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  1. Just had a listen to Metronomy for the first time. They belong on a cruise ship. I had a listen to Michael Kiwanuka the other week, can’t remember why, but was pleasantly surprised. He could turn out to be a highlight. its not an Americana festival any more is it? This will probably be my last one.
  2. Yes, as I said to the Mrs on Sunday......it’s capitalism.........hardly anything left to buy so they can charge what they like and call it special, even if it isn’t. Thank you to the no shit Sherlock brigade, but I suspect some of the people who go to eotr are aware that they don’t have to buy stuff they think is overpriced......doesn’t stop it being overpriced though
  3. What the hell is is peach and raspberry Weiss?
  4. To be fair, the women in that bar were fantastic and I felt a bit sorry for them
  5. Couldn’t get on but got three tier twos on deposit scheme
  6. Another belter. Saw hardly any of the bands I had intended to due to feeling a bit pale and wan, so tended to just park myself at either Garden Or Woods and just enjoy what came, and I enjoyed everything, apart from the bloody woeful Shopping. Highlights include Shannon and the clams, found myself bopping next to Ezra Furman for that. had too much dignity to ask for a selfie though, A Wesly hung, Hayley Henderickx, Hiss Golden Messenger, John Cale, Insecure Men and the incredible Richard Dawson/ Oh, and Omar, and the Jazz guy at the Garden. Plus loads more. I preferred it when it was more folky and Americana, but still, they could run the entire festival again and I would still be able to see enough bands that I wouldn't have time to eat, without seeing any of the ones I saw at the weekend. So can't complain. A couple of years ago there seemed to be an influx of dickheads in groups, there seemed to be far fewer of them this year, apart from the extremely tedious group we were unfortunate enough to be camping next to in the Honeybells field, also, the fancy dress w*nkers seem to have found other ways to spend their first September weekend. Downsides were few and not enough to put me off/ I agree with those who have complained about the bogs and showers in glamping, definitely not enough, and quite a few of the shitters had broken seats. On the plus side there was a decent standpipe, unlike last year. One pipe for all those people seems a bit mean, the numbers using glamping seems to be growing massively, with no increase in facilities. The Beavertown beer prices were outrageous. 6quid or 6.50 was bad enough but just about acceptable, 10 quid for a pint of nothing very special was daylight robbery. I don't care if the stuff was meant to served by the half (stupid rule), if a tenner a pint is unnacceptable, so is a fiver for a half.
  7. currently bloody freezing here in South Wales. Damn weather is toying with us again
  8. Friday bit of a mooch, Hiss Golden Messenger, This is the Kit, The Low Anthem, Big Thief, Jeff Tweedy Saturday Insecure Men, Omar Souleyman, Shame, Gruff Rhys, Vampire Weekend Sunday all day at Garden stage, but might take a look at Idles. Can barely believe I’m choosing to miss Ezra Furman
  9. Met office predicting warmer than average weather until end of October. Time to start stockpiling the sun cream
  10. Hookworms were bloody annoying the other year in the Tipi, keeping a very packed tent waiting until the sound man had it JUST so. Don't much care for Feist, but will be interested to see if she joins in with Tweedy
  11. I was disappointed by the Seitan burgers ordered 2 one came about 15 minutes after the other and was mote very salty greasy coating than burger. Not worth 8.50, and the little beardy guy was a miserable chuffer to boot.
  12. Been in a bell tent for last few years and love 'em, seriously considering doing an air bnb next year. Mrs will do the driving if we opt for that!
  13. I feel like a VIP with my early bird. Do I get my own area?
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