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  1. They will roll the tickets over again if they have to. There’s no way they’ll be refunding all that cash.
  2. Noel is crabby because he can’t tour and rake in the cash anymore
  3. Madyaker

    No indoor stages?

    I doubt the organisers will take such a romantic view of it. They need to run some sort of an event for the survival of the festival. I’m all for a stripped back glasto for a year or two if it means they keep the lights on and return to a full fat festival in 2022 or whatever. Under normal circumstances I’d agree.
  4. This essentially why we can’t get this pandemic under control. Too many people have to get a taste of it before they’ll realise what’s happening. I’m glad you’re ok and hope your mate has a mild dose.
  5. If i was running glasto I would wait until April (after balance payment week) and sell all remaining tickets then. By that point they will know for certain whether the festival can happen or not. It’s a bit much asking people to hand over the guts of £300 with no guarantee the event can even take place. It would be nice for all the people in resale limbo if the festival could come out with some sort of a plan.
  6. Russian vaccine is defiinitely just a placebo I think.
  7. I’d gotten bored of Digweeds bunker sets but I’m enjoying this vinyl set tonight
  8. I’m kind of in the same boat. The only alternative I can see that would free things up a bit would be some sort of rapid testing that was accurate, cheap and widely available so everyone could be tested regularly for the purposes of international travel and gatherings like festivals etc.
  9. The problem with everyone in the UK going on holidays in the UK is that it's very crowded at all the beaches and parks because there's just so many people and its a relatively small country.
  10. I know it’s not something anyone wants but would corporate sponsorship be an option if the festival was to get into difficulty next year? If it was the only way to save the festival and it was only for one or two years it would be worth it.
  11. Few of the coastal towns in Ireland are hopping now too but the weather here is shit for the whole weekend which is probably making more people stay at home. I’m seeing a lot of UK reg cars and camper vans where I live too. Not sure if they’re from the north or mainland uk. The British do seem to be the nation most keen on travelling during a pandemic 😅 most people I know are happy to give it a rest for one year considering the circumstances.
  12. I wouldn’t feel comfortable in a crowded club to be honest. I suspect the clubs there won’t be open for long.
  13. Dekmantel threw a few sets up on their soundcloud in honour of the festival that should be happening today https://dekmantel.com/editorial/unheard-recordings-dekmantel-festival
  14. Mask uptake not so great in Ireland either thanks to much mixed messaging from the government. They announced that masks were mandatory in indoor areas last week and I’d say it’s up at around 50% now with zero enforcement. The pubs and clubs are still shut until August 10th and I don’t have much hope of them opening then either.
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