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  1. Was annoying, if we hadn’t had someone put our tent up for us we’d have basically been camping in the car park. Coach was good fun though, did some face painting, chatted to a few people. I’d definitely consider it again, but only if someone else could take the rest of my stuff
  2. I last time I went was coach tickets from Reading, and we didn’t leave until 2 or 3pm Thursday so missed the entire daytime as well. Luckily our friend had put our tent up for us and taken our booze. To the other points everyone individually got their tickets, not just the lead Booker getting everyones
  3. They said spaces were carried over whenever they last contacted me about cancelling so should presumably still be the case. Having said that I can no longer go
  4. Is there an Apple app? Would be a Christmas present to myself
  5. Got given tickets to Kasabian about 10 years ago at the Ricoh arena, seated tickets are always rubbish but these were right at the back, surrounded by Middle Aged women who just wanted to see sex on fire, sound was terrible. Ive seen a fair few bands at multi site festivals like Reading& Leeds, or V festival which had clearly partied too hard after their gig the day before
  6. Oooh tasty! I just checked and the shelter sign up was Feb originally, so will hopefully hear about that early next year for deposits.
  7. Good on the one hand to save carrying it but would probably be to make it easier to stop you bringing any extra booze at all. Especially if they extend that to bringing “mixers” under the pretence of stopping single use plastic on site. I’ve never had a problem bringing 3 crates and a bottle of spirits in with me previously.
  8. Have they officially announced no meat vendors? I know they were targeting 50% vegi options.
  9. I’m assuming it’s smaller, there’s a video on their Instagram with the areas on and lions den isn’t mentioned https://www.instagram.com/tv/CUcvJGPAtHz/?utm_medium=copy_link
  10. I said that pre 2019, she’s certainly a very good singer, but no idea how she’s going to fill 90 minutes with enough entertainment to keep anyone but her hardcore fans standing around.
  11. Thames is full of sewage anyway thanks to Thames Water being shite, and it’s a much larger body of water that flows a lot quicker. I’d agree with banning people for it, just need barcode wristbands that are widely available. Quick scan, beep, enjoy the rest of the festival but you ain’t coming back.
  12. Camper tickets tend to come back on sale randomly as people realise that the camper hire companies have the glastonbury dates in their calendar and ramp up their rates
  13. Officially counting down to Shambino now, just struggling to get a fancy dress outfit for the humanKIND theme.
  14. “and other big events by end of September” looks like it could be mandatory for festivals? Should have been relaxed by next summer in theory, but I thought it would be over by May 2019 so don’t ask me
  15. A cynical man might say it’s because they were struggling with ticket sales. given the complexity of the setup I’m pretty sympathetic to their risks, everything is so bespoke and unique unlike say Reading where the stage pops up on the back of a single truck.
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