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  1. The more the merrier.
  2. The Killers - 100 (-10) The Cure - 134 Radiohead - 155 Arcade Fire - 90 The Rolling Stones - 165 Beyoncé - 137 Stevie Wonder - 181 Blur - 221 R.E.M. - 210 David Bowie - 274 Pulp - 99
  3. But they will have broken up again by June next year.
  4. We had 2 LWB versions where I used to work (5 years ago), one of which was used as a mobile workshop by the fitter and the boss used the other as his rally support vehicle (he had an Impreza which he rallied) as well as a general workhorse. They were reliable if that's what you need to know.
  5. It's very depressing to see casual misogyny used to attack the wife of somebody in public life. Where's the 21st century gone!!??
  6. The Killers – 131 (-10) The Cure - 130 Radiohead - 200 Arcade Fire - 125 The Rolling Stones - 170 Beyoncé -125 Stevie Wonder - 181 Blur - 221 R.E.M. - 190 David Bowie - 260 Pulp - 107
  7. And roast beetroot - I've always tried to avoid envy as it's not a good look. However on this occasion envy rules.
  8. There's endless examples of the left referring to the Lib Dems as "Yellow Tories" but apologies if that's not your personal opinion. You did not appear, however, to have much regard for the Lib Dems in this reply of yours to Neil earlier in this thread "I wouldnt be surprised if you had voted for the lib dems in 2019, am i right?".
  9. That looks delicious - what was the filling? I would have wanted some mash with that but with a pie that size I might have struggled.
  10. But I thought the Lib Dems were just Tories in disguise - you can't have them on both sides of the equation.
  11. Orwell was a socialist/anarchist who was opposed to totalitarianism. Horseshoe/Fishhook/Straight line - people adopt whichever hypothesis reinforces their views.
  12. When the left gets over its "4 legs good, 2 legs bad" mentality then it might start to appeal to a broader electorate. It not about name calling on the internet. My sister and her husband were long standing members of the Labour party who left because of the intolerance of the Corbynites who joined the party when he became leader- you had to be a true believer or your opinions were disregarded.
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