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  1. Seems touring that album reinvigorated him
  2. Nah he definitely hinted about packing it in, eg https://www.spin.com/2016/02/iggy-pop-post-pop-depression-last-album-apple-music-interview-tour/ But glad he changed his mind.
  3. I thought he'd said around the time of that album with Josh Homme that he wasn't going to be touring any more, so glad to see him still on the circuit.
  4. Too early for me but reading through this thread is a reminder of what a great year it's been already.
  5. 😄 Yes that sums up my fears!
  6. Been happy with my Meindls, but they are starting to wear out. Like the look of the new ones from Finisterre (super eco friendly clothing brand) & Palladium, but wonder how hardwearing they'd really be: https://finisterre.com/collections/footwear (Also available in green)
  7. That's superb. I kinda miss the early days (1st 2 albums) when they were packing the riffs in, but they're a talented and clever bunch. Video's great too.
  8. John Grant playing London (Shepherd's Bush) Thursday 16th June 2022
  9. I think we're all assuming Wolf Alice will be there next year anyway, but the end of this interview certainly suggests so: “Playing Glastonbury was really nice, though — it was the first festival I was ever at, at 17, and we’ve played it a few times before. So, there was something lovely about being in that field and part of a unique experience — but it will be even better when everyone can come along as normal. Hopefully next year. Nothing beats that.” https://www.independent.ie/entertainment/music/wolf-alices-ellie-rowsell-i-no-longer-shroud-my-lyrics-in-ambiguity-because-of-be
  10. I love the fact that he decided not to put that, or Foot of Pride, on the album. Or Series of Dreams on Oh Mercy. Great little pieces of the Big Bob Story.
  11. Visions of Johanna But plenty run it close: It's Alright Ma, Hurricane, Dear Landlord, Love Sick, If You See Her Say Hello, Tomorrow is a Long Time, I Shall Be Released, Blind Willie McTell, Love Minus Zero...
  12. Yes, it’s easily the best thing I’ve heard this month (subject to any of today’s releases of course).
  13. Outrageous abuse of power, you tyrant!
  14. My response to that is: 1. India Jordan - Watch Out! 2. Iceage - Seek Shelter 3. Black Keys - Delta Kream
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