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  1. She was absolutely wonderful tonight. Park headliner please, I don't care who she's up against.
  2. So we're agreed then. Frank Carter gets the metal slot - I'm sure Emily's checking this thread to see who to book.
  3. Are you saying Frank would be unhappy with 3rd down on Pyramid when he was 5th down on JP in 2017?
  4. Love the new album, Seventeen has to be one of the standout singles of the year so far. Seeing her tomorrow in London, really looking forward to it. High up on Park or JP rather than mid afternoon on Pyramid/Other.
  5. But they didn't try and sound like Robert Johnson. There's a difference between taking inspiration from and imitating.
  6. I loved reading Billy Goat Gruff to my kids, very entertaining troll.
  7. In session on 6 Music between 6.00 and 7.00 tonight.
  8. It was my album of the year last year, yet to see them live - very frustrating.
  9. The only date they have announced is Boston Calling on 24th May, so no reason why they can't do it. Please, please and pretty please.
  10. Would love to see Young Fathers, Khruangbin, Julia Jacklin, Fontaines DC, Stella Donnelly, Anna Calvi, BC Camplight. added.
  11. The Killers Vampire Weekend Cat Power Fat White Family This Is The Kit Sharon Van Etten (in 10 days time) Looking forward to catching some new stuff, lots I'm excited about.
  12. Losing my hair

    Kate Tempest

    Having caught it on iPlayer, I'm gutted to have missed this in 2017, on the must see list for this year.
  13. Good for you Guy, make the most of what's going. Whatever happens to Eliza in the rest of her life, she's always going to have a terrific granddad.
  14. Is this going to be your headliner announcement; along the lines of Foo Fighters?
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