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  1. And Birmingham 17th June then Brighton on 7th July.
  2. To be clear all I've heard is that she's had talks about doing it. Certainly nothing confirmed.
  3. Interesting, and good news, I think. Those in and out times will make for some interesting data!
  4. Nope, all just talks at the moment. Although looking at her existing dates you'd think it'd be for that 10-12 July weekend.
  5. Not at all unhappy to have removed Mr Styles, following his announcement of US dates.
  6. Last post was from my sauce. Another act in talks turn children on to the occult...
  7. Underworld, Anna Calvi and Rival Consoles playing a Polish festival on 11-14 June 2020: http://festiwalnowamuzyka.pl/en/aktualnosci/underworld-headline-tauron-nowa-muzyka-katowice-2020/ Not sure if that makes them more likely or less!
  8. I like this idea. And this. Although surely no-one would suggest he was any kind of pop star.
  9. If you like wordy philosophical songs you’ll be hard pushed to beat this one from Jeffrey Lewis’ new album: https://open.spotify.com/track/4NEtRfe4zpdHScJSXgn2f8?si=M4fbeyC-Sqyvg7S-RJ9BGg
  10. Recent updates to the Glastonbury 2020 playlist are new TBC Flamingods, SR Harry Styles, and Haai on the basis of @Matt42's word. Ah, cheers, I've used that site's free function but not paid for it. https://www.tunemymusic.com/ seems to do the same job for free, with no 200 song limit. It also has a sync feature, but that didn't seem to work for me.
  11. That is what I meant. He also says something about not getting himself or his colleagues into trouble. So likely to be a Universal act, or someone linked to Universal, but not necessarily. Clear as Worthy Farm mud!
  12. Ha, couldn’t have gone better! Some interesting guesses amongst the comedy. Can’t help but think “Hmmmmm. Kinda. You’re warm, but not very. 😅" is a clue... Frozen songs live or something?? Universal works with Disney, Universal act Demi Lovato sings some of them... Although I’d say that’s more than “slightly” leftfield (and probably not even an “act”).
  13. Over on Reddit someone has said they know of a "big / slightly left-field act confirmed but still not mentioned" - not a headliner. In answer to "is it a pop star?" they said "Hmmmmm. Kinda. You’re warm, but not very. 😅" Also referred to them as "an act (or type of act) that they hadn’t yet considered or seen rumoured, make people think outside the box a little more" "I hope the vague clues were fun or interesting for some people. IMO it’s worth being excited about, purely as it’s a brave booking and something the festival has never (to my knowledge) ever done before..." Apparently they work at Universal Music so likely to be someone signed to them. I haven't got a clue but surely the eFest hive mind can figure it out (or at least have some fun guessing).
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