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  1. 2017 was deffo the Saturday as I was at that set rather than Foos and was at Justice rather than Ed on the Sunday.
  2. Wolf Alice 3rd down Pyramid seems about right, akin to Royal Blood being 3rd down in 2017. Both seem about the right size popularity wise, on the back of well received albums.
  3. Yup crowd down front all really into it, obviously was an emotional one given what had happened 2 days previous which added to the atmosphere in a way. Plus throwing out all the bandanas. Real highlight of the weekend, glorious weather.
  4. I bet you the vast majority of people's mums know who George Ezra is.
  5. Just because Ezra makes Sheeran-style music doesn't mean he needs Sheeran-level popularity and success to justify himself as a headliner. People saying he can't headline because he's not as popular globally as one of the biggest artists in the world is a ridiculous argument to make. He's a household name with some huge hits behind him and a good track record as a live performer. He's not my cup of tea really but unless he drops a complete bollock of a 3rd album then he's on course to headline no doubt and justifiably so.
  6. kingbadger


    Samoa Joe to just go freelance and hop about everywhere. Whoever books Cobb v Joe can have all of the money.
  7. Not new and not sure if seen before but one for @CaledonianGonzo
  8. kingbadger


    The Fiend character as a mind games thing had real potential, then as soon as they went hokey 90s supernatural with it, it was dead in the water. It's not like Hardy's broken universe where everything is meant to be daft and the rantings of an insane man, we're actually meant to believe The Fiend can be burnt alive and then change back etc. It went from having such good potential to being another quack aesthetic presentation for children, including Bliss and her Harley Quinn impression.
  9. kingbadger


    Spot on. It's just being made up on the fly, all aesthetic and no substance. It makes absolutely zero sense in terms of the product. It's not like Wyatt is presenting himself as someone playing mind games, buy as an actual evil, magical zombie. It's not layered or anything, it's just hokey crap that doesn't work in any context as it actually tries to take itself seriously. If you're gonna go out on a limb and do that sort of mad character shit, you need to frame it properly. That's why Broken Matt Hardy worked so damn well, it was self-referential and worked in context of an actual wrestl
  10. kingbadger


    Tried getting back into it in recent weeks but absolutely nothing has grabbed my interest. The Fiend can get in the bin with cheap knock off Harley Quinn. Sought out the Bad Bunny match based on recommendation and yeah, that's the best I've ever seen in ring from a non-wrestler. None of the booking makes any sense and just the complete vileness of WWE as a company in general is such a huge turn off. Glad Hogan got booed out of the building even though they tried to pipe in cheers over the coverage. When there's much better alternatives put there it's really hard to stick with a shit prod
  11. Surely the fact that there's an increasing amount of cases involving 'other' variants but no significant increase in hospitalisation to coincide with it shows everything is going alright on that front.
  12. This does beg the question as to why Snyder originally decided to write a 4 hour long film thinking it'll get made and released as he intended. Pretty sure if Whedon was given 4 hours to make a JL film rather than cutting and reshooting a 4 hour film down to 2 hours it'd be decent, he did do The Avengers after all. Hard to believe this is his original vision given all the reshoots etc, and that he hasn't just pandered to the fan's reaction to Whedon's version.
  13. Oh for sure Bess is a prospect for England, but just needs a season or two to get to know his own game. Much more difficult to come in young as a spinner than a raw, tearaway quick. And that's the quandary in a nutshell with Moeen....can you play him just in England as a horses for courses selection, without harming Leach as the primary, number one spinner? I'm warming to Sibley but still think the jury is out on both him and Burns for now. New Zealand and India are going to be tough prospects for opening batsmen in the summer. Crawley clearly has the potential and class to kick on
  14. Bess just isn't good enough, not yet, at Test level. He's definitely someone who I feel would benefit from a full season of Championship cricket and getting to know his own game better. Much prefer Leach but I feel England are wary that leaves them somewhat exposed in terms of lower order batting. Moeen is just an enigma, his stats warrant him being an automatic pick in England but he's consistently failed overseas and would not want him as a front line spinner in Australia. Root offering a part time off spin option dovetails with Leach too in offering something different. Feel that Bess
  15. I dunno, just think that market has changed somewhat, and that's probably why The Irishman ended up on Netflix. When punters are having to fork out £14 or what have you per movie, it's not surprising they'll only do so for 'big event' films. There's still plenty of room for what Scorcese would deem as 'proper cinema' and if anything the emergence of streaming platforms will mean pretty much anything will get the green light from someone these days. But I think the days of folk paying out big money for a slow burn drama are probably past us. I think as much as anything the abundance
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