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  1. I suppose that depends on whether this ‘wave’ follows the pattern of the first. If it does, and the current measures ‘work’, then infections will be significantly lower dec/Jan meaning distancing may be eased for a few months (a la July/Aug) before its time for us all to get injected 💉
  2. yeah that seems like the kind of thing we’d do, accompanied by slogans about keeping “Jonny foreigner with covid out.” Our covid will be British covid goddamit
  3. Shouldn’t have thought so, though interesting conundrum... Of course a vaccine has individual benefits but a vaccine programme like this is primarily for the benefit of the population.
  4. Assume people who know what they’re talking about will pipe up, but logically once the most vulnerable categories are protected then job done. Most people don’t get an annual flu jab. It might even be beneficial for a certain cohort - under 21s say - to not be vaccinated at all, as their illness is so slight (generally).
  5. Anyway. Rollicking good news about this vaccine. Let’s hope it gets us to the farm!
  6. Yeah, this is interesting. I wonder about it a fair bit. As I see it ‘we’ aren’t doing anything to help a covid vaccine. All 99.999% are doing is staying in the house a bit more. A successful vaccine requires the combined efforts of, what, several thousand well-funded, well coordinated people acting in a single direction. Dealing with climate change, however, requires uniquely sophisticated coordination at all levels and structures of society using all sorts of different approaches - from clean energy to ecological restoration to transport to manufacturing to agriculture. Nailing each pi
  7. It’s not looking like Biden was the best person to dethrone Trump. If Biden wins it will be nail bitingly close. Surely to god there was someone younger, brighter, more charismatic, and less creepy than Biden that could have been put against the man with literally zero redeeming features and absolutely trounced him. Clinton or Obama would have trounced Trump surely as a for instance. Agree, Bernie better than them both, but still very pensionable. Surely America deserves better than these 3. Or... on the other hand... maybe it doesn’t...
  8. Yep! Already come up and down three times and haven’t finished a coffee yet
  9. Ahhh. Interesting. Didn’t know she’d died...
  10. Is she!? One thing that struck me was how bunches of christian conservatives effectively welcomed them in, despite clearly being outsiders. And there were some proper nice humans (the lady clapping for instance) among the idiots.
  11. What was he trying to do? Definitely the most odd bit of it, but the lady was just amazing.
  12. For sure. Just the awfulness of the American system turns the event into a personality cult battle
  13. But don’t get me wrong. I really really hope Biden wins.
  14. Then you see something entirely different to me. I see someone creepy and incoherent. Maybe once upon a time he was sensible, and cogent, enough for this job, but not now.
  15. Biden is an absolute car crash though, whose only positive feature is ‘not Trump’. Biden’s best tactic is to stfu and let Trump hang himself. Unbearably poor candidates again. USA deserves much better than this shit show
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