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  1. Great night drinking the most craft of craft beer. Back at the flat rewatching 2017 Radiohead - has any headliner gone from the brilliant energy of Myxamotisis to the low key perfection of Exit Music before? Even watching back it's such an epic set.
  2. Dunno about that. Frank Turner headlined Avalon last year and I'd say he's a much bigger draw, I'm sure if he can play then so can FLC, though I'd prefer a lower slot on another stage as doubt I'd catch them at headline time
  3. kingbadger

    Other Stage 2020

    That's because on those nights you had male guitar acts headlining the Pyramid. This year you've got one, and he's a Beatle so not exactly The Killers, The Cure sort of indie rock act. Can't see there not being at least 1 indie/rock act on the Pyramind or Other at headline time. Think last time that happened was 2015 with Deadmau5 and Kanye. Suede in the John Peel was rammed, bloody good set as well.
  4. kingbadger

    2020 headliners

    She has now of course, silly. But we had her nailed on before.
  5. kingbadger

    2020 headliners

    I dunno, I think they'd have been right in the frame anyway just because of their tour dates. We probably only have them nailed on now cos of Emily's comments regards them being male and female solo artists and never having played the festival before.
  6. When there's someone on who all of our group want to see (there were 25+ of us last 2 festivals) and it's going to be rammed such as Kylie, Lionel, Chic etc we tend to head directly behind the sound desks. It's slightly restricted view but you get loads of dancing space as nobody else bothers to go there.
  7. Fuck me watching Janet 'performing' Rhythm Nation. Not only is she barely dancing and not singing, the unnecessary mic makes her look like Hitler.
  8. Lazy New Years Eve round my mum's playing board games with family. Rewatched Lizzo's set from Glastonbury to scrub the 5 minutes of Craig David that I saw from memory. Now the highlights show are on and I've cracked open a lovely chocolate marshmallow stout. Happy New Year one and all!
  9. kingbadger

    2020 headliners

    Completely disagree. We're bloody good at underage drinking/drugging. I'd say we're the best at it, it's one of our skills
  10. Just back from seeing Rise of Skywalker. Fuck they pissed over The Last Jedi, which is probably the best Star Wars film since Empire Strikes Back (Rogue One aside which is also excellent). As if JJ Abrams wasn't done with rehashing A New Hope so had a go at doing Empire/RotJ at the same time in this one. None of the character arcs made sense, the turns/shocks were either laughable or rendered immediately useless. What made Last Jedi and Empire so great was expanding the world beyond having the saga seem like a family quibble. Then they've retconned that entirely, rehashing everything to the point there are now so many questions posed without satisfactorily completing anyone's journey. Finn was so hard done by especially. Not sure I'm actually that disappointed as it's pretty much what I expected given how toxic Star Wars fans are and the fact they couldn't stomach a film which made the saga more than about like 5 people.
  11. So Beck is about Glastonbury week. Maybe wishful thinking but could he be the 'could play Sunday afternoon Pyramid' headliner? A lot of his material would fit West Holts and he could certainly be considered a legend given his consistent critical success over 25 years. Just want him there in any shape or form.
  12. No personal interest in Ian Brown myself but can see given the older demographic is the main target that it will go down well. Would be all over it if there were plenty of Stone Roses tracks but doubt there'll be more than a couple. Not too fussed on The Kooks either but again they do fit the festival. Just hoping for something more up my street on the Saturday and Sunday. Foals and Biffy would be perfect.
  13. 3rd down JPT/Park would be about right I reckon. Maybe subbing Park at a push.
  14. I managed to get The Avalanches to self-confirm in 2017 just before Chrisymas, as I saw they're active in Europe I thought I'd try again:
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