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  1. Great idea squirrel. I'm a regular blood donor anyway so not eligible, so come on everybody else - not only a cup of tea and a biscuit when you donate (along with a warm, fuzzy, done good feeling) but a free pint as well. Donation made to YBTC.
  2. No mention of the bits being inside out though. 😀
  3. Following on from the last meet, did anybody else see this https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/4NQ3SXvrPTphB6xknPprHYr/fun-bags-greg-james-just-discovered-the-audio-descriptions-on-naked-attraction
  4. Loving that Guy, wish I had 1% of your talent.
  5. I must have missed that, what happened?
  6. Did I say that my second team is Atalanta. 😊
  7. Hi Welly, I'm fine thanks, appreciate the concern. I've not been on for a few days - it's been a bit manic at work and sometimes I just need a break from things. Anyway I'll be at the meet tomorrow though having had a quick flick through the thread I've no idea about the gaming thing.
  8. Well this thread needs a bump. I took advantage of a pleasant autumn afternoon to take a walk around the fields. I picked a load of sloes ready for a second batch of sloe vodka which I'll bring to the meet because we WILL be there in 220 days.
  9. Love the new avatar. 😂
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