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  1. Well done for renewing!! Xxx
  2. Well I will try and find a use for the ones you have sent to me so you won’t have to feel bad about a bit of it! Xxx
  3. Mugs safely received. Impressive packaging. Thanks Neil. As once before you have undercharged on the postage so will whack it on the donations page Xxx
  4. Dillyblue


    Yes you do have to show your festival ticket to get in and out of the festival itself if that is what you mean.You will also be given a pass out as well when you exit the festival which you need to get back in so keep them very safe!!
  5. Hubble and I have tickets but a very mixed morning. One son got tickets but the other one didn’t so emotionally very difficult....Xxx
  6. Dillyblue

    Good Luck ALL !

    Glasto love and luck to everyone Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. Hope your little one is better now. All the best for tomorrow Xxx
  8. You don’t know me of course K2SO but just sending you a hug and good luck for tomorrow Xxx
  9. Ooh hurray up bus....getting nervous for you and I am not even trying tonight Xxx
  10. A big hug to all as off we go again.....Xxx
  11. Dillyblue

    EFestivals poll

    Five and a half years.....the time has flown by...Xxx
  12. What a shock. I think all that most definitely qualifies you for the Ticket Gods to be extra kind in a couple of weeks Xxx
  13. Dillyblue

    Pilton Party 2019

    Thanks for the kind words. We are not going as I can’t get even a shoe on today! Again; have a great time everyone. Hope the rain holds off. Will look forward to the posts and pics Xxx
  14. Dillyblue

    Pilton Party 2019

    Am not sure as think the terms and conditions say you need id on entry and the tickets are numbered. Never mind, we will visit the farm later when I have two good feet. Enjoy the Party. X
  15. Dillyblue

    Pilton Party 2019

    Kind of you to comment. We are only an hour’s drive away from the farm if we decide to try. Have a great time yourself.
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