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  1. Do pictures of sheep and lambs from this spring count as cute? Sending hugs after your shit day.
  2. Oh yeah, the S&M mice - that was a new one.
  3. My advice would be to take the nap but on the other hand @Wellyboot doesn't believe in sleep.
  4. I knew there was something missing last night - that mutual respect and warmth you two have. 😊
  5. Excellent evening and good to catch up with you all again.
  6. I'm waiting until they bring Covid 20 out - I like to keep up to date.
  7. Sorry, got delayed by beer. I'll be there in a bit.
  8. I'll be along but not first thing.
  9. Losing my hair


    The webcam is back on and it's a lovely day down on the farm.
  10. Do whatever you're comfortable with and don't feel pressured in to going - as nice as a pint might sound it's not worth getting stressed over. The number in the group seems irrelevant as there will be others in the pub anyway. If you go and get uncomfortable about the number of people there or the behaviour then you can always leave.
  11. It's okay, we know it's late for a 12 year old to be up.
  12. I think she means @RarerThanDandyB
  13. Losing my hair

    Fleetwood Mac

    Such sad news. The first iteration of Fleetwood Mac with Peter Green and Jeremy Spencer joined later by Danny Kirwan on guitars formed part of the soundtrack to my youth and led me to my love of blues. Because somebody else had a massive hit with it, people don't realise that Black Magic Woman was written by Peter Green and shows him at his soulful, bluesy best. RIP.
  14. Hi CG, about time this thread had a bump. Great news about your house I hope you find the house of your dreams soon. I don't think anybody was surprised about Bearded; we're all hoping for festivals to return next year - I think we'll be in a proper mess if they cant. Flaming Lips are confirmed for Womad next year, so they'll still be touring and maybe you'll catch them somewhere. Join us at the virtual meet on Friday if you're around.
  15. Sorry, I'm know I'm an old fogey, but - raspberry and vanilla pale ale with a biscuit. Are you from a parallel universe?
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