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  1. Cheers LuckySalt, hero.
  2. kingbadger

    The Rock Slot

    Green Day are far, far more mainstream than Metallica. Their 90s stuff still appears to be well revered and American Idiot was absolutely huge. Whilst they would be headlining based on past glories, so we're Metallica. Their recent number 1 albums shows there is still a demand there. In an ever dwindling pool of viable, fresh headliners they've got to be given the gig at some point. Can't see them turning it down, they've done secret sets at Reading before so doubt they'd baulk at a reduced fee.
  3. Music snobs who lambast people for enjoying meat and potatoes rock are just as bad as indie ladsladslads who denounce hip hop, pop and every other genre as 'not proper music. There's no such thing as a guilty pleasure, if you enjoy it then fucking own that shit.
  5. Any idea what LCD Soundsystem/James Murphy are up to? Would be perfectly sized as a West Holts headliner. Too soon? 2021 maybe?
  6. The fact there's a debate at all over whether he was or wasn't a paedo kinda proves the point that there shouldn't be a stage named after him at the festival. When you're having to get into those sorts of semantics you really shouldn't be celebrating or memorialising that person in any positive way.
  7. I know Billy Joe Armstrong was on site as his son was playing, wonder if he took the festival and its ethos in and thought fuck it, let's just play it regardless of whether we headline or not? From memory they don't seem to exactly be money grabbers (in the same vein as The Strokes), and if they approached the festival with an open mind to doing a non Pyramid headline slot then I can't see why it wouldn't happen.
  8. Surprised no one has mentioned a Metallica 'secret set' as an option, or has that already been ruled out? Given Lars appears to be a massive fan/friend of the festival now, and it would be 6 years since they headlined. Probably the only way they'd return to the farm unless they took an Other Stage headline slot, imagine they're one and done as Pyramid headliners.
  9. I don't take any photos myself but took this at the Park Stage pre-Hot Chip. Primarily to give other folk on our group an idea of where we were stood.
  10. kingbadger

    Fabulous randoms! X

    Met one of these guys on the wander into the crowd for Kylie. Was a real meeting of minds given I was dressed as Miley and carrying around a big fuck off wrecking ball and hammer with me 🤣
  11. kingbadger

    2020 headliners

    Doesn't that tie in with a news article where Michael said in the lead up to 2017 that he'd had Ray Davies on the phone? I can remember getting giddy that he would play that year but it came to nothing. Perhaps it was lining up 2020 instead as a Kinks reunion?
  12. Haven't we only just got onto 80s artists in Kylie and Lionel? Fair enough Kylie's career has had peaks in 3 different decades, but surely suggestions of 90s artists like Spice Girls is a bit absurd. Cher or Di-Ro for me.
  13. I asked some amazing questions in town today when doing my final bit of shopping. What do you recommend for chafing? Do you have any rehydration tablets but not for when you get the shits? How can I dye my hair platinum blonde? What's your cheapest, brightest red lipstick? Last couple sounded a bit strange given I'm a very heavy set, very heavily bearded bloke.
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