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  1. If I'm understanding you correctly, with it being an e-ticket my worry would be that the seller could potentially sell the same ticket several times, the person going in first would be fine, those afterwards not so.
  2. Excellent work, just need to add Buck Meek to the out list.
  3. Yep without checking that does seem correct about Vampire Weekend. Ok well that's confirmed. We can then safely say that Big Thief will be playing 😆!
  4. Ah yeah, I should have remembered that! I'm pretty sure none of the Gene Clark supergroup were on tour with their own respective bands at the same time either.
  5. Someone a few pages back asked about stewarding. An email has gone out yesterday to those who have done this before inviting them to apply. Applications for first time stewards will open on 17th May. At the moment you can't request a specific shift pattern (they will allocate you what you had last year), however this will likely/hopefully change once more spaces become available from dropouts.
  6. Big Thief have been confirmed to play 'The Govenors Ball' in NYC on 25/09/21. The glass half full part of me sees this as optimistic news for EOTR because at least they will be in 'playing live mode' around the time of EOTR and haven't simply written off playing live until next year. However is it financially viable for them to just play EOTR, I am not so sure? Which leads me on to my next thought, has a headliner EVER played EOTR before and not played any other dates around the same time in Europe? I was wondering whether Joanna Newsom might have the one time? But I doubt it..
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