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  1. I'm a fan of The Man, which is also very good live!
  2. Has anyone seen any indication that this will be back this year? Was great last year and was hoping to see it again!
  3. They sold out Alexandra Palace earlier this year, which is only 2000 people smaller.
  4. Queen subbing the Beatles? Who'd have though it.
  5. I'd been thinking this... Block 9 has become one of the big draws to the SE corner in the past few years and has big names playing, seems to get closed due to the crowds fairly often. Moving it to Silver Hayes and giving it some extra space would surely help Block 9 and the SE corner crowding?
  6. compactdisc


    It was up this time last year. I also remember seeing a photo where the wing part of the last few years decoration is being used in Cineramageddon. Could there be nothing this year?
  7. compactdisc


    I was thinking that it looks like progress has slowed down slightly after the initial drive to get things up, but I can't really remember last year. EDIT: This is today from last year, so it's relatively similar (https://panodata3.panomax.com/cams/879/2016/06/05/12-10-00_default.jpg)
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