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  1. Oops Duplicated the post by accident...
  2. First time and don't want to hold back. Budgeting for me and my fiancee. Will take spirits but would like to enjoy bars too. How much do you spend if you go no holes barred?
  3. First time and don't want to hold back. Budgeting for me and my fiancee. Will take spirits but would like to enjoy bars too. How much do you spend if you go no holes barred?
  4. Teach me your ways of karate and friendship master day man
  5. Pretty sure we wanna camp there as I hear it's the most popular/lively and close to stone circle. Would like to hear from people who camp their regularly what most appeals to them in particular.
  6. Thanks for the response, I'm sure you are right, and I certainly will make sure everything is ready to go before glasto 😁
  7. Oh yeah I'm not worried about resting when we are there its gonna be a very chill trip. Just catching the flight is my worry. I will just assume no time for sleep and that way it doesn't matter if I don't get home until 3am. Thanks for you words of encouragement it's gonna be a fun summer 🙂
  8. They think it might be fun but cost is a worry. My biggest priority is getting home easily so if the coach is better then that's what we will do! Do you have experience with coach returns, are they usually reliable?
  9. 😂😂😂 Definitely need to man up I agree
  10. I'm 30 but feel much older 😅 I will be grumpy with no sleep but I will be fine after the flight, we have 10hrs on the flight to sleep, we're heading to Jamaica 😁 Good point about people working Tuesday morning
  11. Yes we already have booked national express for return 2:30pm Monday and we have general admission tickets Flight departs 10:20am Tuesday but I think they recommend arriving three hours early now and would take no more than 1hr to get to the airport from our house. I think we would need to leave about 6am. Coach says we will be home by 8:30pm Monday but I'm just worried about delays and such! Like you said though I'm probably worrying too much. Coach refunds are an option but as you say would cost a lot more for minibus. Would like some sleep before we leave but as long as we make the flight I'm not bothered!
  12. I think your right about the worrying I just don't wanna miss this flight as it's the most expensive holiday I've ever booked 😬 All sorts of thoughts in my head such as coach not turning up/ breaking down etc 😅 I'm starting to think sticking with the coach is best I just hope they don't refuse us for having too much stuff
  13. We are considering refunding our coach tickets and hiring a minibus due to the amount of gear we have and so that we can load up a ton of booze. I have to catch a flight 10am Tuesday morning in Manchester so would like to be home in Liverpool before 8pm on the Monday. The glasto website says up to 9hr delays getting out the car park which seems ridiculous, is it really that bad if you don't leave by 7am? I don't wanna miss out on Sunday Shenanigans but I can't afford to get home too late on the Monday.
  14. We saw somewhere 15-20 mins walk does this sound right? I will think of a plan b though thanks!
  15. I think someone said 15-20 minute walk does that sound about right to you? I think we can manage that with proper equipment, but we will probably regret it come Monday morning
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