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  1. 5/10... pretty content with that score. I think Palma Violets must have played in 2015 though, as I remember seeing them but I wasn't even at the festival in 2014.
  2. Unfortunately this line-up does very little for me Only 4 or 5 bands that really excite me compared with 20 or so in last year's initial announcement. Hopefully Sarathy Korwar will play Green Man as well.
  3. I thought Kiwanuka was fantastic, and I'd love to see more soul music at EOTR. Durand Jones & The Indications would be a great bet.
  4. According to Setlist.fm: Quorum Dancing and Blood Always Up No Comprende Holy Ghost Do You Know How to Waltz? Lazy Always Trying to Work It Out Poor Sucker Nothing but Heart Especially Me Fly Disarray I could have sworn they played Especially Me before Nothing But Heart, but maybe I'd just had one too many pints by that stage. Apart from that it looks accurate.
  5. This. I saw so many kids over the weekend rocking out, having a great time and not being a nuisance to anyone. I also think it's great that parents are taking it upon themselves to expose their children to all the great music the festival puts on. A band like Squid might not even exist had they not attended EOTR together as kids.
  6. Not especially bothered about the headliners... would probably cast my vote for My Bloody Valentine and Fiona Apple, but both are pretty unlikely. Maybe Ride for the Thursday slot? Other acts I would love to see: Songhoy Blues (in the Garden Stage sunset slot) The Budos Band (would go down a storm) Tindersticks (favourite band, and they haven't played since 2012) Ichiko Aoba (as long as the chatterers don't ruin her set) Khana Bierbood (Go Kurosawa from Kikagaku Moyo could put in a good word) Xiu Xiu (probably wouldn't scare the kids any more than Gazelle Twin) Tanya Tagaq (as above) Robert Forster (seems like an obvious choice, surprised he hasn't played before) Durand Jones and The Indications (played Green Man this year and would be smashing at EOTR) Shugo Tokumaru (been requesting him for years - maybe one day!) Orchestra Baobab Bombino Noura Mint Seymali CHAI Boogarins K-X-P Altin Gün Föllakzoid
  7. I always try to stand as close to the front as possible for this reason, and I didn't really have any problems with chatterboxes all weekend. The pin-drop levels of silence during Michael Kiwanuka and Low were actually quite impressive given the number of people in the crowd. Not everyone wants to or is able to stand near the stage though, and it's a shame that people think staying near the back entitles them to completely disrespect the artist and talk about inane shite that could easily wait until after the set.
  8. Absolutely brilliant weekend once again. Musical highlights were: Kokoko! - I'm not usually one for hyperbole, but that was genuinely one of the best shows I've ever seen. Amazing innovative use of homemade instruments (à la Konono No 1) and the frontman had the crowd in the palm of his hand for the whole set. I can't think of another band on the planet that sounds anything like these guys - so good! BCUC - explosive, ferocious energy and some mesmerizing drumming - shame I had to leave early on Sunday as their secret Tipi set would have been great. Low - stunning, atmospheric set. Double Negative material sounds great live and I loved it when they went full MBV with the wall of noise during Do You Know How To Waltz. Drone not drones! Kikagaku Moyo - hypnotizing grooves and huge, intense crescendos. Sound levels were a bit off to begin with (bass was far too loud and the guitars too quiet), but it didn't take them long to hit their stride once resolved. That last song in particular was mindblowing. Fontaines D.C. - most fun set of the weekend for moshing and singalongs. No frills involved, just 50 minutes of post-punk bangers. Sandro Perri - soothing, laid back vibes. Perfect for nursing the Sunday hangover, though would have been even better out in the sun on the Garden Stage. Was not expecting him to play the full 24-minute version of In Another Life, but was so glad that he did! Penya - very intoxicating Afro-Latin grooves, and what an awesome trombone and bata player. Looking forward to seeing what they do on the next album. Honourable mention goes to Michael Kiwanuka, who I thought totally justified his headline slot. Still kicking myself for leaving early to catch Derya Yildirim, meaning I missed Cold Little Heart and Love & Hate. My only disappointments were Kero Kero Bonito (not really a fan of their new live set-up) and Yves Tumor, which was essentially glorified karaoke. He also seemed like a bit of a petulant twat when he hurled a wine bottle into the crowd and started threatening to kill someone just because his scarf had gone missing when he jumped on to the barrier. Other than the music, there was great food on offer as always (top marks to The Curry Shed and the Cornish stall with the cajun fish burgers), and also some really beautiful art installations in the woods. I love all the care and attention that goes into every aspect of this festival and can't wait to return next year!
  9. It's all about Yves Tumor -> Penya -> Kiwanuka -> Derya Yildirim!
  10. Disappointing if it is him, but not particularly unexpected.
  11. My worst clash by far is KOKOKO! vs. Nardeydey. Completely obsessed with Nardeydey's first two singles but can't really justify missing KOKOKO! based on what I've heard about their live show (and I do really love their album too).
  12. Hope so! Absolutely love me some BSP.
  13. I think Snapped Ankles are a strong possibility as well, as they were a fan favourite last year and are playing Manchester Psych Fest next Friday. They're also a very fitting band for a 'secret' set what with all the mystique surrounding them and their image.
  14. Possibly Little Simz? She was the Woods Stage Friday sub-headliner on the version of the line-up poster that was released by Loud and Quiet before it was swiftly taken down and Baxter Dury was shifted up. I think most who saw the removed poster assumed that the booking had fallen through at the last minute for some reason, but maybe Simon just changed his mind and decided to stick her in the Big Top as a secret set instead?
  15. Oliver Coates Saturday 17:45 - 18:30 Think that just leaves John Johanna. Saturday 16:45 - 17:15 if I had to hazard a guess.
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