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  1. maelzoid

    Pearl jam for Glastonbury

    Superb show last night. Also caught them at MadCool which I enjoyed ever so slightly more, probably due more to the location and atmosphere than the band themselves. I have no doubt they can pull of headlining the pyramid - they drew the biggest crowd of the weekend at MadCool and totally nailed it, even for the casuals.
  2. maelzoid

    Mad Cool 2018

    I pretty much agree with everything here. Not only is it elitist, which surely everything rock n' roll should be against, but it takes away from the experience of the fans and the bands - the only winners are the promoters and those rich enough to take advantage of it. I can just about tolerate it at a dedicated gig where artists are there for the headliner, although I found it ironic / hypocritical at Roger Waters, when he sang Pigs followed by Money to a gig with a gold and a diamond circle! But I think golden circles have no place in a festival. Sure, it was full for Pearl Jam, but when one of the headliner's (QOTSA) are unhappy with how empty it is, something has gone wrong. I felt for the earlier acts especially, both Eels and Wolf Alice were playing to open grass astroturf, and I think it affected the atmosphere.
  3. maelzoid

    Mad Cool 2018

    Nine Inch Nails were an absolute highlight for me. Coming so late in the weekend, I was quite drained and hitting the stage minutes after Depeche Mode (also brilliant) was actually quite overwhelming. I found my second (or fifth?) wind and got into a lively part of the crowd and went for it. Someone here has already pointed out the cool camerawork they employed, a cameraman on stage with the band basically, not hiding in the wings, it gave the screens an documentary verite vibe that really worked. I don't know what's eating at Trent, but for a sober, married, father of four, he managed to dredge up quite a bit of rage and the show was all the better for it. They were the perfect end to the festival for me. It did lead to one of the most incongruous changes in tone I've ever witnessed at a festival with Dua Lipa following - within 5 minutes we went from "I hurt myself today" to "Do you wanna party?" The full set from the screens including that camer work is here (for now):
  4. maelzoid

    Mad Cool 2018

    No. My friend had her water taken off her. Then she had to queue over an hour for wristbands! In the heat! Before getting in and having access to water / drinks.
  5. maelzoid

    Mad Cool 2018

    Getting food while Pearl Jam are on?!?! It’s like you don’t know me at all! Seriously though, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want a beer, a bite and watch bands.... every other fest I’ve been to has managed it.
  6. maelzoid

    Mad Cool 2018

    They are now advertising an early bird ticket for 2019. E145. That’s a great price if the lineup matches this year but I have no intention of coming again!
  7. maelzoid

    Mad Cool 2018

    After 1 day at MadCool I am utterly appalled at the organisation of it. The amount of queueing is frankly depressing and after the high of a great act (PJ we’re on top form - wonderful) it’s such a buzzkill. I just can’t get over how badly the bars are organised. The beers are not overpriced at E9 for 90cl - but basically you have a nightclub style set up with a five deep scrum to get served... and then after 30 minutes you have to fight back through the scrum to get out. Only one water point and that too was a scrum. Queues for food too even at 2am. Simply not enough outlets for the capacity and having them all clustered together makes it harder work. They also take food and drink off you on entering the site which is frankly horrible - not just alcohol but they’re confiscating water! And the golden circles are awful. Empty for everything but the headliner and drawing comments from the acts themselves! I’m enjoying myself, but they’re not making it easy for me...
  8. maelzoid

    Depeche Mode

    I loved it, but then I am a fan and know much of their back catalogue. I find the attitude of the casuals a bit frustrating. They seem to expect a band to play stuff they know, when in all fairness they probably only know a couple of DM songs. You can't fault DM for not putting on a good show in terms of musicianship, visuals and showmanship. It's a shame that UK radio don't get behind them more. If you ever listen to supposed alternative Radio X, it's pretty much a Stereophonics propaganda machine, which I guess explains why they're still headlining.
  9. Yes, this is a little extreme. While I certainly agree that they should provide more water facilities, death from dehydration is extremely rare and usually takes about 10 days. In fact, death from over-hydration is far more common.
  10. Here's a quick question for anyone who has Islander tickets, or has had them in previous years. Do they include camping? We're checking the Ts&Cs and are unsure.
  11. maelzoid

    Rock Werchter 2018

    Very surprised that Steven Wilson is playing - he doesn't play a lot of festivals (and then usually prog fests). Quite a coup for Werchter. I'm doing MadCool, but both this and NOS Alive looking incredibly strong this year. A shame no UK fests come close to these kind of line-ups.
  12. maelzoid

    Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Ye gods! Just seen the full R+L line-up. I barely recognise any of the names... Either I'm "Officially old"TM or it is as rubbish as I suspect.
  13. maelzoid

    Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    I am somewhat underwhelmed tbh, and if I hadn't already got a locals ticket (going with my brother and family), this line-up would not tempt me. After the R+L announcement and seeing what else is on this summer, no UK festival is really bringing anything at all special. I would have thought that the vacuum left by Glastonbury would have enriched all the other festivals but it doesn't seem so. And then you look at the madness going on in Madrid and Lisbon and it really does pale...
  14. maelzoid

    Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    The wider internet at 5.01