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  1. Please can we have the Spike Bar (although known in our house as the Glitter Ball Bar!) rebuilt. Love that little place! Xxx
  2. Ooh thanks. Out of votes now so will have to be tomorrow. Feel so bad for doing that!
  3. Huge apology to Earth-pig.....went to upvote, my finger slipped and downvoted. I don’t think I know how to remove that...help....
  4. Dillyblue

    Volunteering 2020

    Hubbie, myself and one son luckily have tickets. Our other son secured an Oxfam place this morning so a happy bunny (and relieved) mum today Xxx
  5. We do this too. We stand at the top of the Hill of Death and look back down at all the lights. The trees have grown a lot over the years so not quite as clear as it used to be but still brings a tear. Luckily our son got our tickets for next year so hope to repeat! We have been very lucky. Just need a ticket now for our other son who missed out.
  6. Glastonbury festival... has to be all the colours of the rainbow...Xxx
  7. Good luck in the resale Xxx
  8. Totally agree about the quality. I can see there are some hats in stock. I can truthfully say that I wore one on a walk this last weekend! Snug as a bug!
  9. I think you will soon be as hooked as the rest of us!!!! Xxx Also think it may be a while before you get to sleep tonight!
  10. Happy Birthday Michael. I wonder what he is doing to celebrate......Xxx
  11. Well done for renewing!! Xxx
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