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  1. Getting itself confused with the John Peel Stage
  2. Maybe they were also confused why they were 6th down and not headlining and struggled to get their set ready in time as a result
  3. Nah was perfectly good, Jamie T doing Jamie T songs, crowd well up for it. Everyone I was with loved it, even the casual fans that were with us. Granted he's not 00s Pete Doherty but was the kinda indie singalong that isn't affected by a wasted frontman.
  4. Vintage year for me also. Must be chance that none of the problems here affected me bar not being able to dash over to IDLES after TLC. One for the ages, acts and crowds that never disappointed and time well deserved and spent with friends on the farm.
  5. Haven't watched it back yet, he was indeed wasted but brilliant. Crowd ate it up and being at Glastonbury and pulling such a big crowd v McCartney clearly meant a lot. Surprised at people's comments re Avalanches - thought they were ace and crowd really into it. I was sceptical myself with it being limited to the two of them mixing live but I thought it was popping. Though people had mixed views of 2017 too - both times I was down front and sound and atmosphere was great.
  6. Here's one for 2023 and beyond- you can bring whatever booze you like, you don't have to bring the bogwater that is Carling. Imagine going to a festival where the only lager served is Carlsberg, and then decide to bring something that is even worse. Unfathomable.
  7. Not an uber fan by any stretch, got into her after exploring the lineup. Needed a rest so watched from the sound desk - sterling performance and yup, I blubbed a wee bit when she did Rainbow.
  8. On the contrary, not giving a fuck and talking over the top of a gig other people do give a fuck about is incredibly selfish. Nobody is saying you should be completely silent, but people just talking incessantly over the top of a gig and not giving a shit about the actual music is w*nky behaviour. Groups who literally could just be back at camp and having the convo as opposed to shouting over the top of a live set they don't care about.
  9. Why would walking boots destroy your feet? If anything they'd offer more protection against the rock hard ground and the stupid rubble/wood put down this year.
  10. When I caught the second half of Foals, I moved out of the front part as crowd was a bit dull. Ended up behind the visibility platform speaker and the sound was ace. As a group we all went there last night for PSB and the sound was absolutely insane. Audio completely mint and melt your face off loud. Didn't experience any sound issues this year across the board but the huge improvement on Other Stage was remarkable.
  11. kingbadger

    Sober times

    Had a sober Sunday bar a couple post-PSB chillout beers. Think I might do more of them. Managed to keep myself low key buzzed when drinking and never tipped into silly territory- enough to enjoy a drink and take the edge off the foot pain more than anything. More surprised at how I could still dance like a twat at PSB despite it being Sunday night and sober, and still had the inclination to go SEC for Elvana to end the festival. But then again I didn't experience any of the issues others have and thought it was a vintage year. Think next time I might have a 50/50 split on the boozing/soberness though.
  12. I'm a big fat 20 stone bastard and also found it was the standing still where my feet really hurt. Rest of me held up thankfully, but found dancing like a loon at Pet Shop Boys when sober not too bad yet tipsy, standing and drinking on Friday evening before Sugababes I could really feel the strain. Odd phenomenon. Agreed re rocks/rubble/woodchips etc. To those that struggled, were you in trainers all weekend? I had mine with me but switched to walking boots because my walking trainers weren't heavy duty enough to withstand the terrain.
  13. Yeah perhaps we were both really lucky but none of our group had any complaints either, 30+ of us with different tastes and no qualms about anything. Vintage year for me. Do think being patient and having a bit of nous helps massively, plus seemingly not wanting to go to Arcadia or other sets that were shitshows in terms of bottlenecks/crowding issues. That being said it was noticeably busy and queues for most things were insane. Taking a longer route distance wise really can save you plenty of time and hassle too.
  14. kingbadger


    That was incredible. As someone who otherwise would have no intention of paying to see them or listening on record, an absolute blinder.
  15. You could if you just used the sides then went in from there. Piece of piss to move across the crowd horizontally in front of people rather than from behind them.
  16. 1. Sugababes 2. Pet Shop Boys 3. Self Esteem Didn't see a bad set all weekend. Honourable mentions to Confidence Man, Avalanches, Jamie T, Joy Crookes, Herbie Hancock who were all next level class as well. A vintage year for me.
  17. Sugababes. That was actually insane. Blow the roof off the tent insane. Would love to watch it back to see how it came across. Most 'mad fer it' crowd I've ever been part of.
  18. Surf and Turf from the New Orleans place was absolutely epic. Best feed at a festival I've ever had, generous portion too.
  19. Really didn't have any issues with anybody, had one group of talkers next to me at Joy Crookes but they soon fucked off. People were leaving so much space at the front of crowds - I came into Other via Leftfield just as Years and Years came on and managed to get halfway between the sound desk and the right screen without any bother at all, just moved sideways and found plenty of room. Was manic trying to get out of the same way post-PSB though, stopped for a pint instead then was fine. Only thing I noped out of was the dash from TLC to Idles but wasn't too fussed on that anyhow. Actually found the crowds at sets to be really into it, weather helped but I thought every set was popping. Maybe I just picked really good areas and sets to be at, but generally found everyone more engaged, more willing to go for it and less phone usage.
  20. You can't see for shit half the time cos of flags anyway! We had a big group of 30 or so of us for Diana Ross and Pet Shop Boys, so aimed for behind the sound desk or disabled platform because we all need space to be together, have a clear meeting point and dance like loons. The sound is also mega when you're right behind the repeater. We were behind the disabled platform for PSB and the sound was mega, blow your face off good and loud. Fair enough we could only see half the stage but we could see the screens and I'd sacrifice visuals for mint audio and space to dance with my mates every day of the week.
  21. Tbh size of crowds aside, everyone I've encountered has been sound. To the point that consistently the crowds for sets have been popping - Confidence Man, Self Esteem, Sugababes, Avalanches - all gone off massively more than I'd have expected. Everyone seems up for it this year.
  22. Crowd crust definitely a major issue I think, even in John Peel tent. Just go down the sides then in and you'll find more space
  23. Happy to meet for a pint if you want a friendly face to chat to for a bit. Drop us a DM if you want.
  24. Supre getting 10 years for crisp smuggling
  25. Blacklist Supre from the festival for bringing filthy US 'potato chips' to Glastonbury
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