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  1. 2017 - Spring Ground - that's me and Mr Bear - he popped in this year, too, apparently. We had a little chat about how awful the previous year's weather was, lovely guy!
  2. alibear

    Is It Too Hot?

    I'm in quite a unique situation as my husband is in a wheelchair, which obv makes mud a pain in the arse, and part of his disability means his body can't regulate his temperature, so he doesn't sweat. He's essentially a boil in the bag when it gets hot. We both agreed we'd take this year over 2016 because you do at least get some respite from the heat when the sun dies down.. Mud just gets more and more exhausting. We still couldn't wander around as much this year, but did far more than any muddy year. I saw some terrible sun stroke victims this year, though, I'm sure they'll think differently!
  3. I always enjoy reading these. What’s the funniest thing you overheard? Nothing too hilarious from me this year, but here are a couple to kick off: Lad 1: “who’s on next?” Lad 2: “David Attenborough.” Lad 1: “ah, cool. I like him, I reckon he’s gonna boss it” And the whole crowd around me (including myself) responding with a collective “oh, for fuck’s sake” when Kylie introduced Chris Martin.
  4. alibear

    Miley Cyrus

    I desperately wanted RuPaul to join her for Cattitude. Was still immense, though, as was the rest of her set. What a voice.
  5. Aren't they "upper air" temps? According to Gav, you usually add a couple of degrees to that at ground level?
  6. Dioralyte, or any other own-brand rehydration salts. Take a couple throughout the day. Work’s a treat!
  7. It's not that bad, is it? There's rain around but not as much as the last run, and it's warm...
  8. Most def, I just need someone to make sense of it for me!
  9. No a dog, but here's a reply to my husband campsite sent last night from the person who runs the disabled, which we camp in because he uses a wheelchair. They were emailing about something else but he thought he'd ask about the ground, and this was the response. Given the site was rock hard a couple of weeks ago, I think this is promising!
  10. Make sure you pitch up your tent first. I love Gav!
  11. alibear

    Worried Sick

    Echoing what many others have said on here, but so glad all looks to be ok, it must've been such an anxious time, but it's so encouraging that they'll be getting you in asap to confirm. I had no idea a cervical screening could uncover potential issues in other areas? Has that always been the case, do you know, or has the screening developed? I had an ultrasound there a few years ago (which I'm guessing you'll have?) It's no more than a tiny bit uncomfortable, plus they point out all your insides, which I found fascinating! Also agree that it's certainly a reminder to get all the routine tests offered, and to go to the doc if you have any unusual symptoms - with advancements in so many treatments so much is easy to treat nowadays. Anyway, enjoy the festival!!
  12. Great minds! I guess it would - along with @deebeedoobee's fruit/jar/sticky stick/Big Dog combo, we're doing better than any darn "forecast"!
  13. This little patch to the right of the Pyramid stage as been my mud barometer for the site as it's pretty easy to see - it had a lot of traffic going over it and got pretty muddy last week - looks like it's trying out nicely, though! 🙂
  14. There were definitely paths without tracks (which usually did have tracks) in 2016 - you notice these things when you're with someone who uses a wheelchair! It was a right pain in the arse.
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