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    Crew Bars 2022

    I got into Maceo’s with an Avalon/Glade band. But nothing much going on there at the time.
  2. Far from single use. Never has a bit of plastic been used so much 🦩
  3. My experience (3 yrs in cv east) has been that they’ve never checked that my cv ticket matches my general ticket. But other people have had theirs checked… Risky.
  4. Do you know/trust the person reporting Stu’s posts? Can’t you just dismiss their reports if you don’t think they’re genuine?
  5. Delete all threads with seetickets links for a kick off
  6. Mate was on a train in Brighton last night. The two young girls behind him were calling their bumbags, their “Pinger Slingers” haha
  7. I’d take weds-thurs-Fri over sat-sun for sure.
  8. Be careful buying cv tickets. They’re meant to match your General entry tickets. They don’t always check but if they do then you’re in the shite
  9. My current bag is from Lidl called Ozark Trail - absolutely brilliant! Kind of like this but green. Comfy, strong, great value, has lasted for years. I have had one of the cheap Decathlon bags and can highly recommend, I normally have a bit too much stuff for it tho.
  10. A girl did a dump surrounded by a ring of her friends watching Ben Howard at Other Stage. Absolutely savage.
  11. 2 of our group also back in the hat 😞
  12. Daft Punk 20 (-10) Elton John 10
  13. Probably something like Sweet leaf of the north.
  14. Does this stage have a strong and enduring identity? In your opinion
  15. Daft Punk 89 (-6) Elton John 87 (-3) Kate Bush 64 (-1)
  16. It’s my birthday so I’m not feeling argumentative, so yeah ok - it would be pretty good! 🥳
  17. Daft Punk 105 Elton John 60 (-10) Kate Bush 45
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