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  1. maelzoid

    2023 Headliners

    You really do emphasise the 'goon' in your handle. Every time I hear someone using the word 'woke' I hear a middle-aged white man whingeing that they don't have the exalted position of privilege and advantage they once had and think they are still entitled to. I'd rather be woke than asleep.
  2. I have O2 and struggled for signal. All my messages to mates came in an hour or so late... This is one of the big failings of W3W - you have to have an internet connection for it to work. Regular GPS coordinates do not, so much more reliable.
  3. I saw them. They were the archetypal WH band in my eyes, a bit of jazz, a bit of reggae, a bit of world. I had never heard them before so all new to me, but I certainly enjoyed them. Good vibes in the field too.
  4. maelzoid

    Second Helping

    That would make 3 in a row for them, so perhaps not. On the other hand, fairly local, so that ups the odds. 🤔
  5. It's not the ley lines. Utter nonsense.
  6. maelzoid

    Second Helping

    It's pretty much a given that most of this year's line-up won't be returning next year, but the festival does frequently have acts on consecutive years especially if they are on the rise and move to a larger stage / later placing. Aside the festival regulars (Mik, Beans, Bragg, Fatboy etc) Any suggestions about who might be there in '22 and '23. The obvious one for me is Wet Leg. Maybe also Confidence Man. What say you?
  7. Agreed. Pop = Popular music. It's just that in the 90s and 00s, indie and rock were pretty dominant so there was a lot of it. RnB is the dominant form of pop at the moment, so it naturally gets represented well. Guitar rock is on a low ebb at the moment and so its representation is less, but I still saw loads over the weekend, just not in high profile slots on the pyramid (Although Fender is as classic rock as it gets while still being a new artist).
  8. I really don’t know what this argument is trying to say. Black Crowes probably touring next year though, so both camps could be happy…
  9. No, he wouldn’t. Too many people see him as an X factor boy band drone. Never going to rival Adele or Sheeran in terms of popularity. personally have no objection to him, but I’d be elsewhere.
  10. Nine Inch Nails Pearl Jam Depeche Mode Elton Pat Metheny Porcupine Tree Chvrches War on Drugs Tears for Fears Nick Masons Saucerful of Secrets Aerosmith Duran all seem at least plausible. would like some metal so Mastodon or Opeth Would like some US jam scene - latest iteration of Grateful Dead or Phish seem unlikely, but I’d be happy with Goose. I’d like Extreme, but honestly cannot see it happening.
  11. What day would she be on? seriously though, no. Far too many novelty acts this year tbh.
  12. Hardly a surprising list on the (SR) though. I could have come wit that lot...
  13. It's a perfectly natural feeling. If you had as good a time as I had, you have been on an emotional high for 5 straight days with the relevant serotonin levels. Back in the real world and reverting to normal, there is going to be a comedown which will manifest itself as a low mood and emotional sensitivity. Couple this with physical exhaustion and that is the post-Glastonbury blues in a nutshell. It will pass soon enough. Glad he played Let Me Roll It. A great jam. Used very well in the film Liquorice Pizza.
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