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  1. In the current climate can the festival afford to simply punt back £9million? Assuming they're still ploughing ahead with plans for 2021 still they'll be eating into whatever cash pile they have to hand.
  2. How much is Gold membership? I have it but I have no idea how I pay for it. Is it taken monthly?
  3. I wonder if being able to vaccinate most of the vulnerable by that point, combined with the (hopefully) lower numbers in the summer months will mean the government are happy to let big events go ahead on the basis that its people's choice whether to attend such events. With it being summer and if the vulnerable have been vaccinated, we should be looking at very low hospital admissions and strain on the NHS. The entire hospitality industry is on its knees already. If summer gets cancelled again then there's no hope. Perhaps they'll bring in quarantine for those who have attended fes
  4. Surely Foos are considered a legacy act by now? The fact it took them so long to do it says to me they're probably one and done. How many acts in recent history have headlined the festival for the first time after 8 albums and 20 years of being active and then returned again? McCartney being the exception of course as a bloody living legend and for the 50th anniversary, and The Who were a last minute replacement in 2015 by all accounts. I can't see them needing to return again, not in a headliner slot anyway, perhaps a secret set maybe. The set list would for the most part be exactly the same.
  5. In fairness the US is a guarantor of the GFA so would be duty bound to ensure no hard border in Ireland.
  6. What happens if Trump dies? Given a majority of his supporters deny Vovid exists. Do they now proclaim he was murdered? Or that he was another pawn in the whole conspiracy and proclaim someone else as their saviour? I do wonder if he survives but genuinely went through hell, on a ventilator etc if he would actually be changed for the better by the ordeal. Maybe he would escape his own delusions but who knows. Could just help prove his God complex to himself and he'd be even worse, and his supporters the same.
  7. Aci Castello. Just above Catania, beautiful place. Here's a link to the BnB in question: http://www.lascivolarooms.it/en/
  8. Wildcard prediction for Public Service Broadcasting to release a Covid themed album and headline the Glade at the same time that Pet Shop Boys headline Other. Both PSBs in the same field.
  9. Can recommend you a great BnB in Sicily run by a Glastonbury attendee. Exceptionally low Covid rate as far as I'm aware, beautiful part of the world and the weather ain't half bad too.
  10. It's amazing with modern animation how the hits really do sustain in mainstream culture and have a lasting impact, often with follow ups, franchises etc. Then the rest are genuinely forgotten about completely and almost never mentioned. Other big, mainstream releases that don't do well usually end up being notoriously bad either critically or financially (usually both) yet with animated films for the most part it's either a massive hit or just disappears completely into the ether.
  11. When do you reckon Glastonbury would have pegged their deadline for whether to proceed head on with 2021 for? How late can they leave it before they're totally committed to plowing on? Not sure how much work they can do in getting everything ready without committing massively financially. End of January 2021?
  12. Bresnan was a class bowler himself, prior to those elbow injuries. He certainly warranted a place in the team purely on the merit of his bowling, was accurate, moved it both ways with the new and old ball and whilst not express was consistently 85mph+ and bowled a heavy ball.
  13. There's a reason though the game has moved on and you no longer have guys like Caddick batting at 8. As the game has evolved so has the importance of lower order runs, you can see how that's been borne out in the last 15 years with Broad (pre face-smash), Bresnan, Woakes, Ali etc. It's probably a natural development in terms of players now improving and expanding another skill alongside their bowling however it does stick out like a sore thumb when 8-11 are all non-batsmen, such as Shah batting at 8 for Pakistan.
  14. Could really do with Italy's rate levelling out at 15 or so. Planning on going to Sicily on Sunday week.
  15. Aci Trezza, just north of Catania
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