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  1. Not sure how people drain their battery so quick. Just use power saving mode, still means you can bring up WhatsApp if necessary and have access to your camera. Got a 20,000mah Anker powerbank recently and that should see me fine for 5 days.
  2. Any recommendations on campsites? 6 of us with staggered arrival times. Prefer somewhere chill but not a quiet/family area. Totally unprepared for this festival. Should probably start packing at some point.
  3. 30 mins of Glastonbury wasted just to charge a phone though
  4. Does it usually open that early on a Thursday? 4am Hell Stage slot come to life! Scenes. Brass Against/Bob Vylan/Warmduscher be a hell of a run
  5. No thanks, absolutely not. PSB v Kendrick is enough of a clash as it is
  6. Jamie T headlining on the Saturday would be perfect for me as its looking quite bare for me at the moment.
  7. My annual performance review has been scheduled in for next Tuesday at 10am so the full lineup and times are definitely going to drop then
  8. Has similar 'logistical issues' written all over it like thar Bros tour
  9. Mikey Cyrus was also on the 2019 poster and was an out of the blue, sizeable booking. Same for Katy Perry in 2017. Not sure either of them featured in anyone's predictions pre-festival
  10. Neil, it may help if you could better explain why certain users have been banned as at the moment there seems to be quite a bit of branding people as idiots, 5 year olds etc. Some clear reasoning or justification of this would be helpful as at the moment it seems like you're talking in riddles.
  11. Spirit of Glastonbury all year round etc. @NeilI have no idea who ddiamond is but he clearly contributed to the forum given his posts and intel. Think perhaps it's time to give yourself some time and have a think here. If you're going to ban people for starting threads hijacked by others, or simply for responding to posts by other people, then this site will be long gone very soon.
  12. I saw more female acts in 2019 than I saw in the 3 previous festivals combined. Majority of the artists I'm looking forward to this year are female. So the aim for 50/50 is definitely having a positive effect on the non-muso's with awful taste like myself.
  13. kingbadger

    Kendrick Lamar

    I'm not really a hip hop fan, but have been enjoying listening to Kendrick in the lead up to the festival. Not sure the new album is enough to tempt me away from the rest of my crew on a Sunday night as everyone will be at Pet Shop Boys. Chems in 2015 and Justice in 2017 were great ways to end the festival with a massive group of us there, and would be great to repeat that in 2022. Getting serious FOMO reading everyone's excitement on this thread though, really hope it's a barnstormer.
  14. Can definitely see The Park and West Holts not getting their own announcement this year given how close we are now to the full shebang dropping anyway. Also, by saying this, I'll manifest these into being announced consecutively on Monday and Tuesday.
  15. I love the Wednesday and Thursday of the festival as we tend to spend most of it together as a group which doesn't really happen once Friday hits. There's quite a few who I otherwise very rarely see and it's the only time we all really get together in the year, with people all over the country/Europe. So just being able to bimble around my favourite place with my favourite people is the biggest highlight in itself.
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