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  1. whitehorses

    2020 headliners

    It’s mid- January. There’s bog all else to do
  2. My god. We really dodged a bullet with the Corbyn stuff, these are awful
  3. Haha, don’t joke! I could probably get behind a Caroline Lucas chant, tho. “Sweeeeet Caroline green green green”
  4. Not how I saw it or him. I was always deeply unimpressed by his style of 6th form politics. Edit: Anyway he’s gone now, so no need to worry about that anymore, don’t need this to become a JC debate. Apols.
  5. I really enjoy going to talks and debates at Glasto as the spirit is usually very open and good spirited. However. The ‘oh Jeremy Corbyn’ incessant chanting was so cringeworthy I would have happily gone and voted BNP or something just to shut them up. I quite enjoy the Glasto politics (with a small p), the environment and nuke stuff mainly, but generally dislike the party politic stuff.
  6. Just an unbelievable set of days. Finding it hard to summon enthusiasm for Glasto’s top three after seeing that lot (and the epic undercard).
  7. @mynameismattah bugger, thanks
  8. Any chance of Pavement at Glasto?
  9. Update. Might have been Ben Howard at Other Stage
  10. Me and a mate watched Dizzee at West Holts a few years ago. The crowd was quite thick. Next to us was a group of girls partying away who stopped about half way through the gig to make a protective circle around one of their friends... Ah, she’s having a piss or doing drugs we thought. Next thing the air around us fills with the stench of shit. She’d been crapping in a plastic bag. we bounced
  11. Compared with some of the other shite that goes on the Pyramid I’d be bang up for a late afternoon Tenacious D piss up
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