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  1. maelzoid


    M - Pop music is the one.
  2. maelzoid

    Ticketmaster refunds

    I would add also, that whenever I have got my booking fee back, the company involved has never admitted it's in error, but designated the refund a "good will gesture", which is a phrase I think usually means the exact opposite of what it appears to say.
  3. Yep, on the website now. Inevitable but still disappointing. I didn't have a ticket for this year but was dabbling with a last minute attendance. Had a great time there last year. Sorry for everyone who has got tickets. I see they are rolling over tickets for the following year, so that's something at least.
  4. maelzoid

    Ticketmaster refunds

    In the past I have fought ticketing companies to return booking fees and have usually won, but it has always been an effort. I think the Consumer Rights Act 2015 is on our side here but most people don't realise it. The line that the ticket companies always quote is that their right to keep booking fees is part of the terms and conditions, which it is. However, anything in Ts&Cs which is considered 'unfair' is not enforceable, because as customers we were denied the right to negotiate those Ts&Cs when we agreed to them. I have always felt that if I don't get to go to the event, it has not been 'booked' therefore it is unfair for a company to charge me for that booking - it sounds obvious, but frequently I've needed to explain this to the ticketing company before I get any action from them. I think they know they're in the wrong, but hope that the amount of complainers is small enough that it's still profitable for them to play this game. On a positive note, the two gigs I have booked pre-Glastonbury have both been rescheduled, so no anxiety about reclaiming fees.
  5. maelzoid

    Ticketmaster refunds

    I have tickets outstanding for quite a few gigs. It doesn't surprise that Ticketmaster are not being particularly helpful. Hopefully all of mine will be rescheduled, but if I'm entitled to a refund, I fully expect that booking fees will not come back. I have 6 tickets for Pearl Jam at BST and haven't allocated them to mates yet, so if that's in line for a refund, I'll get stiffed for all of the booking fees (£59 in total). Has anyone got experience of this yet? The idea that booking fees for cancelled events are non-refundable is a scam of the highest order.
  6. SFA ending their Park headline set on good form in '15.
  7. There's not many I could have seen but didn't, but Bowie is an obvious one, although back when he was touring I was not particularly a fan of his. I would have loved to have seen Queen, Led Zep, Hendrix, Tom Waits, Talk Talk, or The Clash but I was not really old enough (or in one case alive) when they were touring regularly. I applied for Zep's London show in '07 but didn't get a ticket. I do however really regret not seeing George Michael. I always hoped that he would do the festival one day. I thought about trying for Kate Bush tickets when she did her Hammersmith run, but was not particularly a fan, just curious. In the end I thought that if I got a ticket instead of a lief-long fan, it would suck.
  8. I wasn't there for this one, but after seeing this I knew I wasn't going to miss the following year for Edge's return. One of those amgical moments only Glastonbury can bring us.
  9. IF things have calmed down by then, the thing to do is go to the Pilton Party - official, later in the year, helping the community, and there'll be some good music.
  10. I got in with someone else's wristband in '94. Jumped the fence in '97 and '99. It's not in your time frame but '99 is the best story.
  11. It's time to listen to this utterly amazing album.
  12. They should really cancel now. Even if they don't, I can't see ticket sales being up to much.
  13. Yup. As soon as I saw the previous post, I was thinking of this.
  14. I dedicate this post to all the naysayers. This album is a legit classic.
  15. That's really a question for an epidemiologist. To be honest, I'm only going by what I read in New Scientist. But the truth is not all the old and vulnerable are locked down, despite all the warnings and guidance. I saw a whole pack of them in the Morrison's coffee shop of all places yesterday. I also think at this early stage we still have a lot to learn about the virus itself, exactly how it moves from person to person, exact incubation times, what strategies work best to protect people. Right now, I think there is some erring on the side of caution, but that's the best thing to do until knowledge is more firmly established.
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