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  1. I think it's inevitable it will be cancelled, but if the impossible happened, would you be happy to attend albeit with a much less popular line up? Personally, I'd be happy if they could muster up a UK only based festival of whoever they can find. I'd be happy to go regardless, I'm sure it would still be lovely.
  2. Good call, doh, missed that - I blame the hot ciders!
  3. I suggested Plant and Underworld as well coincidentally - if you don't ask etc! Oh Sees every year would be fab too
  4. So, 12th year, arrived very excited, not convinced about music overall but buzzing for my favourite festival. It didn’t disappoint. Set up, and headed out early evening having unfortunately missed Peach Pyramid so had time to chill with some ales for Flamingods (decent enough) before Spiritualised. I've been wanting to see them for such a long time, having loved Jason P since Spaceman Jr days... Just loved the whole set - epic and blissed out and everything I was hoping for and more. Not fussed about silent disco, wandered around aimles
  5. It was very useful generally but no one called the Hardskin appearance - best kept secret of the weekend
  6. Better late etc, soooooo, 10th EOTR so far, glorious weather after last year, and one of the best overall. I still miss the older, more Americana/Country/folk themed ones (as well as the smaller crowds), but then again many of my highlights this year were the more avant/noise discoveries. Levels of politeness and good manners were higher than ever - so nice to experience. Wish i could do a Groundhog Day to experience all the things we missed. Top 5 Josh T Pearson. Loved the new material. Not as good as Lift to Experience at GM last year, but sucked me in. Di
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