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  1. Black Midi vs. Kero Kero Bonito is such a horrible clash... normally it'd be KKB all the way but not sure I'm a big fan of their new live setup based on what I've seen on YouTube.
  2. ljsawyer


    That Bill Callahan day was bloody miserable, although dancing to Amadou & Mariam non-stop for an hour in the rain was one of my most memorable EOTR experiences.
  3. EOTR replied to my e-mail and it's all good! Don't know why I worried in the first place...
  4. Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek - LOVED them at Café Oto in January and can't wait to see them again! KOKOKO! - utterly addicted to their album and looking forward to seeing their DIY scrapyard instruments in action. Kikagaku Moyo - was impressed when I saw them in May but felt that they were held back a bit by the terrible acoustics at Electric Brixton. Fully expecting them to blow the roof off the Garden Stage. BCUC - looked like a riot at Glastonbury! Nérija - one of the best acts that I've heard coming out of the new London jazz scene. Hoping for blazing sunshine for their Saturday lunchtime Garden Stage slot. Low - always an emotionally intense live act, never missed them at a festival. Crack Cloud - lots of good post-punk bands this year, but these guys have captured my attention the most. Heard they're fantastic live. Ata Kak - god bless Awesome Tapes From Africa. Penya - really interesting fusion of sounds and an amazing percussion section & trombone player. Great live band too. Yves Tumor - finally getting the hype surrounding this guy. Looking forward to hearing Noid and Lifetime live especially.
  5. Finally managed to get a ticket on Twickets! Though in my excitement at getting through to the booking page, I must have somehow forgotten to type my first name into the 'name' box, as my surname is all that appears on my ticket PDF 😩 Does anyone think this will be an issue?
  6. Cheers, hopefully I'll have more luck this way!
  7. Really struggling to get a ticket on Twickets... I keep getting alerts on my phone to say that one is available, but every time I tap 'Buy' it says that someone is already in the process of buying it. They must all have faster connections than I do!
  8. Can anyone tell me what Wire are like live these days? According to setlist.fm they hardly play anything from their three 'classic' albums and I'm not sure I'd bother if that's the case. It's looking like they'll now clash with Penya so I've got a tough decision to make.
  9. Come on now, The Dial and Houseplants are HUGE tunes! They do wear their influences on their sleeve to a certain extent, but IMO it's a little unfair to cast them off as 'just another post-punk band.' What they're doing is much more interesting than the likes of Idles, Shame, Viagra Boys etc. BCNR I like a lot musically, but the self-indulgent lyrics make me cringe. The singer also sounds like he is doing a posh public schoolboy imitation of Eugene Robinson on several occasions.
  10. Did you try to slap some sense into him?
  11. Someone told me that they leave little notices around the site, including at the Garden Stage sound desk, but I must be very unobservant because I've never been able to spot one!
  12. IIRC it was just him with a guitar and sampler, but I remember it being fun and danceable. Agree with WM about Jens being the best set of 2017!
  13. Just bump Courtney up and use the freed up funds from the Beirut cancellation to bring in Föllakzoid (playing in Brighton on the Sunday of EOTR so should be a no brainer), Dungen (performing Ta Det Lugnt in full) and Lingua Ignota.
  14. Bollocks... better hope it's easy to get a ticket on the resale website...
  15. If the Clashfinder is correct, my weekend will look something like this: Friday: Kelly Moran Stella Donnelly Wand Yves Tumor Wire Penya Michael Kiwanuka Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek Saturday: Nérija TVAM Nubya Garcia KOKOKO! Gazelle Twin Black Midi/Kero Kero Bonito (tough choice) Kikagaku Moyo Low Sleaford Mods (or Tipi secret set) Daniel Avery Sunday: Pom Poko Jessica Pratt Crack Cloud BCUC Pigs x7 Ata Kak Fontaines D.C. Jarvis Cocker (if I haven't left by then) Beak> (ditto) - That is an incredibly solid weekend of music. What are your schedules looking like?
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