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  1. Feel like Boomtown could drop back down to a lower capacity, 2,000 trees bought the festival back after selling it to run it the way they wanted and reduced capacity, shambala is my favourite m fest and that’s only 15-20k
  2. To be honest half the ticket for sale are from 1 day old Facebook profiles that are looking to scam people
  3. My only problem with the line up is the gate keeping from the ‘maybe Boomtown’s not for you’ crowd. It’s divisive and not helpful, not everyone follows everything lak and co post on social media, and there’s loads of first timers so people do have some allowance to moan. I personally think it’s the best line up for the last 4 fests, I didn’t go to the headline slots previously anyway. Apart from chase and status which was not as good as other times I’ve seen them. It’s a delicate balance between alienating new punters and attracting the dreaded ‘wrong crowd’
  4. The Boomtown source rumours page is updated with everyone from the leaked messages
  5. If I was an egotistical vlogger and I’d snuck in, I would definitely have anticipated not having both my wrists in the video, and be showing them both off. Although even then you can get your wristband off with the plastic bag and string method. If I’d genuinely snuck in I’d be keeping the lowest possible profile, not boasting to random people.
  6. If you rewatch the video, between 2:35 and 2:45 he pauses, rotates his whole body to the left and stops walking, obviously having his wristband checked, then carries on.
  7. There’s camp orchid tickets for sale on the official ticket sellers site, they’ve added capacity
  8. Yeah people complaining about the line up is one thing but basics like that are bizarre
  9. Secret garden party is currently getting torn a new one on socials. Poor crowd control, weak line up and massive queues seems to be a common theme. Toilets went to shit. bristol harbour festival and Bristol pride had overflowing toilets from mid afternoon and way too many people. Is there some kind of industrial toilet shortage? Or have we just forgotten what festivals are like.
  10. I’m less worried about sound bleed and more worried about overcrowding, makes me think there won’t be any ‘big’ headline acts, it’s hard to tell how big the main stages are going to be, but they won’t be as big as lions den that could accommodate half the festival at once. Everyone at Glastonbury was moaning about crowds because the line up had fewer big clashes the stages were either rammed or empty
  11. If you go on the Boomtown fair subreddit that’s probably your best chance, there’s a mega thread for buying and selling. Someone stuck up two wristbands yesterday and they sold in 4 minutes, I've also seen people offering over £100 per wristband so demands crazy. good luck!
  12. Parking is £40 cash on the gate if you haven’t bought a parking pass in advance. Yeah same as Glastonbury there’s no arena, there is a limit on how much alcohol you can take in though. 16 x440ml cans
  13. Got my parking permit today, so keep an eye out for them in the post!
  14. Last 2 years have been near perfect weather which is probably the single biggest factor, wait for a year when it rains for 4 days and then see how many people pack up a soaking wet mud covered tent. Attitudes are changing, but its mostly weather
  15. I haven’t seen anyone selling only the camp orchid upgrade, I’ve only seen them packaged together with tickets. You could try buy one with the upgrade and try sell yours. Bit of a big gamble though. The buying and selling thread on Boomtown’s subreddit has loads with entry
  16. Anecdotally, there’s always been an element of this with all festivals, the pays not great to run a smaller stage so the crew get 15 crew bands instead of the 10 they actually need for the build, and sell the rest/ give them away as a perk. It doesn’t ‘cost’ the festival anything directly pre festival when there’s no cash flow, and keeps the crew happy. If money gets tight for the organisers they start clamping down on stuff like this as they’d rather have the extra cash from ticket sales, rather than happy crew. Gotta be a bit of balance.
  17. I only heard of 1 confirmed fence jumper first hand who climbed over into the wateraid camp and went to the first aid tent there after hurting their ankle. Not sure they added to the numbers. In terms of food queues I’ve only been to Shambino last year, and radio ones big weekend this year, both were suffering with too few/ inexperienced staff and long waits for food. Normally you’d get a few returners but they all lost their staff during covid
  18. My mate runs a festival clothing stall, at festivals all over the UK, and he’s making a fortune on cheap bucket hats at the moment, forget band T-shirts, sunglasses, studded belts or fancy dress. £15 for a £2 hat.
  19. Old_Johno

    R1 Big Weekend

    We went on the Saturday and we were pleasantly surprised. In all honesty thought it was going to be shite, must have been my festival snobbery at play. Calvin Harris smashed it, and saw some other great stuff throughout the day. Only downside: Bar, food and toilet queues were ridiculous, worst I’ve ever seen at any festival, and all the urinals were all overflowing by 5pm. Ladies queue was half an hour at most points. Looks like they underbooked.
  20. Yeah that’s the one, thanks. there’s cash machines so you can get out cash and then transfer it to your wristband. They sent out another email over the weekend on it
  21. There was a really good bit of the website I found the other day with loads of info, but it’s been taken down or I’ve lost it. The camp orchid campsite sounds like it’s where kids town/ whistlers green/ family camping was. Think it said located to the south of the main bowl the current info/ faq doesn’t have it
  22. Loads of people were yesterday, and deeply regretting it. It’s only a city centre day festival and it’s hot and sunny.
  23. If anyone’s going today don’t be tempted to wear flip flops. All the urinals were overflowing by about 5pm.
  24. Harry3 posted above, looks like it’s preloaded wristbands. It might have had a place 5 years ago when not everyone had contactless, if you wanted to streamline payments instead of cash/ chip and pin. But in 2022, seems they’re just hoping they get a bit of cash left over
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