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  1. The Great Welly Mountain of 2011
  2. Both good. It rains a lot less than Green Man!
  3. I've gone all-in and booked a Honeybell... fuck it, its 8 months away.
  4. Top line up and brilliant under-card, as ever. Not good to be excited 8 months in advance but I am. Warmduscher, Squid, Black Country New Road, Dawson, Dry Cleaning, WH Lung, Penelope Isles, Creep Show etc. etc. Better than last year IMO. Clashtastic.
  5. scrippit

    Kendrick Lamar

  6. scrippit

    Yacht Rock

    Steely Dan is everyone's dirty secret.
  7. Agreed - the undercard is, frankly, epic.
  8. QOTSA - Other Glastonbury 2011 Janelle Monae - West Holts Glastonbury 2011 Idles - Nos Primavera Porto 2017 Kate Bush - Hammersmith Apollo 2014 Arcade Fire - Earls Court 2017 Chic - West Holts Glastonbury 2013 Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes - Digbeth 2017 John Fairhurst Band - Glade Glastonbury 2016 Richard Dawson - EotR 2018 Cabbage - Hare and Hounds 2017 Hamilton Leithauser - Colston Hall Bristol Molotov Jukebox - Garage London 2013 The The - Brixton Academy 2018
  9. I'm 57 and think I'm 28. I grew slowly and I'm extremely cheerful.
  10. scrippit

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Brilliant! One of the best moments ever... watch that crowd bounce at 1:40!
  11. This is a perfect pen portrait of one of those special moments at Glastonbury. Made me shiver! P.S. I'm well over 50 and I love Fontaines.
  12. Yes - it needs a good 4 or 5 listens and, like @Superunknown, the later tracks turn out to be gems. So many layers. I have recommended it too so many who would normally bat it away with suggestions of pop kitsch... they all love it now. The other two in my top three were The Murder Capital and Richard Dawson, closer to my usual musical tastes - NFR is way out of my normal listening!
  13. I have to agree - it has been the biggest surprise of the year for me. LDR would not usually be my area at all - I bought it after hearing Venice Bitch on the radio and it just grows and grows. The recording quality is epic and there isn't a duff track on the album IMO. It's her masterpiece - sad, nostalgic Americana with a hint of knowing sarcasm.
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