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    Tent Etiquette

    You don’t need guy ropes, unless there’s any chance of rain! If you haven’t properly pegged them, and the outer tent touches the inner tent then the tent will leak! This makes people think they’ve bought a rubbish tent and they then leave it behind. That being said they work the same pegged 1ft away from your tent as 5ft so there’s no need for any of that.
  2. I’m personally thinking more artists of a chase and status vibe, that your average punter has heard of without having to be a hardcore DnB fan. Not proposing Ed Sheran and Mumford and sons to headline lions den, although the reaction would be hilarious.
  3. I went to my first Boomtown last year and was blown away by the scale of production, Boomtowns reputation as a “drug festival with a music problem” doesn’t do it any favours and puts a lot of people I’ve spoken to off attending. In reality it’s no worse than any other large festival I’ve been to, if you’re not into that scene you can quite easily avoid it, and enjoy all the other aspects of the festival, unlike say Reading where the pill’d up 16 yr olds are in your face everywhere you go. It needs a few years of positive press exposure, no one dying, no fires, no huge queues etc. BBC involvement and a few mainstream acts might be a ‘necessary evil’ to ensure it gets this, and shakes off the bad rep. As with everything there’s a balance to be struck, lots of people complain about glasto being super middle class these days for example?
  4. I had until Monday to turn it down so I guess they are waiting until then to offer the places out for people who’ve turned it down/ not responded to those who are still waiting. Then once they have filled the positions they will let everyone know if you’ve been unsuccessful. I turned it down today. I’m not being a snob, I spent two years as a chalet host and have cleaned my fair share of pebbledashed and pube covered toilets. I just can’t justify losing such a large chunk of 4 days of a 5 day festival, especially considering walking times, and heading back to camp for post shift showers (definitely required). Dont think there will be much call for shifts on the Wednesday, so will be thurs-Sunday as well. Fingers crossed for the resale for me now.
  5. Yeah had an offer through for the loo team, which is annoying as it’s the only one I said I wouldn’t do when applying, not because of the job itself but because it’s 4x6 hour shifts so you’re losing an extra day. Alright it’s not a whole day but depending on the time It’s effort!
  6. I pinged them an email to see if there was any updates since registering and got a generic response email and no follow up. That was a week ago or so.
  7. We hired a car for a trip before because the train was like £80 each, hire car was £8 a day! Even if you include fuel, extra insurance and parking it can work out cheaper if you shop around. Obviously depends on your proximity to a hire base, but that would be the same as getting to a coach station or whatever, don’t write it off. Not as environmentally friendly of course but you could lift share?
  8. If they’d asked you for this years after you got a ticket then it’s fair enough to say you can’t go. But over a years notice, when you don’t have a ticket, and have a good chance of not being able to get one at all, bit of a lousy friend. Depends how close you are I guess, but there will be more glastonbury in years to come but your mate will only be getting married once (in theory).
  9. I’m currently suffering with wateraid related anxiety whilst they do their sift through the applications, will hear back from them by the end of March 😬 Haven’t heard from Shelter since registering for updates.
  10. This has always been my theory, AMI causes a sector 6 meltdown, which becomes 404. some people get very twitchy and defensive when you say it’s going though....
  11. Had this at Bilbao BBk festival last year in Spain, you loaded up whatever you wanted on your wristband and could only pay using that, worked really well until the app crashed and no one could load anymore onto their wristbands for Friday night and nowhere would take cash. Always best to have a few options.
  12. Didn’t make it to whilsters green last year, we were busy hiding from the rain! Nothing will stop my hungover woodcarving this year!
  13. All the traders at Boomtown took card payment last year, at least all the ones I visited. It’s obviously smaller, but similar in that it’s held on a farm in the middle of nowhere, they get a temporary internet set up for the festival duration that the traders use which is a lot easier than it used to be. If set up Properly contactless is way quicker than messing around with cash and change etc.
  14. Regarding needing a load of £10 notes, most festivals have an individual barcode on wristbands now don’t they? With a little bit of admin you could have it sent to your account automatically when you take a bag back? My idea was adding a “tent deposit” you need to bring a tent in with you, which you scan on the way in, and out if you still have your tent. Money gets automatically returned. Would obviously need to be an add on rather than forcing everyone to do it for those sharing.
  15. Just wondering if the application for Shelter is the same as Oxfam, in regards to first come first served? Or more like water aid where you have so long to apply and they review them? I’ve applied for wateraid and that’s my preference, but I’m guessing the Shelter applications will be online before I find out from wateraid if I’ve got a place. Im not fussed about deposits etc. Just don’t wanna be a time waster to either of them
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