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  1. Interesting. This website, which someone on here once mentioned and is the same concept, comes up with quite a different list: https://acclaimedmusic.net/year/alltime_albums.htm. It also has a list of the top 10,000 songs of all time (according to the critics' lists), both of which you can explore by genre or year/decade, and Spotify playlists of the same which are great to dip into.
  2. This is indeed wonderful. Intimate yet lush folk. Made with members of Sharon Van Etten's and Bonnie Prince Billy's bands, and a cheeky guest guitar solo from Ty Segall himself.
  3. Yeah I was in the tent at Latitude. Bloody fantastic. Obviously that was at a time when all anyone knew was the Chaise Longue single, and there was no hype about them having any more tunes or being any good live, but I'd definitely recommend them. Friends saw them play a small show in London last month and enjoyed, and I'm going to the Scala show in April.
  4. Go see them if you get the chance, they’ve got several.
  5. 1. Haiku Salut 2. Sufjan Stevens 3. Matthew E White Honourable mention: Public Service Broadcasting
  6. Agree with all of that, it's really lovely.
  7. My mellow Sunday has been soundtracked by the lovely new Haiku Salut album. Somewhere between instrumental post-rock and ambient electronica:
  8. Matthew E White has well and truly embraced the funk on his excellent new album, and on tracks like this, the disco: In the UK in March so it probably won't happen, but would love to see him light up West Holts.
  9. They were on the poster for 2020, that makes them a TBC surely.
  10. Amyl & Sniffers and Low. Kacey Musgraves is also out.
  11. Her and the other additions and removals are all now up to date
  12. Nice - Porridge Radio and Lice are excellent additions
  13. Playlist is up to date with H Hawkline added, Alice Boman and Scalping removed (gutted about that), and updated tracks for Katy J Pearson, Billy Nomates, Bingo Fury and James Leonard Hewitson. Thanks for the appreciative comments, I, er, appreciate them.
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