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  1. Good to hear, spreading the word out about the smaller acts is one of the main reasons for the playlist. Loved these too, although I've been a fan for a while. Thought they'd be either absolutely awful or utterly brilliant - fortunately the latter. Totally OTT but such fun to watch as well as listen to.
  2. That thread was very useful, esp @jimmillen's long post. But you can't find it now, because our wise mod deleted the whole thing for "trolling".
  3. Added the not-so-mystery guests to the Glastonbury 2022 playlist and updated a few of the major acts from recent setlists
  4. Recent (final?) updates to the Glastonbury 2022 playlist include adding Dub War (removed Wargasm) and excellent Belgian electronic duo Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul (who I'd missed being added to Silver Hayes) and updating a few major acts as well as, on request, River Roots (playing the Green Fields).
  5. Added BBC Introducing and Toad Hall lineups to the playlist
  6. The option to do it is on the Clashfinder site itself, under Data. Although it doesn't seem to work for me?
  7. Recent updates to the Glastonbury 2022 playlist include: added the Williams Green, Small World and Greenpeace stages lineups, removed Wargasm, and updated various acts based on recent setlists.
  8. I was gutted to miss the Sheepdogs that night, always wondered how it went. Such a horrendous clash for them as a somewhat retro guitar band. Glad to hear it went well!
  9. Glastonbury 2022 playlist now has all the main stages in running order, followed by all the other acts from the various area lineup posters.
  10. More than adequate (Yes always solid, esp for that particular act)
  11. Hello @eFestivals, please can you restore my thread/poll as above. It's a relevant topic and I'm interested in the responses. Thanks, BSR
  12. Not sure what you mean @eFestivals, as it seems you have deleted 2 of my topics today. I posted a thread with poll about gin & tonic this afternoon which got some useful responses but has now completely disappeared. When I couldn’t find the first I posted a replacement this evening, which I saw had attracted one stupid response, and then the whole thread had gone within about 10 minutes. If you haven’t intentionally deleted them then please can you have a look and restore the first one. Thanks
  13. How is asking about the best way to carry certain types of booze trolling?? It’s precisely the sort of topic that’s of interest to festival goers and has been discussed on these pages for years. There are other threads about beers and ciders. Are you going to delete those too? I’m astonished that you’d accuse me of ‘trolling’. It’s utterly ridiculous.
  14. Hi @eFestivals I’ve had 2 threads taken down today, on the inoffensive topic of gin & tonic, in which I have recently developed an interest. The 1st one had a poll that about 30 people had voted in last I checked. The message function says I can’t message you, and I certainly haven’t been given any explanation. If there are idiots trolling please could you delete them/their messages rather than entire threads that longtime users have started?
  15. Had a thread on this complete with a poll that was getting some helpful responses but seems to have mysteriously disappeared. So I’ll try again. What’s the best way to bring in/carry gin and tonic? Does it work to premix a bottle? Bring a bottle of each? Just bring gin & go to bars/Co-op for mixers? Or the pre-mixed cans?
  16. Lots of talk of bringing lager... are you sure? Surely ciders and ales (even pale ones) survive being away from the fridge much better. Tribute, Dead Pony Club and Kopparberg are my usual Glasto session can choices, spiced up with a smattering of stronger stuff.
  17. With Turnstile and Amyl already on the Sunday, that is something of an overload of loud/party bands for our future fragile Sunday selves.
  18. Definitely is, full profile on the website: https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/areas/the-common/temple-talks-2/
  19. I've added the Acoustic lineup to the big playlist, straight after the main poster acts about 1/3 down, starting with Novelty Island. Lewis McLaughlin is probably the only act I'll be seeing there, but Errol Linton's harmonica-led blues are great, as is Pavey Ark's stately folk rock as I mentioned previously. It's an odd stage for 49th & Main, it's dancey stuff, they're more like a Silver Hayes act.
  20. Entirely agree re both Kevin Morby and The Smile. I don't know why but I wasn't expecting much from The Smile, and in fact it's excellent.
  21. Glastonbury 2022 playlist now features the Acoustic Stage lineup, in running order, after the main poster.
  22. Anyone know how this is a penalty?
  23. If we put 8-15,000 does that work? I think It’s smaller than the JP now is in terms of the good spots in the bowl, but obvs it’s bigger if you count people spread out further, up & down the hill.
  24. Live and Let Die Kyoto Chaise Longue How Can I Make It OK? Sweet Leaf of the North
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