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  1. Was at Orbital too on Saturday - was absolutely epic!
  2. Never been Glasto before so I can't report any previous experience , but I finally saw Orbital at Printworks last weekend and they were unbelievable. Their iconic songs in that venue was just perfection. https://www.instagram.com/p/B9wckypAGSM/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  3. I reckon she'll either be on the Friday or the Saturday, or maybe even on the Sunday night.
  4. Very true - I saw Liam back in November and it was very messy in multiple ways. But I actually prefer Noel's sound, just hoping I don't get bored. Think he needs to adjust his setlist too many NGHFB stuff at the beginning - most of which the majority of the crowd just dont know.
  5. Noel achieved his greatest lyrical success with Oasis in the mid-90s. Now he is all about developing his sound; bringing a mix of disco, electronic and psychedelia. But i agree with others on here, his live shows aren't amazing and they definitely don't have the energy of his brothers. Nevertheless i'll go watch
  6. Surely this solidifies his slot on Friday/Saturday
  7. what is that called or whereabouts is it? I want to make sure i visit early hours in the morning when i'm in chillout mode lol
  8. Over the last couple of weeks i've listened to this banging mix of Come Together by Primal Scream every single day. If this doesn't get you ready and pumped for Glasto then I don't know what will. Reminds me of summer sunshine and fresh cold cider. F**k it i'm gonna listen to it again.
  9. Spot on there. No is the answer imo. For me, Stevie Nicks subbing Glasto would be a bit dead. Her recent setlist (posted earlier) mainly features all the slow Fleetwood Mac ones and doesn't have the pop-crowd pleasers like 'Everywhere', 'Don't Stop', 'Little lies', 'Go Your Own Way'. I know she didn't sing most of these either haha!
  10. Hello Resalers, and a happy new year to you all! Apologies in advance for treading over old ground but I am interested finding out more about the resale club spreadsheet. Myself and 5 friends luckily got tickets for this year for the first time, but two other friends unfortunately missed out and I am keen to do as much as I can to help them get tickets, even if the chances are slim. Am i right in assuming that groups can team up through this thread and try for resale tickets together?
  11. Speaking of Avalon.... could The Wurzels be returning to Glasto?! As you can see they have fairly large gap in their calendar ? The weekend before they are playing in Devon! oooo arrrrghhh
  12. Praiseee the lord! There is a god after all ?
  13. Great effort there I think it's pretty realistic tbh, I would take that lineup all day long. Nice poster too. But I reckon Ian Brown, Glass Animals, DMA's and The Prodigy will all be in there too. Also, I know you are just predicting but hopefully Orbital don't clash with Macca - wanna experience them properly at Glasto!
  14. Yes thats my fav one. Proper stone circle sorta song ?
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