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  1. Lol. Get/pay a mate to pick you up at the gates 🙂
  2. Good luck! I think I’d fancy your chances more if one of you drove. Might cut out some of the waiting around and faffing
  3. Watching it now - it’s a good film. My first Glastonbury was Lost Vagueness’s last so never really experienced it properly.
  4. Loving it. Losing my scepticism with every nah
  5. BigEats 49 Dosa Deli 49 Deluxe Diner/Rocket Lounge 50 Eat the Farm 49 Hot P'totoes 49 Le Rac Shack 59 Mango Rays 49 Notso Katsu 49 Only Jerkin' 49 PanCrêpes 49 RAD BURGER 50 Seasonal Samosas 50 Taste Tibet 50 The Crumble Shack 50 The Fryer Engine 50 The Real Banger Co 50 The Roaming Rotisserie 51 The Vegan Pyramid 40 Tom's Toasties 50 Wrap Up Burritos 50 Club Mexicana 50 Fresh Organic 50 Vegan Fried Chicken 50 Co-Op 55 La Grande Bouffe 100 Goan Seafood Company 60 Tor RFC Fajita Stall 50 Anna Mae's Mac N Cheese 50 Buddha Bowl 50 Giant Yorkshire Pudding Stall 49 Hare Krishna Tent 50 Piggie Smalls 50 Jamaican Jerk Chicken Stall 50 The Banghra Bus 50 Burger & Beyond 50 Voodoo Ray's 50 Scrumpets With Crumpets 50 Beat Hotel 25 Los Churros Amigos 60 (+10) Happy Maki 50 The Peckish Peacock 51 Wham Bam Tikka 50 Mr. Toastie 50 Fishfinger Heaven 50 The Paellaria 60 The Duck Truck 50 Mama Falafel 50 Jumping Bean Burritos 50 Ghandi's Flip Flop 60 Burger Bear 58 Mendip Moments 50 No Bones Jones 85 The Growler 50 Square Pie Co. 50 Tea & Toast 53
  6. Is the correct opinion
  7. whitehorses


    Fuck, wish I hadn’t seen that video. Tragic.
  8. Christ that was painful to listen to. How can you butcher your own amazing song so badly
  9. On the off chance Emily’s reading this I would 100% be at Maiden, and 0% be at AC/DC.
  10. I read it slightly differently. More that she is the first to be announced of several who are coming back. Not sure the distinction particularly matters, both readings hopefully mean we’re gonna see more of 2020s line up, which is cool.
  11. whitehorses


    Bloody hell. Yeah he should have stayed quiet
  12. whitehorses


    Wow those videos. Awful.
  13. They are a bit naff, but I’d much rather them than Kendrick 🙃
  14. Where’s the discussion forum? I only really look at the chats, but can’t find what you mean… edit: don’t worry, found it. Looks fun 😬
  15. 95%. I think it’s more likely to be cancelled by weather than Corona atm.
  16. And by god was it boring
  17. It’s not for me, but you never know might end up there. But as far younger and hipper people than me seem delighted good on Billie and Glasto.
  18. I left after about 6 songs to go to Phoenix. Ultimately I wish I’d stayed at Foos as he dedicated Everlong to a friend, but I found them really dull.
  19. Not many people in Cornwall blame BM. Apparently the testing data show the Cornish covid wave pre dated BM, but BM was the cherry on top for sure. Cornwall’s been absolutely rammed since June, especially the honey pots like Newquay. So much so that most locals - that I’ve spoken too - are much angrier about mass tourism and its effects than BM. Everyone had sort of rationalised that if BM didn’t happen for a third year in a row then it might die and that wouldn’t be cool. [By miles the worst behaved bunch of bastards in Cornwall this year I’ve ever known. Litter, hospitality abuse, piss, and shit everywhere.]
  20. I listen to Pirate FM while idling to the shop in my car and Kid Laroi has been played about 7 billion times on it. So much so my toddler knows all the words! If that’s reflected on other radio stations then he must be pretty popular. But I watched a few songs from the set out of curiosity and it was eye wateringly bad.
  21. Yeah. I love reading opposing views and being challenged. I just want to mute the bores who drone on and on tediously about certain personal hobby horses.
  22. Didn’t know that was possible. What age range are you?
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