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  1. I'm holding onto mine....ticket, that is.
  2. I'd say Murder Capital are a bit more than good live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sme7OPcu6vs And whole I'm here, the same goes for Squid as well.
  3. Would like Sinead O'Brien and The Nightingales too.
  4. 100% agree with this. I went to Field Day 5 or 6 times and really used to look forward to a early summer day of great music in Victoria Park, and although I've been to and enjoyed a day at APE 2 or 3 times, it just doesn't have the same feel to it that Field Day had. Got my ticket for this a while ago, and here's hoping that what we get in Brockwell Park has a similar vibe to what we used to get in Victoria Park.
  5. I've seen Parquet Courts about 5 times. They've been alternately good and not so good (e.g. Field Day), but never giving me the suspicion that they could deliver the blow-everybody-away brilliance of last year's EOTR set. Just about top of my must-see list for GM now, and I think I'd prefer them to be outside on the Mountain (so would have to be subs) rather than on Far Out. However, if they are headlining Far Out, I'm fine with that as I'm not fussed if I miss all of the Mountain headliners.
  6. Having seen them couple of times, don't Black Midi wear cowboy hats?
  7. And hopefully, unlike Hyde Park, no sodding platinum, gold, diamond, or whatever circles between general admission and the barriers.
  8. Rats! I was hoping to get away with slipping one in there!
  9. Probably about half the acts announced so far. You could start by checking out Squid, WH Lung, Dry Cleaning, Warmduscher, Black Country New Road, Big Joanie all of whom are excellent live.
  10. EOTR is my favourite UK festival. I also go to GM every year, which is in a lot of ways similar, but is about half as a large again as EOTR. Both are in beautiful settings. Line-ups are fairly similar, although I feel EOTR bookers do a better job of getting great acts you've not heard of before. GM, being in August, is a bit more family-oriented; also, being in a Welsh mountain river valley, has its own micro-climate which always seems to feature rain at some point in the weekend. Food is great at both fests, as is the selection of drink. Both really friendly festivals.
  11. Will also be at Sea Change, and happy to see some of the overlap - actually would be happy with a bit more if WH Lung, Black Country New Road and The Comet is Coming were to visit Dartington again in late May.
  12. I paid just under £290 for my early bird with Settlers and Car Park. The dreaded booking & shipment fees added up to over £25, which is effing ridiculous. Settlers Car Park was £30, and I think Settler's itself was maybe £60. Last year I didn't do Settlers and I paid £212 for my early bird with Car Park.
  13. Hopefully more than rumours as I've had it on my calendar for a while now! Purple Turtle is not the grestest venue, but needs must.
  14. And it wasn't great - from memory the sequencing of the setlist was a mess. A performance way below the previous times I'd seen her.
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