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  1. While trawling the ancient pages of this forum, looking for one of my old posts, I found a thread all about a picture from Glastonbury of a man with invisible legs. The thread went on for ages with people debating whether it was Photoshop or an optical illusion. But, all the image links were dead so I never got to see the picture itself. Does anyone remember this thread? Does anyone have a copy of that picture?
  2. maelzoid

    Resale Club 2019

    Are you considering selling or passing your ticket on to anyone?
  3. I used to like getting the poster of the aerial view of the site - spot your tent! But the quality of the writing in NME was abysmal at the end, it had to die.
  4. Agreed. I listened to the show today and only recognized one song - ELO. I expect that if I'm listening to R1, but now R2 as well?
  5. ...but if any of us get through tomorrow or weds, she sounds like she'll be no real danger in the final quiz (unless it turns out to be the guess-a-thon the 6music one was)...
  6. Sometimes you gotta say "What the Fuck", make your move. Every now and then, saying "What the Fuck" brings freedom. Freedom brings opportunity, opportunity makes your future.
  7. Blackberry Smoke went down well this year, so the answer would have to be Yes.
  8. maelzoid

    Lost ticket

    Ha ha! Nice one, Step Dad!
  9. That really should be preceded by 'Confucius says....'
  10. These guys are definitely heavy enough to fit right in and nobody would even blink! All the other suggestions seem spot on to me too.
  11. Any predictions on the non-metal acts that are creeping in to the line-up (cf Die Antwoord) I think Rodrigo y Gabriela would go down very well, actually surprised they haven't played it already.
  12. I think this years headliners were definitely 2nd division (with a ticket price to match), compared to previous years. Do we think that this will continue (which would rule out bands like Muse, Chilis and Foos), or is it just a blip?
  13. Ha ha. I like the fact she was band for not tuning up!
  14. I don't overdo the pic taking during a set - I like to enjoy it with my eyes! But this will give you an idea of what it was like form where I was.
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