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  1. The same website has an interesting bigger piece about the 50th, with quotes from various Glasto bigwigs: https://www.pollstar.com/article/long-may-it-last-glastonbury-miraculously-turns-50-143674 And an interview with the lawyer, Ben Challis: https://www.pollstar.com/article/meet-michael-eavis-lawyer-qs-with-ben-challis-general-council-for-glastonbury-143705
  2. Secret SE Corner set the only way R&L would agree to it.
  3. Nice interview with Shangers' head bod Chris Tofu here. Nothing about the lineup (although we know Heliocentrics and presumably Craig Charles are playing) other than that there'll be "some amazingly massive bands doing secret gigs. Bands people in LA would know."
  4. Oh, yes that doesn't look so good. Would mean 5 on the trot, alhough he is doing that once later in the tour.
  5. Puts him nearby on the weekend, so much more likely. In fact I’d happily take most of that French fest’s lineup on the farm.
  6. I have a memory of a weird post a while ago that Macy Gray was gonna play Glastonbury-on-Sea...
  7. The recent album with Octavepussy and a host of P-Funk veterans is a lot of fun.
  8. There is an ignore function. Go to the Account menu and there’s an ‘Ignored users’ option.
  9. This is indeed correct, both albums produced by Tom Dalgety.
  10. He's big news isn't he? High on Other/WH?
  11. The dudes in Royal Blood are called Mike and Ben. But are you saying Radioactive Man is playing in Silver Hayes?
  12. It's that happy time of year when there are self-confirmations and leaks, and so additions to the playlist, most days: recently Biffy Clyro, Burna Boy, Mabel, The Avalanches, Mary Coughlan, Wolfgang Flur, Holy Moly & The Crackers and Tony Bowen.
  13. Cut Capers have released their cover of No Diggity - hoping to see them back on the farm in the summer:
  14. Would be surprised to see them back so soon. Though they were certainly a lot of fun.
  15. I think it was just this, but they are playing various festivals:
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