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  1. No kids myself but always thought getting your mobile number onto them somehow was a good move in case they got lost. Maybe a dog-tag / medallion they could wear, or DIY stick-on tattoos. "If found, please phone...." etc.
  2. Not Hyde Park.... BTS at BST is a missed opportunity (or a Two Ronnies sketch)
  3. Stadia? Jeez. Really had no idea they were that big a deal. Presumably half the tickets sold will be to bored dads.
  4. As we get closer to the date, these predictions are feeling more and more likely. I'd be pretty surprised if the final line-up didn't look a lot like this. Works for me too: PSB, Macca and Isleys would make a great trio for me. But Friday is a clash fest. I'd be surprised if Wolf Alice place that high, but if a third album is released before then it could happen.
  5. maelzoid

    2020 headliners

    Has Dre ever played the farm?
  6. maelzoid

    2020 headliners

    Glastonbury have never been into exclusives anyway. Part of the concession they have to make by paying a lesser fee, but of course irrelevant to them selling tickets.
  7. maelzoid

    2020 headliners

    They're not 'everywhere' by any stretch, and I still think the combo with them and Macca is what makes it special. Plus the rest of the line-up. It's special. It looks like of the 3 BST shows already on sale Pearl Jam is the one that has already sold out... And people still think they're not big enough to headline Glastonbury...
  8. maelzoid

    2020 headliners

    Well, BST is a festival in name only. No camping on site, no multiple day tickets, no artists on other stages while the headliners are on. They're just big outdoor gigs. But in '09 they had Neil Young and Bruce as well as Glastonbury.
  9. maelzoid

    2020 headliners

    Bruce, Neil & Blur U2, Coldplay & Beyonce Muse, Coldplay & Adele All those rank pretty high with me. This year's trio does win in term of variety in terms of genre / diversity though, which I'm pleased about, although I expect I'll only be there for Macca.
  10. maelzoid

    2020 headliners

    Ha, of course not. I was just factoring the times I didn't read it, when it could have been honest behind my back.
  11. maelzoid

    2020 headliners

    The Sun is often full of lies. This Coldplay item holds no water for me at all.
  12. I like Billy Bragg, but he can be wildly off the mark at times. I saw him on the panel of the Infinite Monkey Cage at Glastonbury when he tried to convince the world that scientists base their beliefs on faith in much the same way as the religious do (ie Scientists cannot see Dark Matter, so their belief in it is faith-based). I was glad Prof Brian Cox was there to correct him, although he didn't seem to take it on board. Maybe some in the audience were enlightened though.
  13. I think what happens is that many people start going to festivals in their late-teens / early twenties which is the same time that they discover their own political identity and start to vocalize them. Also, if you are raised in a conservative home, but have a more liberal outlook, it probably takes an experience like Glastonbury (or university) where you meet other people with a similar outlook, to feel confident enough to express your views and in turn challenge the views of those back home.
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