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  1. Q ran quite a fun piece on this once, 'What If They'd Lived?' about Hendrix going on to record the most amazing jazz-fusion with Miles Davis. And there was also this awful effort from Guitar World: https://www.forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/what-if-hendrix-had-lived-guitar-world-speculative-fiction.743106/page-3#post-18433370
  2. Within the next couple of weeks I gather
  3. You can watch Melvin's evidence, given from his conservatory, here: https://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/185212bb-59a4-4546-a12a-4681028085f1?in=10:39:40&out=11:05:50
  4. New remaster has confirmed this as one of my fave Stones songs. Nice piano demo among the bonus tracks too.
  5. They’ve been releasing it one track a week. I quite like the idea.
  6. Cheers both, this is a lot of fun, would love to catch them at the/a festival.
  7. That was part of the magic wasn’t it, with the conditions that year we’d all pushed ourselves to the limits, there was little of nothing left in the tank for one last party, but the atmosphere for them in that smallish crowd was wonderful and they well & truly delivered. APE set was magnificent but inevitably lacked that unique context.
  8. Yes! You and @stuartbert two hats both in the quizmaster seat.
  9. Quick off the mark! Bang on for 1 and 3. Not quite what I was thinking of for 2. Are you referring to Chems? They played there 2015 but not 13 or 14.
  10. OK... 1) How much would you expect to pay for 3 cans of lager at the festival, late 90s/early 00s? 2) Where onsite would you find dancing skeletons, circa 2013-5? 3) Who told the Pyramid crowd "I'm not used to crowds this size... mine are usually much bigger"?
  11. Yeah enjoying this. Girl vocals over desert/psych, the sort of thing that makes a good Tarantino soundtrack. Some surprisingly gnarly guitar lines.
  12. IDLES playing Brixton the Fri and Sat before Glasto, before Belfast the following Weds.
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