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  1. If i brought a case of 8.4% cider with me id never been seen again!
  2. Dan Shake confirmed on Facebook, the 28th is the date he put up.
  3. Madyaker

    Glastonbury Videos

    And I thought 2016 was bad šŸ˜‚
  4. Imagine the state you'd end up in drinking that stuff at glasto šŸ˜
  5. 8.4% and 1 pond a can? I think I know whats it going to be like...
  6. Madyaker


    The pyramid is derssed and looking very well in the afternoon sun. Is the west holts stage not visible on this? I can't find it
  7. Would you actually take the time to consult a food spreadsheet during the festival? Fair play to you I could never be that organised šŸ˜‚ I have one or two places in my head that I know I like but apart from that it's whatevers infront of me when the hunger hits.
  8. Madyaker

    Silver Hayes 2019

    Too much DnB and not enough techno if you ask me
  9. Probably pointless Iā€™d imagine? Plus a lots going to be visible on the webcam, the pier, new Arcadia etc
  10. Yeah sorry I thought it was a 2019 release. I only realized they had a new album because Spotify recommended it to me!
  11. Ive been enjoying the shit out of Jungle's new album. Theres a load of good songs on it. I think their set is going to be an absolute party. Its perfect festival party music.
  12. I think that's probably likely. Dizzie had a few hit singles in later years too and has had a pretty successful career by anyones measure, i think Stormzy would be pretty happy if he managed to follow a similar path. Maybe the market has moved on, I certaily think he should have put the album out by now but I think we should probably reserve judgement until the album actualy comes out.
  13. Booked buses from bristol to the festival and back. Expensive enough at almost ā‚¬50 return. Probably get some heavy drinking practice in this weekend as well
  14. Madyaker

    2019 Map

    Its 9 to 11am that the queues for toilets and water are usually the worst. But I don't think they can reduce the number of toilets if the festival capacity is staying the same. All that sort of stuff is in the license for the event and they can't change it I don't think.
  15. Madyaker


    I think so, he filled the other stage field in the middle of the day in 2017
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