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  1. I wouldn't write Elvis off just yet. He's still pulling in more listeners on Spotify than Radiohead are.
  2. JFC! She's a female Alan Partridge! If I find myself listening on Saturday night, I feel it is justified punishment for not going out! She once had a phone in and the subject was soup! FFS!
  3. I am pleased with the new WA song. Very excited for the new album. They were the last band I saw live before lockdown, somewhat fitting that their return heralds a return to normality.
  4. In these very difficult times, the world just does not need more music from The Offspring.
  5. I concur. But the last suitable tour he did was back in 2008 (after that, Symphonica came with a full orchestra so not practical for fests). We sometimes forget that the fest wasn't as huge back then (Verve and KOL headlining), and certainly not as pop-friendly. But, had they got him then, or indeed later he would have put on a great show (check out the live at Earls Court from that tour, its superb). I still think he is massively under-rated amongst the so-called "serious music lovers".
  6. It seems certain that the festival won't happen on the original dates. I think they will try and postpone it to later in the summer. The weekend you suggest seems a little tight, it just needs one delay in relaxing the rules, and it's over, but I could see a date in July or August as a possibility. Given that a great majority of the line-up is British, I think they have a better chance than some other festivals of going ahead.
  7. A lot will depend on the size of the festival. I think smaller fests in august will go ahead. BST in July still risky.
  8. Had they known then, what we know now, yes it could have gone ahead. But at the time the decision was made, there was still too much uncertainty and a decision had to be made then. It may seem like in hindsight they made the wrong choice, but it would have been too big a gamble for them to take.
  9. I'm unsure of the reason for posting this, but Obama had long left office when these pics were taken. I suppose you could accuse an unemployed man of taking a holiday....
  10. I wonder if IOW and Download may push back a couple of weeks to make this happen. Especially now Glastonbury weekend is free.
  11. This. I think they could have done some of the tour this year, but once Glastonbury was postponed, they decided to postpone too.
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