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  1. One of my friends, woke up saw the cancellation and headed straight to the Boomtown site to get a ticket. Bags are all packed and ready to go, and it’s 3 hours closer to home. Deal with the financial fall out later
  2. They’ve said you can still pick up an A5 physical programme on arrival. Or screenshot the app.
  3. Looks like chase and status for me then! Best clash ever.
  4. If you want to avoid the crowds for the streets, play it on your headphones and go watch some paint dry, would have more energy and stage presence.
  5. So the message on environment and litter is pretty much everywhere now. How do you go about getting through to the people who couldn’t care less? (Warning mini rant incoming) We were sat on Brighton beach at the weekend and a group, near us doing a solid jaw workout at 4 in the afternoon were smashing nos like there was no tomorrow. Fair enough, who doesn’t love a balloon? Lovely way to spend the afternoon. Chucking empty canisters and balloons all over the beach, with a load of glass bottles p*ssed us right off though, soo many passers by and people on the beach asked them to clear up their mess and repeatabley got told to do one. There was a bin about 15ft away... How are you meant to get through to people like this?! Completely shameless, all egging each other on whenever someone told them to tidy up. I don’t want to resort to waiting for them to bugger off and tidy up behind them. Tips appreciated.
  6. Am I being blind, or is there a key to say what the yellow areas are on the 2019 map? Im assuming the crew camping areas haven’t moved and are occupying the “out of bounds” areas.
  7. Old_Johno

    Is It Too Hot?

    I remember queuing up for water mid day Saturday, taps were trickling out so slowly. didn't help the showers were shut so the “I can’t survive without a shower” collective we’re showering at the taps when everyone else was dying of thirst
  8. Old_Johno


    It’ll be painted this colour to make it blend into the horizon, they often paint the bottom half of wind turbines green, helps with planning. I’m assuming the council get so much money from glasto they can pretty much get away with anything these days
  9. Old_Johno

    Flops 2019

    The crush at fat boy slim in the glade was horrific, we all left before it even started as it was impossible to have a good time there. Sat half way up the hill for Foals, and they turned the sound down because of over crowding, after a few songs. didnt even bother going to see the streets predicting the crush. glasto needs to work on crowd/ clash control as it can get out of hand so quickly.
  10. If you’re worried about 5g I’ve got some really bad news for you about the lethal levels of dihydrogenmonoixde that have been found on site! It’s lethal to humans in tiny doses, and wait until you see what it does to unprotected metals!!! I demand to know why they think it’s okay to expose us to something like that?! Get a grip people! For starters read a book called bad science by Ben Goldacre. Look carefully for words like “could” and “potentially” when you’re reading these so called studies. Too much of pretty much anything will kill you, and it’s really easy to write a sensationalist headline based off bad science, and lack of scientific understanding.
  11. Old_Johno

    coach baggage limit

    Should be fine, if space is tight the last thing they will put on is trolleys filled with cans, not reasonable camping gear.
  12. Less jamming out on bongos and more ket heads smashing bins at boomtown. I felt bad for all the stewards and security trying to stop people dragging all the bins up into the woods.
  13. Just sneezed and instantly convinced myself the festival is a write off as I have obviously developed a rare and potentially leathal flu... I’m more prone to short sharp bursts of anxiety, that I luckily can normally talk myself out of, had a cup of tea and that seems to have cured the flu... Just the hangover fear to worry about now
  14. If the coach drivers know people will be drinking, (think students, festivals, sports matches etc.) there’s a high chance the toilet will be “out of order” because they don’t want it filling up/ have to clean up the mess. They’re more designed for the odd person getting caught short, than a bar on wheels. As with everything coach related, it comes down to a bit of luck with the drivers, anything over 2 hours will probably stop at a services in my experience.
  15. I wouldn’t bring one unless you’d be willing to leave it (and everything you now can’t carry) behind. Officially they’re not allowed, but people do get lucky every year with a particular coach being empty or a driver that wants to ram it to the ceiling. So depends how lucky you feel?
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