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  1. My mate runs a festival clothing stall, at festivals all over the UK, and he’s making a fortune on cheap bucket hats at the moment, forget band T-shirts, sunglasses, studded belts or fancy dress. £15 for a £2 hat.
  2. Old_Johno

    R1 Big Weekend

    We went on the Saturday and we were pleasantly surprised. In all honesty thought it was going to be shite, must have been my festival snobbery at play. Calvin Harris smashed it, and saw some other great stuff throughout the day. Only downside: Bar, food and toilet queues were ridiculous, worst I’ve ever seen at any festival, and all the urinals were all overflowing by 5pm. Ladies queue was half an hour at most points. Looks like they underbooked.
  3. Yeah that’s the one, thanks. there’s cash machines so you can get out cash and then transfer it to your wristband. They sent out another email over the weekend on it
  4. There was a really good bit of the website I found the other day with loads of info, but it’s been taken down or I’ve lost it. The camp orchid campsite sounds like it’s where kids town/ whistlers green/ family camping was. Think it said located to the south of the main bowl the current info/ faq doesn’t have it
  5. Loads of people were yesterday, and deeply regretting it. It’s only a city centre day festival and it’s hot and sunny.
  6. If anyone’s going today don’t be tempted to wear flip flops. All the urinals were overflowing by about 5pm.
  7. Harry3 posted above, looks like it’s preloaded wristbands. It might have had a place 5 years ago when not everyone had contactless, if you wanted to streamline payments instead of cash/ chip and pin. But in 2022, seems they’re just hoping they get a bit of cash left over
  8. They’ve confirmed they’re going cashless. I hope they still take contactless. I went to a festival where you had to top up your wristband and the whole system crashed on the Friday night so there was no way to top up, and then they took 6 weeks to refund any remaining balance back. Pure waste of time.
  9. There will be lots of theatrics, actors and interactive things to do but they’ve said there isn’t currently a maze as it was in the last few years. Secretly hoping it’s just gone back to being a speakeasy style maze as last years “queue here to scan a qr code”maze was shite, and took away any of the organic discovery.
  10. 8 can limit?!! I thought the Boomtown alcohol limit was ridiculously low but that’s something else. Especially considering they only let you drink your own drinks in the campsite.
  11. Obviously it’s in a different place, but based on previous years, how long do people reckon it will take to get through the gates, we’re getting to the park at 12, and music starts at 12:30
  12. Having keen friends set up your tent is the gold standard. I’ll carry all your heavy cider, you take my nice light tent in.
  13. Maybe wishful thinking from me, they were there 18 & 19. Mad Apple Circus have confirmed on their tour page. Which means imperial leisure will Probably play too seeing as they share 90% of their band
  14. Tankus the Henge with a ‘festival TBA’ for the Thursday
  15. I would have thought it’s a bit soon to have them back, they had a big crowd but the sound was a bit rubbish, and they play a lot of their B sides. Which is great if you’re really, really into Gorillaz. Lots of people left pretty early on.
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