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  1. getting great reviews...
  2. Good choice. My hobby in recent years has been collecting and restoring vintage hifi. I measure the quality of 70s amps and speakers with three specific LPs: Nightclubbing, Spirit of Eden, Talk Talk and Handsworth Revolution, Steel Pulse. All extraordinary quality recordings for hearing the full range of your equipment. And upsetting the neighbours.
  3. Still sounds fresh and always good for giving your speakers a proper workout.
  4. Hmmm. She does have short hair.
  5. Difficult to do just one but, on reflection, NYC Downlow 2011. For myriad reasons including: It was my first Glastonbury. It had been an epic day. It was suddenly 4AM. I loved everyone. My wife was wearing a false moustache.
  6. Great thread, love Tiny Desk concerts. Always a fantastic way into artists and often wonderful to see stripped down versions of their songs recorded beautifully and always worth streaming through good speakers or headphones. Andersen .Paak is my all time favourite but I would add to the list these extraordinary performances: Meg Myers, John Moreland, Jason Isbell, Mandolin Orange, Punch Brothers, Jenni and the Mexicats, Tyler the Creator, Aldous Harding, Kevin Morby.... the list is long, it’s easy to spend hours here - you have been warned!
  7. Amazing. Fingers crossed that he turns up somewhere because everything I've seen of him live is awesome and personally I think he would make a great WH headliner. PS Check out his performance at Tiny Desk Concerts from a couple of years ago.
  8. Yeah. Running, showers, sobriety, glamping etc. All these newfangled festival ideas - not for me.
  9. We walk between 11 and 14 miles most days at Glastonbury. A run seems superfluous!
  10. The Great Welly Mountain of 2011
  11. Both good. It rains a lot less than Green Man!
  12. I've gone all-in and booked a Honeybell... fuck it, its 8 months away.
  13. Top line up and brilliant under-card, as ever. Not good to be excited 8 months in advance but I am. Warmduscher, Squid, Black Country New Road, Dawson, Dry Cleaning, WH Lung, Penelope Isles, Creep Show etc. etc. Better than last year IMO. Clashtastic.
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