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  1. I have a page open if anyone needs help?
  2. Would people go into a ballot by paying the whole cost up front? Or perhaps a bigger deposit (maybe £100-£150)? If you weren't successful your money would be returned, less a small admin fee which, as someone suggested above, could go to charity. Would deter people from making multiple entires as it'd be an even bigger outlay and you couldn't shift tickets if more than one entry was successful. ...and I also didn't get a ticket this year. I was a little bitter, but realise this is the first time I've tried and not got in, so shouldn't feel too hard done by, I know it had to happen eventually. I just remember that only 2-3 years ago Emily said there were a million registrations, meaning interested has increased massively in a very short space of time. I'm pretty sure they introduced the deposit system to encourage people to buy tickets when it wasn't selling well? It's a completely different landscape now. I'd happily save the £265 to buy a ticket if I had to, but they'd probably have to give a lot of notice to enable people to do so. It's not that I think the current system is unfair as such, I just think it at least needs to be looked at again given the demand. I dunno, it's just easy to wonder if there's a better solution when you're feeling a little hard done by!
  3. If anyone has a spare page open (unlikely I know!) Please let me know! 07984696313 2685884915 SE128UQ 1901670661 DA158BQ 1568873141 DA158BQ 1637093301 DA2 7EB 1713770242 DA2 7EB
  4. What do you do when you get the white screen - refresh or let it load?
  5. White screen of death, at least it seems to be the same for everyone!
  6. No, I was trying for friends as I can't get the coach. Haven't got tickets for myself on a Sunday for years so I'm a little worried!
  7. At the risk of sounding like a total tech novice (which I kind of am), if you use auto refresh, what happens when it changes from the holding page to the reg number pages? Does it automatically stop when the reg page loads, or is there a risk that it'll reload back to the holding page?
  8. Glad I wasn't going mad, if nothing else... Hitting the back button reloaded all four registrations, but it went on for ages. So annoying.
  9. Not quite the same problem, but I got to the coach booking page (trying for friends), when I hit "buy tickets" the page would reload with only the lead booker's details showing. An error message would then appear saying the number of coach tickets must match the reg numbers - it thought I was buying 4 coach seats for one person! So annoyed...
  10. I had two browsers open, Chrome (in private) and Safari. Chrome kept hanging but Safari was working fine, got as far as the coach times page at about 6.15 but didn't manage to book. Historically Safari has served me much better.
  11. Good luck all! Trying for some friends tonight as I can't get the coach. I swear my blood pressure gets just as high though!
  12. I've been in a similar position to you. I spent my whole childhood and education wanting to be a news journalist. I got a job on a local paper with a few to work by way up and quickly hated it. I thought it was just because I had a hideous boss, but it just turned out that it wasn't for me. Even at a local level you had to write articles from a certain angle so as not to piss off councils and advertisers - god only knows what it's like at national level (actually, I think we all know full well, tbh!) I went form job to job in a similar field (publishing, in-house/membership magazines, etc), thinking I just needed to find the "right" one, but although I worked with some lovely people (ask well as some stinkers I'd learnt to ignore) constantly felt like I was a round peg trying to squeeze into a square hole. It was probably me, not them, and I'm fine with that! After a mini meltdown a few years ago I decided to start saving and find out what I truly liked to do, because it clearly wasn't what I was doing. I'm now building a portfolio career in a few different areas - one of which is communications but it doesn't take over my life like it used to. The blues will pass, just try and take control and find something outside work that you enjoy and see if you can turn it into a career, you never know! If not, at least you'll constantly have something to look forward too. I'd also thoroughly recommend having an emergency fund, if you're in a position to save. If work gets too much and you want to quit, not having bills to worry about makes it a lot easier.
  13. It'd be amazing, but she's been pretty ill over the past few years, so I reckon it'd be unlikely. 😞
  14. I saw a couple of profiles saying she was still "active", but after reading a bit more, I think it's just because she did some promo last year for the West End musical about her life. I probably should've read this first! would still love to see her though,
  15. She may be nearly 80 but I'd watch Tina Turner in a heartbeat. I'm reading conflicting info as to whether she's retired, though...
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