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  1. Yeah, that makes sense, fair enough. I suppose the odd thing is that it's one of her favourite memories.
  2. I don't really understand how Jess Phillips broke her ankle jumping in, but still had a full festival seeing headliners. I've never broken my ankle, but I would assume a trip to hospital and bed-rest...?
  3. You mean Strawberry Fields Forever, not I Am The Walrus, 🤓
  4. Indeed. Ed miliband eating a sandwich comes to mind.
  5. Hello Radiohead fans. I remixed Reckoner. here it is.
  6. And then there's this... One missing letter and she comes across a feckless lolcat. Type. Read. Correct. Send. In that order.
  7. Slagging off your own leader in public is not the way to win over new supporters. Mind you, Abbott's numeracy is so frequently suspect, I'd suspect only 9 people were made redundant.
  8. maelzoid

    First Gig Back

    The thing is, you are not legally obliged to self-isolate if you are pinged, only if you've tested positive. If it's just a ping, it is only "guidance" to self isolate. https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/health/coronavirus-rules-you-need-to-follow/check-if-you-have-to-self-isolate-because-of-coronavirus/ I'm going to a gig just before I go on holiday, and obviously that can have ramifications if I get pinged, but I'm certainly not going to cancel my holiday if I test negative (and I will be doing a test anyway to go on holiday). Obviously it's your choice...
  9. I've got nothing against Spice Girls. Not my bag, but they're fine, and I wouldn't object to them playing the Legend spot. I'd likely be elsewhere, but you never know. What I object to is the line-up being decided by online petitions, likely signed by people who won't actually be going. Even if this got 100,000 signatures, it should be ignored. Because the next thing is BTS headlining...
  10. maelzoid

    First Gig Back

    I heard this too. I used to go swimming there as a child. It had a wave machine and water slides. Sadly, it won’t be reopening after COVID. I haven’t been there since the 80s, but I still think it’s a shame.
  11. maelzoid

    First Gig Back

    Now that the restrictions are allowing it, gigs are back. This thread is for everyone to share their thoughts and feelings on their first gig back, whether they've already been to one, or will do in the next few weeks. I have just secured tickets for Sam Fender in Bristol week after next, and I am so hyped. I've not seen him before and the O2 is a relatively small venue, which I think he will soon outgrow. Hypersonic Missiles is one of my favourite albums of the last few years and I think he is a special talent who has the potential to be both huge and enjoy a long career. I'm double jabbed and that's one of the conditions of entry (that or a recent negative test), so I am not at all worried about the virus. That said, they are asking (but not insisting) peopled to wear masks, which I'm not so sure on. I think if everyone around me is wearing, I will, but if the consensus is not to, I won't. So, who have you seen? Who're you gonna see? What's your experience?
  12. maelzoid

    Wolf Alice

    https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/wolf-alice/2021/o2-academy-bournemouth-bournemouth-england-138fcd59.html Setlist looks well tasty. They're at that stage now when they have to leave out a bunch of good material, even when the set is wall-to-wall quality. I have tickets to see them in Brizzle next January, and very much looking forward to it.
  13. I was in Morrison's yesterday and all of the toilet roll aisle was empty. I went to customer services and asked them, and they said they had completely sold out. So I waddled back to the bogs and used my socks instead.
  14. I imagine any celebrity I'd allow to tag along would moan about camping and the state of the toilets. We'd disagree about who to see, and at some point I'd bimble off on my own to the West Holts while they get stuck in at the Pyramid. I'd rather be with my mates.
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