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  1. Bisque

    Resale Club 2019

    Good morning, getting nervous! Trying for two. 3865979236 PO20 8DQ 3294436227 PO19 8BT All the best everyone.
  2. Bisque

    Resale Club 2019

    🤞for everyone that needs one, including me!
  3. Well that would be nice! Unfortunately I couldn’t try for coach tickets as I’m a teacher.
  4. Bisque

    Resale Club 2019

    Nerves haven’t kicked in yet. I’m sure it will be a sleepless night tonight! Trying for two tomorrow so happy to try & help now my student loan is in. PM details if you are happy to help me too.
  5. Yes that’s perfectly fine. I’m in all day marking so need a distraction. I’ll add you to my Glasto excel sheet. Happy to help anyone else if they reciprocate the favour!
  6. I will be trying on Sunday for tickets for myself and gf. More than happy to add on a couple of extra efesters now my student loan is sitting in my current account!
  7. Bisque

    Silver Hayes 2019

    I’ll listen in a bit, Rampage events tends to be on the heavy side of DnB if I’m correct? Thank you! & when I say ‘proper’ D&B I meant as a producer, I was looking forward to his Arcadia gig in London before it got cancelled.
  8. I rather like the leaks and info that somehow makes its way onto efests. One of the reasons I joined this forum along with wanting to know as much as possible before going to my first one 9 years ago.
  9. Bisque

    Silver Hayes 2019

    Has anyone any idea if the Wilkinson b2b Sub Focus set will be mostly D&B? Sub Focus hasn’t done any ‘proper’ DnB for a while now.
  10. Bisque

    Resale Club 2019

    Back from holiday this morning... now to crack on with 6 classes worth of marking, enjoy a bit of sun on the beach down here on the South coast & panic about Sunday. Been a busy Easter holidays!
  11. & little Georgie Ezra
  12. I like George Ezra. If he wasn’t on the line up then I would have questioned why not.
  13. Bastille Friendly Fires TDCC Miley Kylie Jungle Vampire Weekend Chems Tame Impala Hot Chips
  14. Sub Focus, DJing a few fests more than normal this summer.
  15. I would be really looking forward for Bastille if I had a ticket.
  16. I likes the Growler place. Proper over priced shite stodgey food that slowly filled up your belly & soaked up your booze. With cheese on it. Maybe not. As a vegetarian I can never find the Lamb Shack.
  17. I met my ex at G2016, sort of finished with her after Leeds fest the same year. We hooked up again the next year at Glastonbury, she’d always conviently find me in crowds. Spent a good night watching Ed Sheeran. I don’t talk to her anymore but I’m sure she has tickets for this year with her new boyfriend.
  18. Bisque

    2019 Headliners

    He didn’t mime at Mad Cool last year, he was actually really good.
  19. Bisque

    2019 Headliners

    Expecting some downvotes for this BUT Calvin Harris could headline the Pyramid. It would look epic for the generic Glasto goers & would probably be a change in direction for a headliner type act. He could bring on plenty of special guests if he didn’t go full DJ mode & he would surely know the importance of doing it. Other stage headliner would be better though. Would prefer Daft Punk.
  20. Bisque

    Arcadia - London

    I had tickets to this, will be going on holiday instead now & hoping I can get myself a Glasto ticket in the resale. I was really looking forward to seeing Sub Focus on the spider.
  21. I did an assembly at school to show how much crap was left behind & compared it to the school I teach after their lunch break. Got loads of respect for getting off my nut at festivals from the kids.
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