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  1. Even if See has deposit monies, Glasto still has all the campervan monies. Which is a fairly considerable sum. Edit: Or do you think See has all that too?
  2. It was good. It basically followed three or four key researchers in their vaccine efforts and highlighted global collaborations. Although the main Oxford lady was cautious throughout it was obvious they are really busting their bits to get this done. Beyond that it was stuff we already know via Toilet Duck - just packaged well in this programme. Rooting for Oxford! Get us to Glasto you clever w*nkers
  3. Just watched ‘Race against the virus‘. Now feeling optimistic.
  4. Just watched it. Fucked up... Poor people
  5. Maybe Glasto would consider lowering the capacity as a concession to space/social distancing. E.g. by 20% or so. Thereby not reselling any tickets and hoping for, and engineering some, natural wasteage.
  6. I’d take anything if it conferred a Glasto health passport of some kind. Otherwise, I won’t be in much rush to get jabbed
  7. Cornwall is crazy busy... Get the impression from a blend of bad driving, bad parking, bad littering, that there’s quite a lot of country-side virgins among them.
  8. Yes. And not just pubs, restaurants, and bars, but whole swathes of tourism and visitor services are on the brink (or have already teetered). 1,200 National Trust jobs gone yesterday, for example. The lengthy public health cataclysm of a wrecked economy will be uglier than the virus, I suspect...
  9. @Zoo Music Girl 😂 phew! Could’ve gone either way...
  10. Avoid fat Spanish Muslims at all costs
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