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  1. Good call, doh, missed that - I blame the hot ciders!
  2. I suggested Plant and Underworld as well coincidentally - if you don't ask etc! Oh Sees every year would be fab too
  3. So, 12th year, arrived very excited, not convinced about music overall but buzzing for my favourite festival. It didn’t disappoint. Set up, and headed out early evening having unfortunately missed Peach Pyramid so had time to chill with some ales for Flamingods (decent enough) before Spiritualised. I've been wanting to see them for such a long time, having loved Jason P since Spaceman Jr days... Just loved the whole set - epic and blissed out and everything I was hoping for and more. Not fussed about silent disco, wandered around aimlessly after a few ciders soaking up atmosphere and somehow managed to kill 3 hours having fun. Finished off with Hippy Chippy as ever Headed in for Friday, seriously needing a couple of Bloody Mary’s to smooth off last nights rough edges. Shockingly the usual caravan in the Garden Stage wasn’t open, so had to settle for some very strong drinks from the gin bar. Did the job. Watched Ohtis who were great, then Stella D. Had seen her at Greenman where she was fab, thought she was even better here. Gave up on Jade Bird (weirdest accent since Joss Stone) and headed over to Beths who were fab. Back to tent to regroup and headed in for Bodega. Good set, nice energy to set us up for rest of the night. Was pleasantly surprised by how good Baxter Dury was and made mistake of leaving early to see Wire. Loved them last year when I saw them in a smaller venue, but couldn’t get into them here. Tried Michael K, but need more energy so headed in for PQ who were great. Blew me away when I saw them previously at EOTR but were even better this time. Ended up at Comedy stage for a change (not fussed on seeing Tipi sets) and had a great time with David O’Docherty. Best food - Pad Thai and Spring Rolls Saturday. Usual plan - head in for BMs and find somewhere to park arses This time started in Tipi for Molly Sarle, then Happyness. Former was lovely, latter fun, with extra points for flamboyant drummer (‘End of the Road means anal to me’ ‘Come and find me for poppers’ etc}. Over to GS for Tyler Childs - just great, but definitely not enough country this year. Thought the day's line up was a bit meh after this - watched Kate Tempest but wasn’t in mood to be reminded how shit everything was, so headed to GS for Kikagaku Moyo. Was hoping for them to be a bit more mental but loved what they did. Gave Low a go (who I usually rate highly) but gave up and saw Courtney B who was great. Swerved Sleaford as I've seen. them too many times and did more comedy - Will Adamsdale: Jackson’s Way. Very surreal and not sure what was really going on, but loved just lying back amongst the trees post midnight, very drunk with a big grin on my face. Best food - Paella (always goes cold too quickly though) Woke upon to find we’d missed Hardskin do a secret set - usually great, so bit gutted. Sounds as if a lot of punters weren’t in on the joke though. Not sure I see point of Secret Sets TBH - most leak anyway and I’m not convinced it would lead to a riot if everyone knew who they are up front. Anyways... Sunday, woke up thinking how the fuck did it go so quickly. Looking forward to strongest day of music for me though. Lovely, hot day at Garden Stage. Seazoo were great, Israel Nash even better - beautiful grooves on a sunny Sunday afternoon with a pint of ale (we'd left Jessica Pratt as there was a tweet Futr Primitif, who I love, was playing Piano Stage at 2 - didn’t happen unfortunately (thanks for duff info Simon!) but saw Martha Skye Murphy who was nice enough)). Tunng were amazing, one of my highlights, then back to van to regroup for final push. Saw end of Cate Le Bon who didn’t inspire but was good enough, then Deerhunter who were serviceable but didn’t blow me away either, and headed over to GS with high expectations for Jarvis. Wouldn’t listen to most of his stuff normally, but he knows how to put on a show. Loved it - especially last song! BEAK were fab as ever, loved between song banter as well. Ciders outside Tipi for Viagra Boys and ended up at disco ship for weird drinks made with German equivalent of Red Bull (Club Mate), then some mental cinema until gone 3am. Any reason the comedy finishes so early on a Sunday though? Headed back hoping I would hear ‘Hit the Road Jack’ (do they play this anymore?} and deep, deep sleep. Best food - Persian chicken - gutted they’d sold out of lamb curry though Woke up feeling fucked as ever but already excited about next year…. TOP 5
  4. It was very useful generally but no one called the Hardskin appearance - best kept secret of the weekend
