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  1. Man, woman nor child should never walk into Wetherspoons again. That's coming from me, and I pretty much spent my gap year in one.
  2. He's a bit good isn't he. Should be replacing Stokes.
  3. It's what has brought Essex success, out of our 11 currently dominating Surrey, all bar Harmer are products of the youth system/league cricket. Obviously Harmer has been a major factor in that success, but he's spoken at length as to why he loves the club, the camaraderie of the team as they're all local lads and the fact the youth are pushed through and given genuine opportunities. It's made him want to stay for the long term when I had simply assumed one of the big counties would grab him by offering double what we're paying him. I never really cared too much about following Essex when I was younger, but seeing the team/squad fill out with players I've played with/against is pretty great and has certainly got me invested in the club's fortunes. In previous years those guys wouldn't have had anywhere near the same opportunities as we'd have poured a bucketload of money away on the likes of Mahmood, Panesar etc who had no interest in anything other than their paycheck.
  4. Oh I'm not doubting that, but if the ECB are primarily looking at Overton as a go-to, tall, express pick for the likes of Australia then they're going to want to see him on pitches more akin to what he'd face out there. Agreed on the bigger counties scooping up all the talent, but the system is broken anyway. Controversial I know but I'd much prefer to see a franchise system in place. A premier/elite tier would certainly aid the development of players in preparation for test cricket. As much as I love Darren Stevens and don't doubt his skill as a bowler, what good is facing 65mph dobbers going to do for our developing batsmen? Same goes for a lot of the bowlers you see on the county circuit, I respect the careers they've had but it's not great preparation for the step up to international cricket.
  5. Put some respect on the name! You mean your reigning County Championship and Twenty20 champions!
  6. In fairness to Overton, as a genuine quick England have one eye on as a potential Ashes touring party member, playing half your games at Ciderabad probably isn't ideal. Correct me if I'm wrong but remembering back scorecards from last year, he didn't feature all too often in 4-day cricket? Always shit to see one of the 'bigger' counties snap up homegrown talent from elsewhere, but he's 26 and might see a change as a necessity if he wants to push his way into the England reckoning.
  7. Not trying to be a negative nelly purposefully, just pointing out the areas we need to improve. Maybe I'm too used to it given our inconsistent form over the last few years! On the flip side Stokes looked every bit a number 5 batsman in our innings, dug deep when needed and then importantly accelerated when the time came for it. If the ball continues swinging the way it has done for the first couple of days then he could well have a big part to play with the ball as well. Bess has a real chance here too on a turning pitch to really solidify his spot as the front line spinner. He's got a beautiful action and reminds of Nathan Lyon, both in that and his seam position and dip he gets on the ball. Pope/Bess/Curran all seem very well equipped for test match cricket and all under 23 years old. The future certainly looks bright but a lot of pressure on Stokes/Root/Anderson in the meantime as the bedrock of the side.
  8. Not disputing that, but you can't afford to overlook his shortcomings when there are tours of the sub-continent coming up where he's going to be facing 70% spin of a much higher quality than Chase. Looking at how he got tied down by him today you'd imagine he'd be eaten alive by Ashwin and Jadeja. Not sure where today's innings places Buttler, he hit 40 but given his job is meant to be in the Gilchrist role and taking the game away from the opposition, it wasn't exactly the dynamic innings you'd have hoped for against a tired attack.
  9. He wasn't though, and that was the issue. I wasn't expecting nor wanting for him to try going big as that's not his game, but he wasn't rotating the strike either. The fact a supporting spinner tied him down so easily is somewhat troubling as he just didn't seem to have any real alternative to patting it back. There was no real attempt to change Chase's line or length either via coming down the wicket, using the crease etc. He tried sweeping and got one away but it really didn't seem like his game either. That criticism aside he's played his role to perfection and as you've pointed out, put the lead into the legs of their front line attack. They might regret not changing it up slightly if it goes 1-1 and need to rely on the same bowlers to take 20 wickets in another back to back test.
  10. Starting to get frustrating from Sibley here. If he can't find a way to score off of Roston Chase in England when he's 115* then it really doesn't bode well for this winter's tour of the sub-continent.
  11. Still 57 overs left in today's play. If we don't go mad and aim to score at 4 runs per over then we'd still get at least 10 overs at them tonight with 450 on the board. If there's rain coming tomorrow then we need to make sure we're bowling by COP today. Both Stokes and Sibley look like they're trying to put the foot down, with Joseph and Gabriel falling to pieces here we could easily throw caution to the wind and have an hour bowling this evening.
  12. Is anyone else preparing to play their first competitive match of the season tomorrow? Had an intra-squad match the Saturday just gone under the new regulations, will be interesting to see how certain things are enforced in a league game, particular running between the wickets and the 2m 'channels' in place. Also a bizarre choice that we're playing 50/50 cricket in coloured clothing etc but our league have changed their minds and we're now playing with a red ball for some reason.
  13. In fairness the outfield is horrendously slow. He's clocked up 8 threes, not something you'd usually seen in a ton. The fact Stokes is not scoring a huge amount quicker shows it's not the easiest pitch. Promising signs with the amount of spin Chase is getting and it's only day 2. Imagine the plan will be to accelerate massively given we bat extremely deep and have wickets to burn, post 450ish and maybe have a few overs at them this evening.
  14. Makes it seem so odd they went with Archer/Wood in the same game at the Rose Bowl when I imagine Old Trafford is going to be much more suited to a pair of express pace bowlers. Not surprised at Denly being dropped, he's never looked Test quality really despite doing his best. Out of the horrendous run of number 3 batsmen we've had he's done the best job as a stopgap but can see why they've gone for Crawley. Imagine unless he has an appalling run then the number 3 position is his for the summer. Even if it goes wrong it'll be tempting for them to stick Lawrence or even Bracey in there if it's just for the odd game or two at the back end of the summer.
  15. Not necessarily disputing that, what I mean is the period inbetween could have been even more glorious with that mix of talent. Imagine a fully fit Flintoff and Harmison operating on Aussie soil, with Simon Jones ready to take advantage of the old ball. Vaughan captaining and taking that weight off of Flintoff, a fit Trescothick with Cook also vying for a place in the team. Would have been a different story altogether.
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