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  1. No Lotus Flower! No Identikit! No Separator!
  2. Little Andy

    Other Stage 2020

    Why maybe out of the running? What did I miss? 😮
  3. In regards to the coach, I'll be trying for tickets from Leeds. But if I'm successful I can just tell the others in my group to not try for me on the Sunday, plus I will try and buy for them on the Sunday. Does this sound ok?
  4. Does the resale have a separate coach ticket sale before the main sale? Cos obviously that adds a slight complication to this otherwise brilliant idea.
  5. I haven't been keeping proper track of this thread as resale day feels so far away, but what is the spreadsheet and should I be getting myself on it?
  6. Little Andy

    Other Stage 2020

    What are the predicted Other Stage headliner possibles? Is it out of … Dua Lipa Foals Noel Gallagher Pet Shop Boys 1975
  7. Little Andy

    Other Stage 2020

    Any reason why Aerosmith couldn't be headlining the Other stage vs McCartney?
  8. Little Andy

    Other Stage 2020

    Ooh wow! Interesting! I wonder where that would put Aerosmith!
  9. Little Andy

    Other Stage 2020

    Has info changed on Other Headliners lately? Why is Noel no longer listed as for Sunday on eFestivals? Whats the current thinking on the 3?
  10. Little Andy

    2020 headliners

    Ha, I'm on that picture!
  11. Little Andy

    Billie Eilish

    Just watched this. You've gotta respect her and her brother, they recorded it in their bedroom. As kids. And for me at least, there's a lot of originality in a lot of these songs.
  12. Yup, I believe that's exactly what Tarantino intended.
  13. Little Andy

    efests Exit Poll

    The thing that is so strange for me is that I barely know anyone who votes Conservative. Thats not just in real life, that includes internet places like celebs on twitter and folk on this very forum. So clearly all the Tory voters are outside of my radar. Same thing happened with Brexit.
  14. Little Andy

    efests Exit Poll

    Ah I think I see. "The nature of the festival". That does indeed correlate to Labour, in my head at least :).
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