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  1. I honestly thought this was a joke. it’s not.
  2. I'd like to know. I quite like this website: https://www.besteveralbums.com It's from a very large dataset of contributors. I am however convinced that Radiohead do so well because Radiohead fans love to vote in these kind of things. (although I can talk, as I included The Bends in my top 40). This is also good http://www.acclaimedmusic.net Though skewed towards music journalists' opinion, which I think gives it a certain bias I don't agree with.
  3. The Wall Wish You Were Here Dark Side of the Moon Meddle Animals The Division Bell A Saucerful of Secrets A Momentary Lapse of Reason Ummagumma (The live record is great, the studio record not so much) Piper at the Gates of Dawn Obscured by Clouds Atom Heart Mother More The Final Cut Pablo Honey
  4. Just seen today's papers... Brexit is going so well, that we have had to launch our military to intervene against the French. And this 'victory' is trumpeted as a good thing in all the papers. This is fucking madness.
  5. maelzoid


    It's half decent... I think the hook is quite catchy, but like a lot of modern pop, it seems really under-written.There's just that one phrase that gets repeated, but then doesn't go anywhere - there's no harmonic resolution, no counter-melody, no tension/release. The recent Chvrches single was exactly the same. Pop for short attention-spans.
  6. A fiver a month seems reasonable if the benefits are good. I'd expect at least some exclusive music, and a guarantee of being able to purchase tickets. But £60 a month is mental. Especially for a band on the academy circuit, where concerts are still sub £30. For me, this crosses the line into exploitation. For comparison, Pearl Jam Tenclub is $20 - $40, U2's club is various tiers up to $85 (which gets you exclusive CDs and DVDs) and I think both offer early ticket access. Those prices are ANNUALLY of course.
  7. I don't think this statement could be more wide of the mark.
  8. Just saw this on the Beeb. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-56887239 It follows on from discussions about how bands are struggling to survive financially, but this is just bananas.
  9. American politics is fucked up. The whole system is massively skewed towards the Republican party. Clinton won the popular vote by millions in 2016, and still Trump got in. If you look at the Senate, the amount of votes needed per seat is wildly uneven and again favours the republicans. in 2018, the democrats won 58% of the vote, but came away with 45 seats to the Republicans' 53. I do enjoy the visceral thrill of it, because it feels that the two sides are so wide in terms of policy and temperament, but I would never look to it as a successful implementation of the ideals of democra
  10. Indeed. Had they played this instead of Outlaw Pete, history would be very different.
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