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  1. It was quite fun to have a little look around. I assume the overarching theme is that the sea will eventually look like a field of crammed in tents if we keep throwing plastic in there. Pennards is definitely the best field to make that point.
  2. OffshoreToon

    Stone Circle

    It seemed to be predominantly people on ket up there (that probably goes for the entire festival too). I was up there every night after the music and a couple of times before. Everybody was as chatty and welcoming as usual. If anybody is really that judgemental then I don't think it is the place for them, to be fair, though I imagine people would still be happy to chat to them about it.
  3. OffshoreToon


    Probably the best stage I've ever been at. I thought the sound was very good, but as a visual spectacle it really was special. Batu on Thursday just blew my mind. The crowds may not have come in their droves but artistically it is one hell of an achievement.
  4. Is anybody else finding that their clashfinder isn't saving properly? It seems to be reverting back to the first selection I've saved. I've tried refreshing and it all seems fine, but I'll go back a week later and it has reverted back. V annoying.
  5. Aren't they basically on at the same time? I was looking earlier and reckon I could catch 30 mins of Laurel and Kode before Wu-Tang at West Holts, but I don't know if it's worth rushing about before Wu especially since I'll need to meet up with people.
  6. Totally forgot about Sir Spyro x Joker too. That's my most anticipated for the weekend. Two of the hardest in dubstep, with Spyro bringing some grime flavours into the mix. It's going to be chaos.
  7. I'm pretty sure Hodge, similarly to Blawan, cut his teeth in the dubstep scene, but is now known for techno. Blawan appears to have gone full techno, but Hodge still brings dubstep vibes and given the IICON line up I wouldn't be surprised if he went full dubstep at points, as Hessle Audio regularly do. I've never seen Hodge, though, so may be wrong.
  8. IICON has a fair amount of dubstep. Hodge and Kode9 are good places to start. Hessle Audio and L-Vis 1990 should play a decent amount too.
  9. I feel like my days are progressively filling up with dance music, as well as my nights. And there is no part of me that wants to reverse this process.
  10. Can only echo this. Loving them. What a stonker.
  11. Blawan would be great, and he definitely owes us after I turned up by myself to much confusion at Genosys. It was still very good, though. I couldn't find any announcements to say who the replacement was, but the bald guy of the duo was killing it. Anyway, I want some heart-wrenching dubstep in London Underground (an Alix Perez 140 set would be wonderful, also Trends & Boylan, Truth, J:Kenzo...) and some soul-crushing techno (like Perc or Krtm) during the deep of the night at Genosys. I've never been in NYC Downlow, but its always on my to-do list. Is it best to get some fake moustaches beforehand to cut the queue?
  12. Christ, that sounds like exactly what I want. Giant Swan are fast becoming my most anticipated.
  13. If Ghetts turns up that'll be a festival highlight. Quite possibly my track of the year so far.
  14. Stone Circle has something for everybody.
  15. Yeah, as somebody else has already said, its a tad overwhelming. After Boomtown last year I was heading into this year ready to just go with the flow (as Boomtown don't release set times, I couldn't be arsed to plan whilst I was there through a .pdf on my phone) but there are too many new things that need to be seen this year, especially with the competition for tickets for the 50th next year.
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