  5. Better late etc, soooooo, 10th EOTR so far, glorious weather after last year, and one of the best overall. I still miss the older, more Americana/Country/folk themed ones (as well as the smaller crowds), but then again many of my highlights this year were the more avant/noise discoveries. Levels of politeness and good manners were higher than ever - so nice to experience. Wish i could do a Groundhog Day to experience all the things we missed. Top 5 Josh T Pearson. Loved the new material. Not as good as Lift to Experience at GM last year, but sucked me in. Didn’t even mind the jokes - they’ve been part of his schtick forever and seem very much tongue in cheek Shannon and the Clams - blew me away, such a great mix of genres delivered impeccably. Their secret Tipi set was amazing as well on Saturday late night Oh Sees - Just smashed it, despite an early tech fault Snail Mail - surprise of weekend. New to me, but will headline one day AK/DK & Snapped Ankles - blew me away, might be set of weekend (admittedly i was very, very happy at that stage and i always love a costume) General Music - more or less chronological except for above Thursday: Yo La Tengo - Missed other bands as arrived late. Always love them but thought Garden Stage set a few years ago was more intimate Friday: Red River Dialect - nice enough but didn’t blow me away. Hiss Golden Messenger - loved, loved, loved the set and Phil Cook was amazing. More of him solo as well please. Great harmonica at end too - nearly made top 5 This is the Kit - faultless, but slightly soulless - is that a thing? Big Thief - started great, but seemed overwhelmed by size of crowd. A shame as i love them Jeff Tweedy - grumpy as ever and a beautiful set but surprisingly small crowd ProtoMartyr - saw them, can’t remember a lot TBH. Think they were good though Lucy Dacus - played a secret set Tipi which was beautiful. Admittedly we listened to it from the outside and mistook her for Big Thief though (admittedly i was very, very happy at that stage) WarmDuscher - a mess (but not in a good way) Saturday: Colter Wall - Johnny C might want to sue, but just lovely, old/new time country A Wesley Chung - had to apply apparently, but can see him getting much bigger (or becoming another Dylan Le Blanc who had promise but fades away) Sandy Alex G - had high expectations, seemed nice at the time but only vague memories now which suggests was a bit meh Gruff Rhys - might win nicest man at festival, beautiful set too. Apparently Lily Cole is well known as well Vampire Weekend - Only saw 30 mins which was joyous, gutted to have to miss set to see Oh Sees. That said, Oh Sees were mighty Duds - played a secret Tipi set, very good Sunday: Hayley Heynderickx - beautiful set and lovely story about picking up a helpful cyclist Richard Dawson - a force of nature, just immense Wave Pictures - surprise sub for Damien J. Nice enough, that’s all Imarhan - joyous - not just your average band of Touareg players Jim White - only caught the end but wished we’d caught the rest - so engaging Ezra Furman - maybe not as good as Garden Stage 2 years ago but wow, what a performer Idles - just immense. Left after 30 mins though to catch SnailMail (see above)…. Black Midi - surprise Tipi set. No idea who they were, much raucous fun though Amyl etc. - caught a bit, shouty punk, left for Ariel Ariel Pink - never really understood the love from so many of his contemporaries, this didn’t dissuade me Gutted i missed Mulatu Astatke, Stella Donnelly, Darren Hayman, Scorpios, Gwenno, Soccer Mommy, but most of all John Cale. Would have been nice to catch a film, comedy, piano stage shows and lit. talks too - not enough time Not so good (but nitpicking TBH) Missed Tiny Ruins, as they’d sold out of Bloody Mary by noon on the first day at the Silver Bus - say what?! Forced us over to Tipi where we discovered they also did a fine version as well though Queues for Tipi seemed mental at times. Thursday night silent disco was crazy and i’d prefer to have live music TBH Sorry to continue toilet discussions but definitely not as good as previously and by midnight all gents urinals were overflowing Making VW & Oh Sees clash (at least i got to see a bit of VW whilst OS were glitching) Making Ezra and John Cale clash (i love Ezra, but seriously, what was i thinking?) Random Things Saw a bat flying around garden stage in the middle of a sunny afternoon. How weird was that?! Seemed to be less Security which i found nicer in terms of general chillness Mars was stunning over Woods stage each night Goan Fish definitely had less fish (and i’ve been going since 2008) Pad Thai with spring rolls was my fave food find Accessible camping organisers deserve a medal
  6. Hard. Nice to see how much overlap there is but also so many differences. Anyhow Ezra Furman Yo La Tengo John Cale Oh Sees Richard Dawson This is the Kit Shame Hiss Golden Messenger Darren Haymen Damian Jurado
  7. Arrived Thursday for our 10th EOTR, excited as ever, but still slightly nostalgic for the beardy Americana of the first few years. As it continues its steady creep towards Pitchfork, my love diminishes slightly each year, yet still i return. Headed in to the festival, determined to get an early Fever Tree to start the festivities but disappointed to only find the new Hendricks concession. Undoubtedly lovely, but less choice of gins and tonics which was a shame. #firstworldproblems Managed to catch Moonlandingz and Bo Ningen for two of the best performances of the weekend. Listened to Brix etc for a bit from outside the Tipi but thought they were average at best. Started Friday later than planned with Dan Romano who was fine, hung around for Shovels and Rope who were fine, stayed a bit for Margaret Glaspy, who was… yeah fine… Watched Ryley on GS who was good, but seemed a little hyper and didn’t hook me in as much as usual, before heading back to WS for Parquet Courts who produced my first top notch performance of the day. Slight break before Ultimate Painting, who again didn’t inspire as much as hoped, before