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  1. ljsawyer

    2019 Predictions

    Low are made for the Garden though! Couldn't imagine them playing any other stage.
  2. ljsawyer

    2019 Predictions

    SO excited for BCUC. They're gonna bring down the house!
  3. ljsawyer

    2019 Predictions

    Beirut and Metronomy are quite crap headliners IMO (hasn't Beirut's stock decreased considerably since they last headlined in 2011?). Can't say that I've ever listened to Michael Kiwanuka before, but I do like what I'm hearing on Spotify right now. Very strong undercard as always, and you can't fault them for lack of diversity this time round. There's a lot of great jazz (Moses Boyd Exodus, Nubya Garcia, Nérija), electronic/ambient stuff (Daniel Avery, Yves Tumor), post-punk (Wire, Crack Cloud, Fontaines D.C.), heavy psych (Pigs x7, Kikagaku Moyo) and 'world' music (BCUC, Ata Kak). Probably not quite as good as last year overall, but I'm still super excited for this one.
  4. ljsawyer

    Predictions for 2018

    A bit late to the party with this post, but yeah, phenomenal line up! Not a big fan of any of the three main headliners, but that's never been a problem in the past. Plus I can count two of my favourite artists of all time (Mulatu Astatke and Yo La Tengo), two of my favourites from the last few years (Protomartyr and Amen Dunes) and two old favourites that I haven't listened to in a while but am eager to return to (The Low Anthem and Jim White). Pretty stacked bill all around.
  5. ljsawyer

    Predictions for 2018

    Stunning list! Would take pretty much any of these.
  6. ljsawyer

    2017 - How was it for you?

    A VIP section would be horrendous and totally against the ethos of EOTR. Go to Hyde Park BST if you want that!
  7. ljsawyer

    EOTR Newbie

    Sufjan's soundcheck was almost as beautiful as his actual headline set back in 2015. Hoping to see FJM's this year.