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  1. Madyaker


    It was literally the wild west before the fence so that's not saying much. I know it's anecdotal in my case but we hear stories of tent robberies every year. In 2019 it happened to the group next to us in Rivermead. The festival does nothing about it and they probably should. If you go to literally any other festival you'll see security in the campsites.
  2. Madyaker


    I've never been robbed at an Irish festival since I started going to festivals in 2009. Every Irish festival has some sort of security presence in the campsites because they don't have a choice, and way more police. There's more cops and security at body and soul than there is at glasto. Which is great until you're the one who needs them.
  3. Floorplan pulled a massive crowd as well and they were great. I recognised a lot more names on SEC lineups this year than I did in 2019 but mostly because I spent so much time in the lockdowns listening to sets and discovering new DJs / producers.
  4. Madyaker


    Why are you taking the bait? Why does someone always take the bait?
  5. Madyaker


    Tell that to the lovely person who robbed my phone from my tent as I was sleeping. I had literally everything else in the lockups. When I mentioned it to one of the stewards they said they'd heard multiple reports of tent robberies. It's always the same at glasto every year. What I can't understand is how the festival can get a license with absolutely no security presence in the campsites whatsoever. In Ireland you wouldn't get a license to run the event like that. Tent robberies are rampant at the festival every year but the organisers don't give a toss. I don't expect anything to change next year.
  6. Get the bus and pack a lot lighter? It's a short walk from gate A to loads of good camping spots. If you're having to do 2 car trips you're definitely bringing more stuff than you need. I live in Ireland so I fly and get the bus every year but even if I lived nearby I still don't think id drive it. I wouldn't be fit to drive until Tuesday at the earliest.
  7. Well then maybe we can have both but I really missed the iconic genosys structure this year.
  8. I got asked about Amyl and The Sniffers and Billie Eillish. Neither of whom I saw.
  9. I think this year was my best for electronic music. I saw so many amazing sets. Marshall Jefferson in The Glade was so much fun but I think my set of the weekend is either Avalon Emerson in wow tent or partiboi in the gas tower. Mental.
  10. It's not about queues it's about dangerous crowd control issues. Lots of volunteering options for people who can't afford a ticket. But nice of you to have a go all the same.
  11. Yeah id be ok with that. Or else don't give so much money to Oxfam, WaterAid and Greenpeace if they are worried about the festivals financial stability. THose oragisations getting less money from glasto is better than them getting no money from glasto because it isn't can't continue.
  12. I was fairly certain id get it because as far as I'm aware I haven't had it yet (never had a reason to get PCR tested) I did an antigen test after I flew home and it was negative.
  13. I don't understand why anyone brings flags. I suppose they like drawing attention to themselves. There are more and more every year so soon the festival will have to take action imo. It's interfering the television coverage and showing the bands on the big screens for the people further back. During Diana Ross I noticed a few times the screens switched to shots where view of the stage was almost completely blocked by flags. But I guess the people bringing them to have a funny in joke with their mates don't give a toss.
  14. Yeah it was a mess at times. The crush at Arcadia / Park was proper dangerous. But the festival decided to sell more tickets in a year when they should have known they would have trouble getting the same number of security staff and stewards, so it's on them. They really need to stop selling as many tickets and go back to the way it was in 16 and 17 with 135k or whatever it was. No need for it.
  15. Camelphat in The Glade on Thursday bored the tits off me. I left after half an hour. The old Glade was way better. I don't see why they felt the need to change it.
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