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  1. The Murder Capital are live on Lamacq after 6.00 this evening.
  2. Glad you enjoyed them and I'm happy take the fantastic taste tag by association. 🙂 I hope the weather gods are smiling on you now.
  3. I'm also assuming/hoping that Beak> will be in that Ariel Pink slot from last year but things might change if Fontaines have to cancel.
  4. Last year's programme looked like this - some overlap in the Tipi Tent.
  5. 10 man - surely that's a marquee. Enjoy Kendal.
  6. Has anybody heard anything about a Beirut replacement? Working Men's Club are supporting Bodega in Birmingham and Bedford on 27th & 28th - they would be a great late addition. Bump Courtney up and create a space on the undercard.
  7. Same here. I've been trying to lighten the load on T day by telling everybody that it's too much hassle to get tickets and that it's better on on the telly.🙂
  8. Losing my hair


    The first picture was taken at 8.30 on the Wednesday of the festival, the second 3 weeks later - some difference!!
  9. That's a great line up at Kendal. On the Thursday check out KOG and the Zongo Brigade - saw them at Womad last year and loved them.
  10. Returned the troll's downvote, he's just getting silly and repetitive now.
  11. I can't imagine that there are any headliner acts who just happen to have nothing booked that weekend so I expect that Courtney will get bumped up and they'll find a sub somewhere - Ezra? Courtney vs Low will be a horrible clash though - big decision to be made by me.
  12. Thanks for posting that - interesting article. https://inews.co.uk/culture/music/the-national-matt-berninger-interview-bst-hyde-park-tickets-i-am-easy-to-find/
  13. Oh, not mentioned it earlier but having Gail Ann Dorsey there was a huge bonus.
  14. Made a playlist of last nights set and now reliving it without all the intrusions.
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