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  1. Anyone have a link to the line up before the Americans pulled, I thought most of em were pencilled in for next year. I remember being enthused at the the time, but can’t remember any now
  2. The first bog I went to in the camping field on Thursday afternoon had a huge turd clinging to the side. I was only there to put tents up for others so don’t know what they were like after that. Around the stages they were OK, plenty of urinals for the chaps, and queues for cubicles no worse than usual. The cubicles by the Garden were cleaned Sunday afternoon, there was an amusing disagreement between a bog chap and a steward over how they should exit when the job was done. Sanitiser and bog rolls would have been an issue if you didn’t take your own
  3. Have felt bloody awful since yesterday, did a test this morning, came out negative. It’s probably just a case of my body telling me I’m too old for this shit
  4. Stood in a queue for 25 minutes to see him, didn’t move an inch, so gave up and wandered away
  5. Early birds gone in less than a minute……happy enough with tier 2
  6. Forgot to mention the Chickpea and Mushroom curry from the Indonesian place…..hot enough to make my whole torso and head throb but absolutely delicious. Honourable mention to the Po Boy from the fish place Also nice ale at prices you could tolerate
  7. On Thursday I had misgivings as the queues for food were massive and the bogs were shitholes, as it were, but it all improved after that. Lucky for us males that there were plenty of urinals. we only go for the music, not the partying so this time we stayed in an Airbnb about a ten minute drive away, through some narrow and quite hairy country lanes. It worked for us, and we’ll be doing it again next year. no bands blew me away as the likes of Eliot Brood, Duke and the King, The Growlers, Phosphorescent, Low Anthem and dozens of others have in the past……but I was still spoilt for choice on who to see and saw some great and greatly enjoyable sets. Sunday was exceptional on every stage, but we stuck mostly to the garden. Being old, with an underlying condition, we didn’t brave the tents, although sat outside the Big Top with a beer and loved hearing if not seeing All We Are and WH Lung. apart from a largeish group of middle aged tossers that congregated on left side of Garden, crowds seemed more like the old days in showing respect to the artists and fellow attendees by keeping quiet. only downside was I cracked my knee very hard an a bollard on an unlit and crowded path. Can’t bend the bastard now. All in all great festie, one of the best given the circumstances and much better than I thought it was going to be without the Americans, Canadians Australians and Africans
  8. Got there about 2, never got it in easier, not a single person in queue at wristband exchange, no queuing to get in car park. Place soon got rammed though, massive queues for food, and don’t seem to be as many bogs
  9. Hawkline was brilliant on the GardenStage a couple of years ago
  10. He is very, very good, recommend a listen to his latest record
  11. I’ve become a bit obsessed by WH Lung and William Doyle over the last week. Nearly all the bands that enthuse me are on early. I could be tucked up in bed by 8. Lovely.
  12. I’ve never seen Hot Chip and I don’t intend start now.
  13. That’s worked out much better than I feared……some of the artists I’d like to see are in the Tipi, and I hate the bloody tipi but the rest of it looks ace, and I won’t be be anywhere near the bands I have no interest in. gonna be belting
  14. Sam Lee is on the literature bit, maybe he’ll do a turn on the Piano stage could with a bit more folk and country
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