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  1. kingbadger


    I think the crux of the issue for wrestling fans is that long ago WWE ceased to be a wrestling company. Even back in the 90s Vince talked about WWE becoming in effect its own film studio and that's what it's become. Its now its own self-contained entertainment product, and the emphasis shifted years ago from wrestling to producing entertainment. It doesn't matter really if the core product is terrible, as long as its there then the Network can continue to create all the nostalgic documentaries, reality shows etc to be its own self-contained Netflix. The reason the product is shit is cos
  2. kingbadger


    Not to the broadcasters who only really care about the 18-49 demographic (especially male) as this dictates the advertising revenue the programme sells. AEW has been rating extremely well for TNT in this respect. Dynamite was ranked 3rd in the top 150 cable shows last night with a .32 rating, and that's with a major dip from their recent couple of massive shows. On the flipside NXT came 34th with a .19 rating. From a ratings perspective Dynamite has regularly been doing almost double the rating NXT has, and has been outperforming all reasonable expectations people had even before the pandemic
  3. kingbadger


    What rejects and has beens from WWE? Chris Jericho is an all time great and Jon Moxley is a completely different entity to Dean Ambrose. AEW was literally founded by self made stars in Cody, Young Bucks and Omega. MJF has been ranked in the top 5 pretty much since AEW's inception and has only taken one pinfall, Orange Cassidy went over Jericho twice. Sting is an inspired signing - he might wrestle the odd tag much perhaps but he's got creative licence and deserves a proper send off, rather than the shitshow that was his WWE booking. The fact there's already big hints at a programme with Darby
  4. Our Tory MP in Colchester is a complete c**t but in all fairness our numbers are still below 100 and have been for weeks and weeks. Gone slightly up recently but not dramatically. Am just worried though we're going to see loads of people coming here for a jolly up from London and South Essex, putting us in the shit.
  5. kingbadger


    No idea on profitable but they're obviously very well backed financially and from various reports they're trying to run sustainably. Obviously more than half Dynamite's run has been during Covid with no crowds but by all accounts they're far exceeding expectations. As for WWE, I don't think they're trying to compete per se, but just fill the gap in the market for a proper wrestling company. WWE seemed to have morphed into nothing but a brand, and the Network has meant they're run more akin to a reality show than an actual wrestling company. As for ratings, WWE have tried to counter
  6. kingbadger


    With AEW doing so well at the moment most of the talent is probably considered indispensable. They'll have seen Moxley thriving there and elsewhere and know not to risk handing over another misused talent to them. Really excited about Sting and what his future holds. Doubt he'll be wrestling much at all, and if so it will be in tag/trios matches. But reckon after his WWE nightmare he must be absolutely pumped to have the creative freedom with so many fresh possibilities to work with. Have no doubt he'll want a big final career match and AEW definitely have the chops to give him that. AEW
  7. This is really shit being in Colchester. The council asked for us to be in Tier 2 previously, despite the fact they were placing us in Tier 1. Essex Council said that us opting to go into a stricter tier would benefit us later. It has, massively - Colchester and the surrounding area all have a rate of 80 or below per 100,000. Would be really shit to now not be able to even do what we were doing previously in Tier 2, especially with numbers trending downwards even more. They've gone with the carrot and stick approach and then taken away the former it seems.
  8. Colchester is in the bottom 10 of districts with 77 cars per 100,000. Going to be fuming if we're not Tier 1, really struggling to cope with lockdown on my tod in my flat and just wanna meet a couple of mates in a beer garden. That's all I want.
  9. Miles Jane doing Hot Stuff at QOTSA @ Finsbury Park in 2018 was horrific. Especially as it was 35⁰, he was wearing a skintight white get up and the whole horrendous interview thing had come out. Not great.
  10. Even if the government's worst case scenario is all over 50s vaccinated by April then there's no way that we'll not see a pretty much normal outdoor summer season including festivals. The resistance to this lockdown seems to be a lot higher, and there's going to be one more at least you'd think after Xmas. If the vulnerable have been vaccinated then there's no way the majority of people will want to see social distancing, rule of six etc outside during the summer.
  11. kingbadger


    Also feel that AEW/NWA have come to some sort of arrangement to merge the women's division. Would give NWA exposure and frankly AEW have been shit at giving it airtime. Can see a dedicated YouTube show coming from AEW/NWA to give more exposure to the division, as well as the nominal exposure on Dynamite. Frankly the roster is so bloated with talent they're dying out for this second TV slot that was due to come pre-pandemic.
  12. kingbadger


    Seen Zelina Vega has been fired for standing up to the ridiculous 'independent worker' conditions placed under workers. Wonder if before long someone will openly challenge the contracts etc in Court, would imagine they'll crumble under any serious forensic examination. I really want to give at least NXT a shot for a few weeks but these horror stories really do put me off. Another good PPV show from AEW, given the circumstances. Intrigued where they go from here, especially with Revolution being over 3 months away. Imagine we may well get a big Saturday night 'Bash At The Beach' episode of
  13. Stop the football now. Call it off for the season and finish it on PPG. Col U are in the playoffs.
  14. Reckon we could be heading for Brexit in name only. Boris will always change his political opinions to suit what is best for his career. He's not that bothered about Brexit really, that was just his path to the thrown. He knows that a no deal Brexit would be a disaster and would see his Premiership go down in a ball of flames as he'd take the flak for the inevitable depression we'd end up in.
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