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  1. fightoffyour

    Resale Club 2019

    Probably been asked a hundred times but can departure times be chosen for the coach resale? also, is the general feeling that Weds coaches are more popular? I believe the first selection is just Weds or Thiurs. thanks
  2. https://www.franceinter.fr/emissions/very-good-trip/very-good-trip-18-avril-2019
  3. That was fucking incredible. The Pull of You stood out for me. And I can’t believe how huge Rylan is now!
  4. Is this doors at 7:30pm, show at 8:00pm? Anyone know?
  5. Yep, resales for me too
  6. Went on a run with @Superscally and a few other guys on Thursday morning in 2017. We did about 10k and coincidentally finished at the same time and place as the more organised 5k. It was nice to go and do some exercise after a day / 2 nights of drinking and the glorious weather that year meant we could just jump under a tap afterwards..
  7. Not sure what to do about lunch.
  8. Gossip Marina (& The Diamonds) Empire Of The Sun Ms. Lauryn Hill Prophets Of Rage
  9. Amber Mark Let’s Eat Grandma American Authors Johnny Marr Parquet Courts Cat Power
  10. Dr. Rubinstein Molina Molina Kokoschka Haiku Hands Pierce Brothers Cariño Himalayas Rone Black Honey Saoirse Tourist Demob Happy Avalon Emerson Palace Bear’s Den Perry Farrell’s Kind Heaven Orchestra SG Lewis
  11. Phoenix? Just announced for Super Bock.
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