our first headliner, Lucinda Williams. Thought she was amazing, much rockier than expected, and such a pro. Gig would have been improved massively if it hadn’t been for a bunch of ignorant middle aged tossers who literally talked at full volume all the way through, despite being clearly aware of the impact they were having. Headed over to Tipi to watch Xylourius White for one of the sets of the weekend - just trancendental. Hung around for the first secret set (Jens Lekman) but got bored and ended up at Silent Disco which is always fun. The dead won BTW Wandered through the woods, checked out the new Cinema/Disco area which was enchanting. Had another lie in Saturday (ah, the joys of a festival sans kids!), started with a bloody Mary (£9.50!!) and caught Courtney Marie Andrews set on GS which was great. Saw Futur Primitf who i love - been following him since first i first caught him at EOTR the year Low Anthem played (2011?). Seemed more engaged (and less hungover) than his GS set last year, but was disappointed he didn’t end up doing a secret set. The late night gig when he joined with Barr Bros a couple of years ago was exceptional. Saw Duds, who seemed aptly named, before heading over to Woods to soak up the sunshine and blissful sounds of Alvvays. Headed back to top up on wine, before returning to catch the last half of Car Seat Headrest. Hadn’t expected much TBH, but thought they were amazing. FJM seemed self indulgent (as per), then Ty Segall who was less psychy and more metal than i’d hoped, but the day was saved with a top set in the Tipi from Tootard - a great band, absolutely in the groove. Sunday arrived with the deluge i’d feared most (esp. after the same at Greenman) so took shelter in Tipi. missing out on some of my must see sets of the weekend. Legends of Country were fun, but a bit pastichey, Nadia Reid was lovely, Alison Crutchfield not as good as hoped (but was great playing with Waxahatchee during the Secret Set later on). Headed back to regroup before one final push. Girl Ray were nice, but nothing amazing. Marika Hackman was fab, just a shame she was delayed by 40 mins and had a shorter set as a result. Ended up watching all 3 secret sets which were some of my highlights of the weekend. Stayed up to hear ‘Hit the Road Jack’ as the traditional last song of the festival but it didn’t appear Gutted to have missed: Michael Chapman, Real Estate, John Moreland, WH Lung, Rolling Blackouts (main set), Waxahatchee (main set), Nap Eyes, Timber Timbre, Julia Jacklin, Amadou & Miriam, Perfume Genius, Bill Callahan and J&MC! Top 5: Bo Bingen, Lucinda Williams, Waxahatchee (Tipi), Xylouris White, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (Tipi) Good: Just lovely as ever…. Stewards and staff were great as usual; loved the new set up of cinema etc; beer choice was great, some lovely ales and stouts and a great range of vegan beers; great food, fave was the lamb tagine - their burgers were great too Not so good: Seemed busier than previously, with less toilets; too much chatting during sets; the amount of rubbish just left by idiots
  8. Cheers - for the completists, gives us: Friday: Jens Lekman OMNI Saturday Tootard Alex Cameron Starcrawler Sunday: Waxahatchee Rolling Blackouts King Khan I thought Tootard were brilliant and on the last night all 3 were great. I'd expected Moonlandingz or Shame to make an appearance, and was hoping Dan Lefkowitz might have rocked up somewhere as well, but hey ho...
  9. Thanks - was very fuzzy at that stage
  10. Managed to catch a few - very impressed by quality overall this year. I've a few blanks though (plus not 100% sure on a couple due to large quantities of hot ciders)... Friday: Jens Lekman ? Saturday Tootard Chris Armstrong ? Sunday: Waxahatchee Rolling Blackouts King Khan
  11. Another great festival, and even though i saw less music this year, still difficult to narrow down to just 5 (especially as there were some storming late night Tipi sessions to add to the mix). Gutted to miss Bill C and J&MC as I chickened out of sitting in rain, but as of now: Bo Ningen - mental, so much fun Lucinda Williams - such a pro, nailed it Waxahatchee (Tipi) - gets better each time i see her Xylouris White - just 2 people making some of the most sublime sound out there Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (Tipi) - wow, blew me away in the early hours of Monday morning Futur Primitif, Tootard, Moonlandingz, Parquet Court and Courtney Marie Andrews just outside top 5
  12. According to Clashfinder it's: Moonlandingz Bo Ningen Ryley walker Real Estate Ultimate Painting Lucinda Williams Futur Primitif Julia Jacklin J&MC Bill Callahan Plenty of others i want to see as well - not a bad way to spend a weekend... Annoyed about the J&MC and BC clash though Bit worried Futur Primitive isn't on the EOTR line up page though
  13. staffop


    Last years was probably wettest i've known in 10 years or so. As i managed to get trenchfoot and sunburn at Greenman last weekend, i'm hoping for some good luck and it'll be dry all weekend !
  14. Tipi goes on until twoish, silent disco and ship disco until 3 i think. Plus, music from cider bus and around fire until early, early hours
  15. I remember eating their Ploughmans, drinking an ale from the estate brewery listening to Trembling Bells in the sunshine on the Sunday - all round loveliness.
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