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  1. Lizzim

    First and last

    Sorry, clumsy fingers I meant to upvote but slipped. I live in Leith and have sung this more than once in the Port of Leith. xx
  2. The last few weeks have been life changing and very emotional for me for reasons I won't go into her; Glastonbury fest has been cathartic. But reality is kicking in now. I work freelance so I had always planned to take the summer off, so now I have the time to work out what is important in my life Feeling a bit emotional now watching Stormzy on iPlayer now, going to take me a while to come down.
  3. Lizzim

    I left no trace

    The only thing I left were my sunglasses that went missing in action at Idles.
  4. 7710 on mine. Gate A about 0830 on Wednesday My other half has 11867, so definitely random.
  5. Lizzim

    Miley Cyrus

    I watched the first 15 minutes or so but wanted to see Fontaines DC. No regrets, but I thought she was going down that road. Definitely on my iplayer list when I get home.
  6. Lizzim

    Crowd sizes

    There was loads of room front of sound stage.
  7. Lizzim

    The Weather Thread 2019

    The Wood is a blessed respite..
  8. I have just seen the news from Edinburgh, safe to say if I had been at work today I would still be trying to get home. As it is I am half way to Glastonbury and it is looking good.
  9. Lizzim

    The Weather Thread 2019

    For reasons to complex to go into I have to do my packing this weekend. I have no idea what to pack at this moment, My next week is going to be nomadic so i will probably have to pack my entire wardrobe into the boot of the car and make the last minute changes nearer the time. Does remind me of 2010 though ....
  10. In Liverpool, recovering from a weekend with friends seeing Paul Weller at Delamere Forest. Relaxing after finishing work and knowing i don't have to go back to an office for at least a couple of months.
  11. Collected from royal mail this evening. We missed the delivery on Saturday as we were off to Liverpool to watch a football match. The result made it all worth it , and i knew the tickets were safer with the post office than they would have been with us on Saturday.
  12. One year my OH and i had a bit of an argument and he hid them from me as he was in when they were delivered. He took a photo of them to prove he had them to taunt me with. I think that would have been a valid cause for divorce but he relented after a day. At the moment they are currently on route from Nottingham to Edinburgh.
  13. Ours are somewhere between See Tickets and the Post office - I have a tracker number but it is not showing up in the post office systems yet.
  14. @Tranquility of SolitudeFor a minute i thought you were asking for yourself. Never thought you would have had any trouble 😀 Lock ups are great.
  15. We are also booked on a National express from Liverpool this year - but earlier bus. You will walk straight in at midday i reckon. We did the coach for the first time in 2017 (overnight from Edinburgh) and arrived about 7 am before the gates opened. Once the gates opened and the q started moving it took only about 30 minutes to get onsite - bliss compared to our previous experience by car.
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