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  1. Just stumbled across this cracking cover of not-the-most-popular Radiohead song -
  2. For anyone who enjoyed the original, Old Man celebrated the 1 year anniversary of his OK Computer reaction last night, with an OKNOTOK Reaction.
  3. I've only just glanced over some of the recent posts on this thread, but there appears to be doubt here over the long term effects of the vaccine? The opening 5 minutes of the following video explains this topic very well from the point of view of a guy who, while being famous online for playing video games, works in science making vaccines. Whether there are any counter arguments to this though, I'm open to hearing them.
  4. That was my first thought. Personally I'd probably prefer it.
  5. Wow, that was my favourite Radiohead reaction he's done. It really highlights how underrated A Moon Shaped Pool feels to me. I wonder if it came out when Kid A came out, if it would be placed higher on a pedestal, but now a new Radiohead album inevitably can't feel as fresh to long term fans.
  6. Old Man Listens to A Moon Shaped Pool, live right NOW -
  7. Interesting. What makes him decide if it's solo or not? Maybe how it stands up with him playing it alone? Though maybe not if he will play it will Atoms For Peace.
  8. Cymbal rush? Didnt know Thom solo songs ever got played at Radiohead gigs!
  9. No only OK Computer has sound. Most of the others have the songs edited out, but the King Of Limbs re-reaction video just mutes the sound when the songs play, so you can press play yourself on Spotify or whatever you use
  10. He's listened to everything except A Moon Shaped Pool now. I really enjoy his reactions, especially this OK Computer one, and the 2nd half of The King Of Limbs.
  11. I wouldn't begrudge anyone sticking that in their top 10. Most underrated Radiohead song.
  12. My top 10 songs that I listen to at home, which is from albums and Live From Basement versions, etc.
  13. Let Down nearly was number 10!!! Weird Fishes and Myxomatosis wouldn't hit even the next 10 though I'm afraid!
  14. I felt the need to update this as I continue to listen to Radiohead obsessively : ⬆️ Lotus Flower ⬇️ Identikit ➡️ Separator ➡️ Give Up The Ghost ➡️ Codex ⬆️ Reckoner ➡️ Present Tense ⬇️ Subterranean Homesick Alien ⬇️ Exit Music (For A Film) ⬆️ All I Need Note : Live From The Basement versions included.
  15. Yes I'd still like to be in it, thanks.
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