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  1. “and other big events by end of September” looks like it could be mandatory for festivals? Should have been relaxed by next summer in theory, but I thought it would be over by May 2019 so don’t ask me
  2. A cynical man might say it’s because they were struggling with ticket sales. given the complexity of the setup I’m pretty sympathetic to their risks, everything is so bespoke and unique unlike say Reading where the stage pops up on the back of a single truck.
  3. I’d assume You have to contract for a few years with the same ticket agents to stop them all undercutting each other. Boomtown had a £1mil grant last year so they could probably afford to give the booking fee back as a goodwill gesture. I think it was 6k capacity and not close to being sold out so wouldn’t cost them the earth.
  4. Won’t see tickets or whoever be keeping that for their ‘hosting’.
  5. thanks, I didn’t get an email, my mate just text me.
  6. BoomVillage (miniature Boomtown) just cancelled without giving a reason why? It’s not for another month and things are getting better. If I was cynical I’d say it was because they were struggling to sell tickets? Anyone got a more official line on that
  7. 100% (assuming only a covid related cancellation), there’s going to be 140k people at silverstone next weekend, so add in booster jabs and every adult will have been offered their double jab, testing etc. There’s really no reason it won’t happen. Unless there’s a major outbreak at l’attitude I’d be pretty worried if I was coming from overseas but I think the double jabbed line will let you off quarantine time. america has got pretty good jab rates so artists coming from there should be fine, and the rest of Europe will hopefully have caught up.
  8. It would be incredibly easy to have to scan the whole of the lateral flow thingy, confirm the qr code and confirm the line is in the correct place. Could always just get the negative friend to take the test for you, but it’s another line of defence. I guess people will always lie
  9. I’m going to Goodwood festival of speed Friday, so I did a trial run of getting my ‘events pass’. As I’m not fully vaccinated I need to present a negative lateral flow test. Easy stuff. Did the test and went to upload the results, expecting i’d need to take a photo of it… nope. You self certify to test results! Absolutely bonkers, what are the chances that people are going to: 1- do the test correctly, on themselves 2- not lie about it because all their mates are negative
  10. The legend goes it’s legal for a man to urinate in public, as long as it is on the rear wheel of his car and his right hand is on the vehicle… public urination laws vary from place to place by county but generally it’s a fine regardless. There’s really no reason to punch someone for it…
  11. if I was a passer by and I saw one extremely drunk person pee on a car and the owner of the car walk up to them and punch them, I know who I’d deem the asshole in that situation. Should probably caveat that with yes I love my car, no I don’t agree with peeing on other peoples stuff, but at the end of the day you’re really better off not sweating the small stuff. wait til you find out how many dogs pee on your car
  12. It seems expensive but I’ve seen campsites charging £50per night this summer for a pitch, everything’s a bit off this summer cos no ones going abroad. If the prices go up next year after people paid £30 to support them and then gambled £40 a head to help them out this summer then I shall have no option…. But to tut quietly as I book my Tickets
  13. very very excited for Shambino! Going to have to take an extended poop break at midday Wednesday for tickets!
  14. I think bar takings basically are the profits and most festivals barely break even until they’ve been run. can see bar/ food staff having to wear masks through next summer potentially. Depends what the data is saying by then as if cases and measures are good enough to stop anyone getting in with covid then it’s very much 6 belts and 4 pairs of braces
  15. Although Reading and Leeds are pretty big the setups pretty easy, it’s basically a gig in a field, doesn’t have the themeing and intricate stuff that you’d get an Boomtown or Glastonbury. I used to live in Reading and setups probably 6 weeks
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