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  1. kingbadger


    Ignore me. Really pissed
  2. kingbadger


    Nowhere near the biggest sub. Even last year you had Biffy Clyro. Though I agree with the selling outdoor venues point, the fact he headlined and sold out Finsbury Park within days of tickets going on sale is proof of that.
  3. Yeah it was a pretty good album, think they've ridden the wave of the hype built up in their absence and have settled back into the same sort of sized band they probably were in the start. Given the tweet they sent out they seemed almost as surprised as everyone else, probably getting paid good money for a one off. A nice mid afternoon set from Pete somewhere would be nice. Imagine he'd be too big for The Park. JPT or an early Other set would be a treat.
  4. It's quite funny because I'm almost certain that MDMA use has contributed in some part, if not wholly to my current mental health situation. But using it and feeling the confidence and bonds formed with others is also a massive part of how I overcame my huge confidence and social anxiety issues. Helped me to love myself more, and once I realised that I actually couldn't give a fuck about what anyone else thought about me I felt free for the first time.
  5. Just to echo @Quark's excellent advice, try to be as open and honest with your gang as you feel comfortable with. Even if it's just a message pre-festival to say you're not gonna hit the booze and extras that hard, at least they know not to pressure you or to press as to why. I'm in the same boat, our group is pretty hard-core and go all out. I'm now off recreational psychoactive substances for life given a flirtation with psychosis over Christmas. I'm gonna be giving them a heads up nearer the time that I'll be drinking only, even then given my medication I imagine I'll spend most of the festival sober. I still plan on going all out as much as I can but also appreciate that without that extra energy in the evening I'm unlikely to pull the same all nighters as usual. Plus my tolerance of dance music without MDMA is almost zilch. But then I'll have the opportunity to explore different areas at night that I haven't previously. Ultimately there's no wrong way to do the festival, if you need to change pace or direction then that's ok. Once you're in that fence and feel that magical atmosphere I'm sure the anxiety for the most part will dissipate. If not then there's hopefully going to be a WhatsApp from people on here if a bit of advice, chat or a cup of tea is needed.
  6. kingbadger

    Avalon lineup 2019

    Got a feeling he could do West Holts early doors to a huge crowd who get bored really easily when they realise it's just jazz.
  7. Since November I've been suffering from relatively severe anxiety symptoms (hearing voices, intrusive thoughts, panic attacks etc) and have been on Sertraline since January. Given I've had some borderline psychosis issues I'm giving all recreationals an extremely wide berth for the rest of my life, so this will be my first Glastonbury where I'll only be drinking. I'm probably going to spend most of the time sober and then have a few drinks in the evening after the headliners. For whatever reason I don't actively feel anxious, and the only thing I've felt anxious about were the symptoms when they first onset. A very weird cycle indeed, but this thread has been a great help and comfort in trying to get my head round things. Happy to chuck my number in a WhatsApp for any assistance group.
  8. kingbadger

    2019 Map

    Also Block 9 is now twice the size. Which I'm sure you'll be ecstatic about 😉
  9. Can you guys just ask for the entire line up and times please?
  10. kingbadger

    Avalon lineup 2019

    How big is the Avalon tent? Already got anxiety over how many people are going to try and see Frank Turner. Met my missus at the first Lost Evenings and its her first Glastonbury, couldn't have asked for a better Friday headliner.
  11. kingbadger

    day and stage

    I think that's true for the most part, but I imagine there must be some sort of conversation going on when it comes to the headliners, at least where the big 5 stages are concerned.
  12. kingbadger

    day and stage

    That's what I meant by my post
  13. kingbadger

    day and stage

    Don't think Vampire Weekend will be headlining Other, imagine that The Prodigy were meant to sit there and VW were just bumped up a slot.
  14. kingbadger

    day and stage

    Think his schedule says Saturday as Friday and Sunday he's elsewhere. No info on positioning though people were assuming JPT headliner. Could he sub Chems? Or does he need darkness to work?
  15. kingbadger

    day and stage

    Explains why they felt confident putting Hot Chip on The Park and it not being ridiculously overcrowded. Unless there has been a major shift in the schedule and Chems have been moved or Hot Chip still might be. Weird for the festival to clash two of Emily's husband's acts, unless perhaps that not much of a factor.
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