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  1. The link I followed was to Totem Talks, so I think they've just moved the talks. Interesting though because I wouldn't have thought the SAMULA stage suited this, so perhaps something new in store.
  2. There is a nod to the new Totem area on the website: Which may have been called "Temple Talks" before? https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/areas/the-common/temple-talks-2/
  3. I am now recalling a biblical downpour that soaked the site, so it may have been shut due to that!
  4. This is the tunnel. Trying to recall if it was open at Worthy Pastures as I think it may have been closed off - hopefully just temporarily!
  5. Fri: TBC but probably Billie for the first Pyramid headliner in 3 years feeling Sat: Macca Sun: PSB
  6. compactdisc


    From memory the Pier was adjacent to the long drops.
  7. They said “see you next year” when they announced they were skipping 2019, so there is hope!
  8. compactdisc


    Checking previous announcement via The Thingy, it's a new graphic.
  9. Looking at 2019, Glasto Lation was pretty much just the dance classes and 1 headliner per night - so that would be everything!
  10. compactdisc


    Shooting today on the farm I believe https://twitter.com/glastobation/status/1518530002861629440?s=20&t=OA3HJ9cc7V8ZHs9y6fz90A
  11. What are your (/everyone's) thoughts on something like this (to be used without a bike at the festival!): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373604793461?epid=14052274135&hash=item56fc94bc75:g:GuUAAOSwNHxgu3gZ
  12. They seem to have a good relationship with the festival - secret set in 2019 and billed as Special Guests this year on the updated poster.
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