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  1. Little Andy

    Leave No Trace

    I'm looking for an alternative to wet wipes this year. Maybe I'm not thinking it through properly, but I presume you're using this outside of the tent and not literally cleaning everything? Or is there a collapsible bucket large enough to be able to keep your tent dry inside while cleaning everything in privacy?
  2. Little Andy

    Thom Yorke 2019

    That would be so good! Or even better, the John peel TBA.
  3. All I know is I spend every Glastonbury in great amounts of pain cos I'm unfit and I pretend I'm not.
  4. Little Andy

    2020 headliners

    What have I missed? Didn't Eavis practically say they were hoping he was playing next year? Are we assuming that was a typical 'Never believe what Eavis says' situation?
  5. Hold on ... no plastic, no glass ... im prob being daft but what exactly will it be? I was hoping to buy a big 2 litre bottle of coke.
  6. Ah good point, I misread the earlier post. Hopefully I can buy a nice big 2 litre bottle of coke from there and just bring some vodka to the festival myself.
  7. For the record, I've just checked out the co-op thread here on efestivals, and it is thought there is no alcohol for sale at the co-op. -
  8. Ah! Thanks! So if I just transfer straight vodka into a big plastic bottle (to avoid bringing glass), and bring it separate to an unopened bottle of coke, I'll be good?
  9. With wet wipes on the list of not-recommended things to bring, can anyone recommend an alternative for trying not to stink? (other than queuing forever for showers)?
  10. Last Glastonbury I made a couple of 2 litre bottles of vodka and coke, but by the time I got to Glastonbury both had exploded (I think the top had blown off?). Can anyone tell me what my rookie mistake was and how to avoid it?
  11. Little Andy

    TBAs 2019

    Foals is still only an R on the efestivals lineup list. Are we too confident?
  12. I do ... Green = Must see Blue = Maybe see Red = Would see, but will probably miss cos of clashes Purple = Keep any eye on it (e.g TBA)
  13. Little Andy

    Kate Tempest

    Such a bad time for her to be on; many people who want to see her will miss her to be able to see their big headliner. Seeing as I caught her 2017 set I may give her a miss this year, but if Foals end up leading me to the Park a couple of acts before her, it all could change.
  14. Little Andy

    TBAs 2019

    Surely its most likely the TBA simply hasn't been booked yet? It has to be announced in advance, very few people are gonna go to a TBA at headliner time, and it'd be weird to change your headliner because you heard a TBA rumour on the day itself,
  15. Little Andy

    TBAs 2019

    Whats the general consensus on the JPT headline TBA? Diplo? If so, does it make sense why it's still TBA at this late stage for a headliner spot?
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