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  1. Brave Sir Robin

    The Rock Slot

    Would Metallica take a non-headlining slot, given Lars' love of the fest?
  2. We got a magnificent version in the encore yesterday. A 50-something guy near me, who'd been really hoping for it all set, was in floods. We hugged. Glorious.
  3. £5.50 - £6.50 a pint. Mostly Heineken or Fosters, but some had Maltsmiths IPA, Moretti & Amstel. Ciders too, including Dark Fruits. Free water points about so def bring a bottle.
  4. Also loved Cut Capers, saw them in the Avalon Cafe on the Thursday night. Had heard good things about them but hadn't been particularly impressed by the stuff on Spotify - live they have much more punch, tremendous fun. Although I suppose my real surprise of the weekend was just how much I enjoyed Kylie!
  5. He has played it a few times this year, in what is a constantly changing setlist, eg: I'd be made up with a headline slot next year. '09 was possibly my favourite of all time, and this time around I reckon some of my gang might actually join me . Seeing him in Hyde Park tomorrow, where for he's kinda subbing Dylan. A shame it's Hyde Park, but still very exciting.
  6. JP, Left Field & heard a bit of them outside WG (preferred JP as plenty of room to jump about). Bloomin’ marvellous. Annoyed, although not surprised, that their November London show is sold out.
  7. Knocked up a Spotify playlist for the Dylan & Young day, the 20-odd tracks each of Bob and Neil have been playing most often this year (in chronological order), and a few from Marling, Boy Azooga and Cat Power too:
  8. Nope, something new: New for 2019 was the IICONIC stage, featuring a 65ft sculpture of a human head wrapped in a VR headset evoking ‘the pervasive nature of technology on the human spirit’. Martin Audio’s WPL made its festival debut on the stage by way of an immersive surround sound system designed by RG’s Simon Honywill, consultant sound engineer for the festival. WPL is Martin Audio’s new large format optimised passive line array from the Wavefront Precision series and is designed to offer an adaptable approach to optimisation of line arrays through Scalable Resolution, whereby the user decides upon the number of enclosures with dedicated amplifier channels that are required for the coverage, consistency and control of the space. “I thought that rather than just having this incredible structure and then just straight forward left right standard deployment, let’s go a bit crazy and do it in surround sound,” said Honywill. “So we had six hangs of ten WPL all pointing inwards with optimisation of the sound fields to maximise the experience through the space for a 15,000 crowd. A single 23-metre long SHX218 sub array in a broadside cardioid pattern provided the thumping bass, but also control too. Each night there was a specially-commissioned presentation where the stage structure is projection mapped combined with 6.1 surround audio which worked highly effectively. Then for the DJ sets we used a Trinnov Altitude 32 system to effectively up mix the stereo output to the 6.1 surround system and the results of that, were frankly outstanding.” Nice modest self-assessment at the end there.
  9. One for @stuartbert two hats and all the rest of us geeks: https://www.psneurope.com/live/martin-audio-pa-deployed-for-pyramid-stage-and-six-other-stages-at-glastonbury-2019 Some interesting titbits
  10. Yeah, can only imagine he took a few notes as he went along though, it’s the fine details that help make it.
  11. Didn’t write it but this one seems cracking: https://theartsdesk.com/new-music/glastonbury-festival-2019-hot-hell-and-thousand-times-fun
  12. No worries at all. If in return you - or indeed anyone else - could post a pic of, or info about, the bar menu/prices, that’d be great.
  13. Wouldn’t say a word against him. But the 1st time you see him is indeed likely to be the best.
  14. Great to see/meet so many at the, er, meet. What a fine array of festivalling legends. (@Wooderson - you were of course right about Lekiddo 😄)
  15. 1. Chems 2. Fontaines 3. Kylie Sharon Van Etten might well have made the top 3 but I annoyingly only made the 2nd half of her set. Definitely going to see her the next time she's on these shores. Further honourable mentions to Jopkins, Acid Mothers Temple, IDLES, The Comet is Coming, The Cure, Friendly Fires, Bill Ryder-Jones, Cut Capers and Foals. Incredible few days of music, one of the very best.
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