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  1. Those dates have a big 4 month gap in them from mid May to mid Sep. Wouldn't surprise me if they head over to Europe for some festivals, though obvs DL off the cards.
  2. maelzoid

    The Rock Slot

    Just read up a bit on it, and it seems it's just the Robinson brothers and session musicians. The Black Crowes were always so much more than that. I have to say, probably enough to prevent me buying tickets for any tour, but at a festival, curiosity would be enough I guess...
  3. maelzoid

    The Rock Slot

    I still count myself as a pretty big fan. And of course, the first headliner I ever saw on the pyramid. I really had ruled out any kind of reformation, I thought Chris Robinson had fucked it so royally nobody would want to work with him again. Would very much like to see them on the farm again if its in the offing.
  4. maelzoid

    2020 headliners

    Which is one way of saying it is all handled by an algorithm programmed to ensure that Sky turns a profit no matter who headlines. I expect no human at Sky has even more than a passing concern over what the odds are on this one.
  5. When Shaggy is your 'Very Special Guest'...
  6. maelzoid


    On a pub crawl I ended up in one that just said: I ♥ BJ because who doesn't love Bon Jovi?
  7. maelzoid

    Roger Waters

    I like Waters and saw him last summer at BST. It was an impressive show and of course the closest thing to a Floyd show available, but... He performed both Money and Pigs, defiantly anti-capitalism songs, which we enjoyed back in the cheap seats while Roger enjoyed the increased income from selling golden and diamond circle tickets... The irony was not lost on me.
  8. maelzoid


    Tool headlining the other is ...just... within the realms of possibility. Any other festival would have to have them headline outright, but they may understand the scale of Glastonbury.Of course I would expect it to not be televised. Still very slim chance and I would be betting against it. I think after festivals in '19 it will be their own shows next year.
  9. One of the problems with What 3 Words is it is privately owned software, the property of a company. At the moment they are on a growth and promotion phase and offering it for free. I have seen too many "hey I just found this new app" posts about this year. We have a newbie starting the thread here, and a similar one in the IOW chats. So for now, it all looks ace, with heart-warming stories of lost people being found. However, make no mistake, this company needs to monetise this. My concern is that once everyone is using it and it becomes part of the internet, people will need to start paying for it. My concern would be that individual users will always get it for free, but emergency services will be the ones charged a rate for it. I have no insight into if this is definitely happening, but just looking at how internet companies monetize their product in the past. So yeah, take a flag.
  10. maelzoid

    2020 headliners

    At least they turned up... #MadCool Fuck Massive Attack!
  11. maelzoid

    2020 headliners

    That is sobering indeed.
  12. maelzoid

    2020 headliners

    He also said they were the greatest band in the world (Yannis, not your mate), so to be fair, not a reliable narrator...
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