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  1. So sorry. In 2017 hubbie had been quite ill just before but we managed in the end to have the Saturday afternoon and Sunday although we do live only an hour away. We did stay off site in a B and B. I don't know much about pneumonia or where you live but would it be possible just to have a little time there. Sending a hug anyway Xxx
  2. Oh dear......never mind their posts....tell them you want LOTS of pressies from the stalls!!! Xxx
  3. As do I! Thank you so much everyone for the great info and funny comments. A delight indeed!!! Xxx
  4. Ooh that would be great! Perhaps Neil will have time to think about it after the lovely craziness that is the festival!! Xxx
  5. Thanks I was wondering how to describe that! I always wish Neil would give us more per day!!!! Xxx
  6. I am out of up votes until tomorrow but excellent work new Gold members Xxx
  7. It's quite helpful to look for signs as you get nearer that say Blue Route Xxx
  8. Dillyblue


    Yes there are charity bins. Think Daniel sold more than 100 again. Can't wait to see mine! Xxx
  9. As everyone else....always love this thread! Huge thanks Xxx
  10. So pleased to read this. If only the large number of veteran posters who are not Gold could be persuaded!!!!!! Xxx ps t shirt safely received.
  11. Also met him in the village hall in 2016 and had a pic taken with him in the bar! I can remember he asked me if I had always gone to the festival!!! Lovely smiley guy!
  12. Hubbie and I take our spending money in fivers these days and have had so many thanks particularly from the food traders as they have said they get given large denomination notes and have to find so much change! Xxx
  13. Just adding my congratulations and to a Gold member too. What a wonderful day for you. Time to make your list now! Have the greatest time Xxx
  14. A couple of tips. Hold on to the passout...you will need it to get back in again to the site and try and get your friends to take as much of your stuff as possible. The Hill of Death is quite steep Xxx
  15. Yes done in all innocence...I am sure he or she is feeling pretty bad right now Xxx
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