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  1. Heidi and Monika Kruse hopefully one after the other on Saturday night then. Dnb wise Prototypes b2b TC and Kasra b2b Randall will be worth visiting. Uninspired otherwise, though, but I'm happy to have my Temple fix with Heidi and hopefully Monika too.
  2. Isn't there usually a football match at some point?
  3. Sir Spyro X Joker has potential to be the best act of the weekend. Paranoid London were the best act of (I think) 2017, so happy to see them back. I reckon Hodge will pull through with a dark techno/dubstep set. Plenty there as always, anyway. Great work.
  4. I'd kill for Krtm to play. Someone like him or Perc to really raise the levels.
  5. Wu disappointed on the Pyramid, but I'm hoping they join the prestigious list of incredible West Holts headliners. I have faith in WH to get the sound right, as they've done so on almost every occasion. The only WH headliner that I found disappointing was Disclosure, but I was tired and wasn't fussed on them to begin with.
  6. There's so much dnb to choose from. Critical did a takeover in 2017 (wasn't great though tbh) and I'm sure they'll do one again in some capacity.
  7. As soon as I've left work I enter the Glastonbury state of mind. Usually that's a Monday evening before joining the queue on Tuesday evening, but this year it might start on the Friday before. Glastonbury probably ends at Fleet Service Station or earlier if I've fallen asleep in the car, but then again it really ends when I'm back at work and have stopped drinking comedown cans.
  8. Would be amazing if he popped up on the line up and was even half as good as 2013.
  9. It's Nas' song so it'd be a bit weird to do it without him, although I could see her working her vocals into something.
  10. You can't say that and not post an example.
  11. I've been thinking that Denzel Curry might get a look in somewhere. It'd fit with his tour schedule too.
  12. Yeah, at least with West Holts if she does take the piss you can just switch to the Other stage or dive into the south-east corner early. Glastonbury are generally very good at getting artists to get their shit right, and Lauryn seems to have committed to quite a few gigs so here's hoping she's left that behind her.
  13. Despite mixed reviews generally for Lauryn Hill, I saw her in 2014 at the bowling alley in the O2. She was three hours late and came out to a round of boos, to which she responded by saying something like 'I have personal things going on in my life' and got more boos. A good 25% of the crowd had left by that point because it was a Sunday. Anyway, within five minutes she'd won everybody over. Every track had been reworked and the whole set flowed seamlessly. She has an incredible stage presence that brings so much energy. I don't think I'd wait three hours at Glastonbury to see her, given the amount of other acts, but I definitely would on a random Sunday.
  14. Janelle Monae in 2011 was amazing. She was everywhere that summer, but she was by far at her best on West Holts.
  15. Like I said, they rarely get it right with contemporary American hip hop. Best to not expect anything. Schoolboy Q will likely never play Glasto, for the same reason Migos won't. There's very little crossover appeal given the cost. I could still see Pusha T tbh but Chance is too expensive now. Also, the grime will mostly be on dance stages which won't be announced for another month or two. That poster is only 45% or so of the main stages. Still plenty of spaces left, plus there'll be hip hop on some dance stages. Lauryn Hill was 10/10 when I saw her a few years ago, but three hours late... Very excited for Wu-Tang. There's always The Streets for a hip hop fix too.
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