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  1. The Tiny Tea Tent in the Green Fields is a lovely place for a sit down with a cuppa in a proper mug. Slightly surreal in the middle of the night. Not actually that small.
  2. 1. Black Country, New Road 2. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis 3. Terry Gross (epic stoner/krautrock as recommended on these pages by @Copperface) First two likely AOTY contenders. Very strong month for new releases, February putting down a marker for all these 'longer' months.
  3. Steven Wilson has done a great job remastering Vol 4, cleaned it up without losing any of the power. Their greatest riff (the greatest riff?) sounding better than ever:
  4. Completely understand, no trouble. It’s brilliant!
  5. Completely unbelievable new track from Ian Brown:
  6. Yeah wow, just when I thought all I had to think about would be the new KG&LW, up pops the Grinderman himself out of nowhere! Doubt he'll win though - not enough time for people to get into it, it'll be one from earlier in the month that people are already set on. Nick needs to time his releases better.
  7. Too early to be deciding yet when the mighty Gizzard, among others, have new albums out on Friday
  8. Likewise! Although mine are past that now (they think). Such a fantastic show.
  9. I enjoy his stuff much more than the kids do 😄
  10. Disco is the best party music. And so a contender for the best music of all, for sure. Have a soft spot for these Korean guys who made it over to the G a few years back:
  11. Nice! I've always been too scared of the K-hole - which I've seen others in a few times - to try ket, but if it comes in properly measured doses of spray, game on!
  12. Nasal sprays all round and we'll be grand! https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/festivalgoers-nasal-spray-avoided-covid-infection-dsd2mpsm7 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9277649/51-nasal-spray-available-Amazon-prevented-Jews-catching-coronavirus-Israel.html Mail text here so you don't have to click: A readily-available nasal spray may have prevented Jews from catching Covid at a religious festival in Israel last year, a study has suggested. The £51 spray, sold in a pack of four, called Taffix, is said to coat the inside of the nose in an acidic powder that m
  13. I find them much better live than on record, do check them out if you ever get the chance (especially at a festival).
  14. That's fantastic - at least the 2 mostly instrumental tracks are, not so sure about the 3rd.
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