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  1. Well good news for everyone it’s definitely happening next year because my annual leave just got approved (holiday year runs July-July) My current thinking is winter will be shitty again, local lockdowns galore but by April things will be getting better, festivals get the green light.
  2. That’s going to start becoming a real headache, business in Leicester gets furlough pay, but if you live in Leicester and work in say Coventry you’d still have to go to work?
  3. What time frame would you do advanced testing in? 2 weeks before? 1 week? A few days? The processing would be monumental, plus the risk of catching it between testing and arriving. I’d guess self assessment form (which everyone will say they’re fine on) and temp check using non contact thermometer on arrival/ before getting on the bus. Will be more to cover their backs than any effective virus control. hopefully by next summer it will be considered a winter problem like regular flu.
  4. Would have been waiting for the coach to pick me up for Shelter volunteering.
  5. Having less people is irrelevant as everyone’s going to bunch together at the front, people pushing through to crowds to get a better spot is bad enough when everyone’s squashed up, try telling 80,000 drunk people to observe a 2m bubble when their favourite band is on and there’s loads of gaps everywhere. The economics and profit margins of festivals are a pretty fine line, can’t just go around taking chunks out of ticket revenue. I think normal resale and if they have to cancel it again it would be a full cancel as it’s a fallow year 2022 I believe?
  6. Less tickets=less money=fewer acts=fewer stages =same crowd density at remaining stages. Would reduce the chances of the virus getting on site in the first place, but really would only take a handful of people for it to spread like crazy. There wont be a new normal for festivals crowd wise, the only thing they could realistically do is pre screening, vaccination certificates or something like that, otherwise the finances fall over pretty quick.
  7. Shambala still hasn’t cancelled, wonder if they’re holding on for “out doorevents under 20,000 to be allowed by the end of August” my very specific prediction there...
  8. Boomtowns just cancelled officially. Tiny glimmer of shambala but fading
  9. You’re overlooking the obvious loophole. 3 pints per pub. Think I’ll be okay with the hundreds of Pubs in Brighton.
  10. Boomtown and Reading especially do have pretty young crowds generally speaking, risk to the participants is low, but everyone going back to their families is the true risk. Having said that as time goes on im leaning more and more to if you’re going to get it you’re going to get it, and it’s upto personal responsibility. I certainly wouldn’t visit my mum/ grandparents for 2 weeks after a festival. At the moment my personal guesstimate of going ahead is 10% for Boomtown and maybe 15% for Shambala (same weekend as Reading)
  11. A big thing this question is missing is the time frame. If Glastonbury was still on this year would I still go? Maybe, but I’d expect to see screening etc. on the gates, or massively reduced numbers. 2021, 100% would go. By then we will understand most of the unknowns, and have tested enough people to know if you’ve had it or not. Immunity will only really be clear over time, I know a lot of people who are unsure if they have had it, felt a bit flu like for 24-48 hours, but they won’t show on any statistics currently. Also Im relatively young and healthy, and whilst there are lethal cases with the under 40’s I’m more likely to die on the way to the festival than from the virus statistically. Would I go without a vaccine If I was over 60? Not a chance.
  12. R&L are still going ahead at the moment, and Shambala the same weekend. They are 4 months away, but if we go down the Germany route then that’s no events over 1000 people until September. The problem is we still don’t know enough about infection rates and immunity to let these events happen. Germany are also batch screening, not testing individuals so thats a lot quicker
  13. Boomtown is still selling tickets too, that’s a 2 month build so I guess they will be announcing it’s cancelled soon. I don’t know how the law works in terms of limiting losses/ cancelling things that could still happen ‘on paper’. Until we’re told nothing will be happening all summer then there’s people who’s job is to carry on as usual.
  14. I reckon it will be a phased removal, probably by job sector like Spain’s done by letting some manufacturing restart. If anything London would be last owing to the population density if we did it by region. I got absolutely crucified elsewhere for suggesting we extend the lockdown for the over 60’s as they’re most likely to die from it. Apparently that’s not fair, even though they’re the highest risk and the biggest drain on the nhs.
  15. In terms of when this will end, am I the only one who thinks months is ridiculous? This isn’t about preserving life, it will come down to the goverment paying out the least amount of money in unemployment and furlough etc., whilst not overwhelming the NHS. Thinking we will be inside until there’s a vaccine is mad.
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