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  1. Does anyone keep a car in a garage anymore 😀 Seriously great set-up.
  2. And by staff member they mean Ron Watkins, his son 🤣🤣
  3. @suprefan "Californian dreamin' on this winter Day". Did you put the playlist I'm listening to 😀
  4. I'm celebrating with this playlist, it's very clever.
  5. Contagion is the better documentary IMHO
  6. I have only just realised how long US politics has been in my life. I was born the same month as JFK was elected and he was assasinated the day before my 3rd birthday. It left an impression 😀 As a teenager I got intrigued by the Watergate scandal. Then at school in mock debates over the Ford/Carter debate. Then at university watching all night for Reagan v Carter. So since then it's become a bit of a habit. This is only the second time I've truly celebrated the result, Obama being the first.
  7. And laying foundations for his new political party.
  8. He is utterly ridiculous - claiming all the responsibility for things he did absolutely nothing.
  9. I have been following a US political commentator for years who has been consistently calling for a challenge to the 2 party system. When Trump was elected he (to paraphrase) announced "be careful what you wish for"
  10. I have a date with my sister and her children for a Football BBQ on the 18th June. In Brighton. With our mum. We haven't seen each other since 1st Jan 2020. Much as I love Glastonbury, that's what I'm holding out for.
  11. Well my Mum (in Scotland) has now got her appointment for the vaccine booked and my father in law( Liverpool) has had the invitation to book one - he is all snail mail so a bit slower. So that is a relief and i can start believing the progress figures now.
  12. Maybe should finish the over 80s first though
  13. Well he won't get many Washington DC fans turning out and Airbnb have suspended all bookings in the area so not sure how many adoring crowds there will be for him.
  14. Thanks, I'll pass this on
  15. Or maybe it's really shit in the wards. My sister in law works 12 hour shifts and hasn't been able to take any holidays, and now us being told she can't carry over holiday entitlement to next year. Her children send her video messages when she's on shift to keep her going..
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