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  1. Losing my hair

    Girl Band

    And I thought I was doing well when Louisa Roach said Hi to me at a She Drew the Gun gig a couple of weeks ago.
  2. Were you just sticking pins in?
  3. Sorry to hear that Guy, remember the good times you had together.
  4. I saw Richard Hawley at the Roundhouse last night ; he would be superb on the Garden Stage.
  5. Thanks for the info, although to be fair it doesn't take much to get people talking.
  6. Is there any substance to this or is it just wishful thinking on somebody's part? The voice in my head has told me that Tom Waits is definitely headlining.
  7. Hi @Curlygirl it's good that the whole court thing is over, very stressful even when it's not you up in front of the beak. @guypjfreak Happy Birthday to Sharon - it was lovely meeting her at Glasto before you had to rush off for Years & Years I think it was. @lucyginger well done on the dress, it's always good to learn practical skills. My mother was a great knitter, sadly her eyesight has deteriorated and she can no longer see well enough to do any, I remember as a child having to hold skeins of wool while she rolled it into balls. When I was young and hip - many moons ago - she knitted me a wonderful long multi coloured scarf that I could wrap around my neck twice and would still reach my knees - think Tom Baker as Dr Who, believe me that was fashionable at the time.
  8. It depends on the coach and the time, the early coach from Northampton has already sold out but the later one which I use didn't sell out last year.
  9. Lots of travel info on the festival website https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/getting-here/ You can check out the map here https://cdn.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Webmap-2019-v4-1.jpg And if you haven't already, then check out Tort's FAQ's http://www.glastoearth.com/the-faq Lots of entertaining and useful info for newbies on here as well https://glastocast.co.uk/episodes/ Have a great festival.
  10. The coach station is next to Ped Gate A. so it's only a short walk in to the site, but it's at the North end of the site so it can be a trudge if you're heading for a campsite on the other side - is that what you mean by easier?.
  11. I've done National Express for the last 2 festivals and booked again for next year. Catching the same coach from Northampton and same return each time, next year's is the cheapest yet: 2017 - £57.60; 2019 - £61.00, 2020 - £57.00. As I travel solo, I think this is great value compared to the cost of car parking & I get to sleep on the way home. And I camp in Darble which really makes it a no brainer.
  12. Crikey CG, you're becoming a fixture in that courtroom, are you giving evidence again or just in the audience (not sure that's the right word). It's always good to have your mum at your side. Is that a new definition of the word may - one that means will. 🍷
  13. Is he trying to be the new Chris Martin?
  14. Losing my hair

    Diana Ross

    I'm buzzing about this - Diana Ross is a proper legend - even @stuartbert two hats can't complain about her being described as a legend Tamla Motown was part of the soundtrack to my youth - Friday school discos: Baby Love, Reflections, You Can't Hurry Love, Love Child plus all the later ones - Someday We'll be Together, Chain Reaction, I'm still Waiting - I can't wait for this.
  15. Sorry you didn't get a ticket, hopefully you'll get lucky in the resale. Bad news about your youngest, I hope everything goes OK. It's amazing how kids come through setbacks - perhaps they haven't worked out that it's supposed to be different.
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