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  1. Got talking to a couple of people on the train from Barca down to Benicassim one year. One of them was talking about how she was dying to see Public Image Limited cos her dad was a massive Sex Pistols fan, so seeing Johnny Rotten live meant a lot. Had to break the news to her that Public Image Limited, who weren't on the lineup, and Public Enemy (who were) are very different acts...
  2. You'd have to be a proper helmet to judge someone's own private, family situation and circumstances and casting massive aspersions without knowing them.
  3. Wonder how much Covid will be used as a smokescreen for piss poor ticket sales. So many artists touring but only a finite crowd of gig-goers to go around.
  4. A few years ago we (Colchester United) had to win away at Carlisle last game of the season to stay up. Had a massive crowd of us who went up on a minibus, my mate couldn't make it due to a wedding....that happened to be in Carlisle the same day. Was an absolute bonkers coincidence, he ended up joining us out in Carlisle after leaving the reception in the evening.
  5. I'm pretty sure he's said he's retiring from touring, not necessarily performing. So it leaves open the prospect of the odd big gig still.
  6. Find it fascinating if you're an MCU fan that neither WandaVision or Loki landed for you. What didn't you enjoy about them?
  7. kingbadger

    Doja Cat

    You've just broken the first rule of Tea Tent Fight Club....
  8. kingbadger

    Doja Cat

    I genuinely have no idea about any new music, I just listen to playlists and that once the line up drops and see what I like. I don't have social media and actively avoid the news given the world is a dumpster fire. I have zero clue who the vast majority of new artists are since like 2010, and just pick stuff out from recommendations on here and from lineups. Fair to say I'm not up with the zeitgeist.
  9. kingbadger

    Doja Cat

    I now have Don't Cha by The Pussycat Dolls stuck in my head now, cheers guys
  10. I'd be all over that Saturday if it wasn't so bleeding far away.
  11. This stupidity over every film retrospectively having to have some sort of never ending lore attached to it rather than just being a good film does my head in.
  12. Do you love how overstuffed Spiderman 3 is? Well you're in for a treat. Still better than the Ghostbusters trailer I saw. Just the worst in fandom summed up in 2 minutes.
  13. kingbadger

    Doja Cat

    Doja Cat sounds like a legal high from circa 2011. A more intense but more toxic version of Meow Meow.
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