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  1. Speaking of Avalon.... could The Wurzels be returning to Glasto?! As you can see they have fairly large gap in their calendar 😂 The weekend before they are playing in Devon! oooo arrrrghhh
  2. Praiseee the lord! There is a god after all 🙌
  3. Great effort there I think it's pretty realistic tbh, I would take that lineup all day long. Nice poster too. But I reckon Ian Brown, Glass Animals, DMA's and The Prodigy will all be in there too. Also, I know you are just predicting but hopefully Orbital don't clash with Macca - wanna experience them properly at Glasto!
  4. Yes thats my fav one. Proper stone circle sorta song 😉
  5. They are a bit obscure but Still Corners are back with their dreamy groovy melodies. Would love to seem pop up and do a little set somewhere on site. Enjoy x
  6. Not sure what is worse.. Ed Sheeran on stage with Macca or Chris Martin 😂. I would rather Himesh Patel do a few tracks, i thought he did the beatles songs justice
  7. Was just about post these in. Would f*cking love to see Ian Brown on the bill, perhaps headlining John Peel.. Would be the perfect get out of Tayler Swift
  8. I would love it if the prodigy headlined other stage. I'd 100% sack off Kendrick or Talyer Swift for them
  9. The Specials have announced a gig in Halifax on Glasto Saturday. Is it feasible they could also do a Friday or Sunday slot on the other stage? What do we reckon? They’ve been on my list to see for far too long.
  10. Hello Glastonbury Obsessors, I'm new here and I am happy to say that I will finally be going to Glastonbury next year! Having spent the last 6 years failing to get tickets it feels surreal that I will actually be going. As well as it being the 50th anniversary next year, it will also mark 40 years since my dad's first Glastonbury. Both my dad and my mum went throughout the 80s and early 90s (a couple of years with my late Grandad), back when you sent off for tickets in the post, Fela Kuti would be headlining and Jo Whiley was no where to be found. As kids me and my brother were teased and eased into the festival life with numerous visits to Cropredy, Cambridge Festivals and Canterbury Fayre from the late 90s onwards. Since 2011 i've been going to festivals with my own friends; Reading, Parklife and far too many V Festivals for my liking (please don't judge). But having grown up listening to my parents' endless stories and priceless memories of Glasto and having been lurking here for some time now, I cannot wait to experience it myself - once and for all. June could not come sooner. See you at the meet up! Adam
  11. SoundsofSmith

    2020 headliners

    Pretty unlikely but I’d like to see: Foals Blur Led Zeppelin Just throwing this out there.. Thoughts on Neil Young headlining again? I think he did a pretty good job last time. He doesn’t have that wide, mainstream appeal but you never know with it being 50th anniversary and what not. He could also bring out a guest or two. also, Mumford and Sons are free in June. Only headlined once and they have new material coming
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