show to, I would have to guess after all this time, a few hundred people. Not sure if their career did fizzle out, or if they pursued other avenues - I think Elizabeth made a film. Would like to see them live again.
  4. Sounds great obviously but also that should be the norm. It's called "Tea" because there's so little room for the coke left that the mixture just takes on a translucent brown colour.
  5. All craft beer comes in cans now. Job done. If you really want a Piña Colada taste, I'd go for this: https://www.hophooligans.ro/collections/beer/products/vacation-in-a-glass
  6. Cloud Nothings new one is superb
  7. Thanks, I would've missed this. Great album, step up and slightly different direction from the EP. Also thanks whoever mentioned the new Grouplove album. Didn't think the last one came out that long ago, or perhaps I didn't get round to that til recently either. Turns out the 2 albums were released exactly a year apart.
  8. Can’t take credit for this but I think more people need to hear it
  9. This is absolutely brilliant, thank you.
  10. Is there a replacement for Kingdom Leaks?
  11. Cloud Nothings from a new album out in Feb
  12. Oh man I'm loving Yolk In The Fur this morning. Thanks for the recommendation, it's exactly what my ears needed!
  13. Touche Amore's new album is great
  14. One from the daily browse. Nice if nothing groundbreaking
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