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  1. As in the town, the Tor, and maybe some of the site. I know it's a big if, but if the country is in better shape around the time, surely there'll still be a celebration?
  2. God loves me (and I'd do absolutely everything in my power to get there).
  3. I got a ticket this year and I'll get a ticket next year, but this isn't like a gig at all. If they say the festival has been postponed then yeah, maybe we'll get 2021 tickets, but they'll say it has been cancelled and we'll all try again in October. They don't have to keep anybody sweet.
  4. You're overthinking it. It'll have to be a solution that is easiest for everyone.
  5. Because you event you bought a ticket for has been cancelled.
  6. This is how I feel but a lot of people disagree with me. I think it's unfair to not let people have a fair chance for Glastonbury 2021 tickets during the Glastonbury 2021 sale. Just like how Glastonbury are having to stomach losses in cancelling, those of us with tickets have to do the same. I assume Glastonbury won't be affected too much financially, but I wouldn't even begrudge them holding onto my deposit if they were in the shit.
  7. Earthgang is a very pleasant surprise. Best song of 2019 imo.
  8. OffshoreToon

    Kendrick Lamar

    After talking about Kendrick's upcoming shows this morning, Mary Anne Hobbs liked this tweet straight after.
  9. New Karenn and Giant Swan albums yesterday. Karenn definitely my favourite of the two, but I'm also very much looking forward to seeing how Giant Swan masterfully destroy every sound from the album on Thursday at Electrowerkz.
  10. Even just looking at pictures takes me back to the awestruck feeling it gave me. I can't wait to see it in all its glory again. ?
  11. J.Lo confirmed for legends slot?
  12. We've got a sheet of high quality tarpauline in the house that we found at Stone Circle in 2017. It's come in very handy on many, many occasions. We took it back in 2019 for a reunion, plus to keep us dry in the queue and block the sun. It'll be back next year too. I'm hoping to hang off of Pangea in it but I'm yet to hear anything back.
  13. It really is. The Phil Collins sample was a bit odd, though. It feels like she's taking us through her musical education through sampling. Love the Liquid Swords homage.
  14. It was quite fun to have a little look around. I assume the overarching theme is that the sea will eventually look like a field of crammed in tents if we keep throwing plastic in there. Pennards is definitely the best field to make that point.
  15. OffshoreToon

    Stone Circle

    It seemed to be predominantly people on ket up there (that probably goes for the entire festival too). I was up there every night after the music and a couple of times before. Everybody was as chatty and welcoming as usual. If anybody is really that judgemental then I don't think it is the place for them, to be fair, though I imagine people would still be happy to chat to them about it.
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