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  1. Agree with all of that, it's really lovely.
  2. My mellow Sunday has been soundtracked by the lovely new Haiku Salut album. Somewhere between instrumental post-rock and ambient electronica:
  3. Matthew E White has well and truly embraced the funk on his excellent new album, and on tracks like this, the disco: In the UK in March so it probably won't happen, but would love to see him light up West Holts.
  4. They were on the poster for 2020, that makes them a TBC surely.
  5. Amyl & Sniffers and Low. Kacey Musgraves is also out.
  6. Her and the other additions and removals are all now up to date
  7. Nice - Porridge Radio and Lice are excellent additions
  8. Playlist is up to date with H Hawkline added, Alice Boman and Scalping removed (gutted about that), and updated tracks for Katy J Pearson, Billy Nomates, Bingo Fury and James Leonard Hewitson. Thanks for the appreciative comments, I, er, appreciate them.
  9. Enjoyed that a lot, especially Working Men's Club (who were fantastic, even at 3pm and with the sound cutting out early on) and Caribou. Didn't notice any major sound issues from where I was for Foals, although I was fairly well refreshed by that point... Bars were great, but as with many festivals this year it seems, there weren't anywhere near enough food stalls or toilets - the latter a pretty major issue that they surely have to improve on next time.
  10. 1. Turnstile - Glow On 2. Ty Segall - Harmonizer 3. Jungle - Loving In Stereo
  11. I don’t think it is, from this: https://instagram.com/oldboy_band?utm_medium=copy_link
  12. I’ll let you know if and when I hear anything. It’s much too early right now.
  13. What’ve you seen/heard of them? I’ve only found a few snippets on Instagram. There are several acts with the same name on Spotify etc but I don’t think any of them are the right one.
  14. Playlist updated with all the recent additions/removals. If I get the time I will re-arrange to match stage/lineup order, but for the moment the latest additions are at the end. Thanks guys, glad you're making good use of it - finding new gems among the smaller acts is one of the best things about a playlist like this, as well as being a guide to what the bigger acts have been playing.
  15. I’ve been doing one here (not yet up to date with all of today’s additions, but I’m working on it):
  16. Does anyone have experience of these in slightly colder temperatures? I’m going to End of the Road in a couple of weeks where I hear it can get very cold overnight. This isn’t going to make that worse, is it??
  17. I'm not sure we have. The Dutch festival they were playing (Paaspop) was cancelled by the government/organisers. They're still listed to be playing Brighton on the Wednesday: https://chalkvenue.com/live/Altin-gun.
  18. Updated the EOTR playlist with new tracks - based on recent setlists - for Richard Dawson (as spotted by @Mardy) and Drug Store Romeos, and removed what appears to be the wrong 'Oldboy' (if anyone knows if the right act have anything on Spotify please let me know, there are a few with the name).
  19. That’s hilarious. I always thought of Allmusic as a reliable indicator of the consensus as to an act’s best records, but this is the work of some dumb MFs. Glacier is ‘Scissor Sisters inspired’!?
  20. Updated tracks on the playlist for John Grant, Altin Gun, Jane Weaver, Field Music, Arlo Parks and Sorry.
  21. Not sure he is, as he is on the lineup poster for Field Day on the Sunday. They played on different days at Latitude. I know the website lineup page has him on the Monday but I reckon it’s an error.
  22. I'm very happy about this, having always found the previous North stage to be strangely poor, for both sound and atmosphere. The new West looks bigger, more like the East. Only downside as you say is the trek from one end to the other, although that should help spread the crowd out more.
  23. Wow, that's two brilliant additions. And I really wasn't expecting anyone! I can't see it? Can you give us a link?
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