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  1. What would be the best way to receive notification of these resales, given that checkpage, followthatpage etc are seemingly blocked? I know folk posted up on here before, but with a relatively small window of opportunity, that could easily be missed.
  2. They previously refunded the coach fare too, minus £10. My quote was directly from their site.
  3. – It is not possible to cancel part of the package – if you are unable to travel on your allotted coach you will need to cancel your ticket booking. – An additional £10 administration charge will be retained from any cancelled coach packages. (£25 ticket cancellation fee + £10 coach cancellation fee).
  4. Pazzler

    Photos please

    Wasn't during The Cure, fairly sure of that.
  5. Two more coming from New Zealand; Wanaka, South Island. And we only managed to grab their tickets in the resale.
  6. Christ, ours departs at 1315 Thursday! Guess there'll be a few half-cut on that bus. At least my van & gear will all be set up, so will hit the ground running. And I'm going, which was never looking likely until a few weeks ago.
  7. Well I'm on coach 439 from Cardiff on Thursday, so guess there are several. No time allocated as yet.
  8. You & me both (resale) Hoping there's only one departure for Thursday, and that it ties in nicely with morning train from Bristol. Not asking for much...
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