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  1. Negative for the first time today after testing positive on the Tuesday 🎉
  2. Any big changes @#1SzigetFan? I noticed there's no New Media Castle this time:
  3. It's getting soon! Looks like it's. Even crazy hot in Romania recently, but also some thunderstorms. I've seen some pics/videos of really muddy previous years, so I'm guessing the site doesn't drain very quickly if it rains?
  4. The side and back vents combined with the wind we had at times were a dream! I've had my F&B for a while but always used it at festivals where there wasn't much of a breeze so never really felt the benefit of the vents as much as I did this Glasto. You lose some of the light-proofing, but I made up for that with an eye mask.
  5. The time-honoured carabiner trick for quickly sticking bags onto long-drop locks. Some chunky glowsticks for putting on top of any piles of bags on the floor once it gets twilighty and people are (fairly enough) likely to trip over them if they can't see them: (bring enough and bring string for everyone in your group to wear around their necks later on, fun in the SEC, and it makes it way easier to find people in crowds at night) Medium sized blue IKEA bags for organising your tent's storage, packing cubes of clothes in one, toiletries in another, party bits in another etc. These eBay/AliExpress pumps that attach to a standard fizzy drink/mixer bottle for showering (you can adjust the nozzle to be a mist or a jet): These AliExpress hooks are perfect for clicking onto the fibreglass loops/poles of Quechua pop-up tents to attach things like solar powered lights, bunting etc:
  6. Fred Again was a different video to the one that @chuffing-nora is thinking of. Marea (We've Lost Dancing) doesn't have that 'can you feel my heaaarrtt beeating?' line. It's been stuck in my head too, and I don't know the track either!
  7. +1 more here, I've never had Covid before but had accepted it was likely to happen at Glastonbury. Got a pretty immediate and very dark line on a LFT yesterday.
  8. They most likely mean methane (worse than CO2 for climate change) as most biodegradable products give off methane as they decompose in a landfill: https://www.npr.org/2021/07/13/1012218119/epa-struggles-to-track-methane-from-landfills-heres-why-it-matters-for-the-clima?t=1655726342858 So it's not anything specific to paper-based wipes, the same gas would be given off if you scrunched up a sheet of A4 and it ended up in a landfill.
  9. offmytrolley

    BBC2 9pm

    'Jay-Zee' spelt out phonetically on the fridge for Michael's benefit 😍
  10. It's funny seeing info from here pop up on Reddit a few hours or days later and (some of) the people reposting it using a tone of voice that suggests they heard it from industry insiders or some source other than a popular and public message board!
  11. That'd explain the confusing/poorly worded email… Maybe it was an option they were considering (due to the railway strikes) when they drafted the email, but then they decided against it but didn't properly update/edit the email before sending it out?
  12. I've seen the latest modelling of the sunset times and am very concerned about the trend of where that's going TBH. Has anyone seen the high tide times for Burnham-on-Sea? Absolute FEMA situation, we'll need assistance from the UN. And what about the phase of the moon on the Friday night? Complete annihilation.
  13. Gosh, pollen and wind – two more things for us all to worry about, for other people to point out the futility of us worrying about, and for other people to delight in emphasising that we should be worrying MORE about! The joys of the Weather Thread 😄 Can't be dealing with the wind, it messes up the sound. Anything over 0.1mph and I'll going to put my AirPods in and go back to the tent until the Monday and spend the rest of the weekend tweeting at Emily Eavis for a refund.
  14. Anything/everything by Glass Animals!
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