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  1. Great input, smugness is a rare commodity these days... time to close this thread I suspect before we’re overrun with I told you so’s .
  2. It’s a dairy farm, they graze cattle on it. One of the reasons for no glass and the litter pickers having a hard time picking up every single cigerette butt and nos canister. Boomtown is home to sheep most of the year
  3. Fallow years are based off the farming cycle, although the festival does more damage that a few mooers. Could move it back a year potentially.
  4. Yeah there’s never any bad press about the ticket sale 😂 they could piss off 9/10 people on the ticket register and still sell out 3 times over
  5. I’d they give you your £50 back then you haven’t lost out on anything. If you’ve booked anything else you can claim it on travel insurance
  6. As ever everyone’s jumped to conclusions based off fake news. Basically it’s an add on no one would ever think to bother with for their insurance. It’s not a conspiracy theory. Coronavirus: No insurance cover for most virus-hit businesses https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51927500 Bojo is set to announce financial assistance measures for small business later today/ tomorrow.
  7. Bearded theory hasn’t cancelled, and has said it will honour tickets to a delayed event. Popularity is 100% relevant. Smaller festivals are 1 years cash flow away from going under, they can’t afford to annoy 100,000 punters.
  8. Which UK festivals are letting them roll over to the next year? I can’t find anything from my 5 minute google. Big weekend doesn’t seem to be and that’s actually a competition. Coachella is delayed, that one in Texas that cancelled hasn’t announced what their doing yet? Is there some cancellation website I don’t know about?
  9. Entitlement: the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. If they wanted to go hard then they don’t even have to refund everyone, you need events cancellation insurance on your own ticket for external forces cancelling something like this. Wouldn’t be a good look though. A refund would be expected, a rollover would be above and beyond. Anything in between is a nice gesture.
  10. Wow. The entitlement on here, you haven’t earnt your ticket through years of hard graft, you paid for it and they will refund it. They don’t owe you anything, the festival would survive without you don’t worry, for everyone one ticket holder annoyed by this, there’s at least 5 more waiting to take that place at the drop of a hat
  11. 100% refund. Some interesting points on here though, I’m a bit late to the party. Whilst it would be easier for Glastonbury than other festivals glasto 20 and glasto 21 are seperate events, not like cancellinga gig but giving them tickets on the next stop of the tour. Buying your way into the festival by those who can afford to drop £50 doesn’t seem very inkeeping with the vibe.
  12. Old_Johno

    The poster 2020

    Spent this morning blasting Dizzee Rascal through my headphones, saw him at beachbreaklive in 2011 maybe? It had rained for 2 days and the sun came out when he started Holiday and everyone went insane! Never seen such a change in a crowd. One of my favourite festival moments of all time!
  13. Biffy Clyro to do a secret set under cliffs biro. Supposed to be how they got the name, thinking about “cliff richard with a pen” which became cliffs biro= biffy Clyro
  14. Is everyone still worrying about the peak even though they said cancelling large events has little effect?
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