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  1. Should be plenty of room at far end of big main field, past the strange structure. Also, always loads of space farther reaches of family field, towards the glamping , won’t even be disturbed by families there so much space
  2. Sold one last year, seamless
  3. There has been a huge increase in chatterboxes at the garden stage, old geezers in groups being worst offenders
  4. Similar has happened to my youngest, just found out while en route that Houghton festival has been cancelled
  5. It’s going to be a late heatwave. Guaranteed.
  6. I think the festival is a very different beast now to the earlier years in terms of type of band....Not the headliners, never really bother with them, but the support acts
  7. Yep, she’ll go down a storm with the mid evening Woods stage imbibers and chatterboxes
  8. Piss poor Only missed one since it started, and this looks to be the first time there will be periods I’ll be struggling to find something to do
  9. Sometimes theacts themselves will announce at the end of a set, or ask the band when they are flogging their tat at the end of a set, or Line of Best Fit send notifications or, best of all, ask my mate Paul, who has Big Jeff levels of knowledge
  10. 2 quid and no refund, I hope the bloody things are robust
  11. Very underwhelmed by this latest little lot of additions
  12. Just had a listen to Metronomy for the first time. They belong on a cruise ship. I had a listen to Michael Kiwanuka the other week, can’t remember why, but was pleasantly surprised. He could turn out to be a highlight. its not an Americana festival any more is it? This will probably be my last one.
  13. Yes, as I said to the Mrs on Sunday......it’s capitalism.........hardly anything left to buy so they can charge what they like and call it special, even if it isn’t. Thank you to the no shit Sherlock brigade, but I suspect some of the people who go to eotr are aware that they don’t have to buy stuff they think is overpriced......doesn’t stop it being overpriced though
  14. What the hell is is peach and raspberry Weiss?
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