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  1. Looks like the policy in Scotland is to complete the second jab in the top 9 groups before moving down the age groups. https://public.tableau.com/profile/phs.covid.19#!/vizhome/COVID-19DailyDashboard_15960160643010/Overview
  2. There is more than just 'gone-away' at play here. My sister in law didnt get an invite at all - has lived at her address for over 25 years - she had to phone up. I got my invite 2 days before my appointment - and some of my contemporaries had to phone up as the letters were late. The NHS are doing a great job at getting the vaccines into arms - but govt/scottish office is rubbish at getting the arms to the vaccination centres.
  3. And that was after editing? 😁 Hope you get back to your desktop soon xx
  4. No, it's for the squirrels. Grey ones, not red unfortunately. And sometimes the urban foxes pop in for a night cap. It's a mixed crowd.
  5. I have my candles lit in the garden. To be honest though I do that every night.
  6. I've got a sore arm (similar to the seasonal flu jab) and feeling a bit achy in general. I've had worse hangovers.
  7. One of those Scottish numbers was me.😁
  8. Thanks for the voice of reason. This thread is turning a bit nasty I fear. There is no national exceptional-ism. Everyone is as good or as bad as each other - state or individual.
  9. According to the Scottish health secretary they are expecting to ramp up to 400,000 vaccinations next week - thats about double the last 7 days average. That correlates with the fact that I have just received an appointment for next week, as have a number of friends in my age group - which means we are moving into priority group 7. I reckon that group 8 should be the following week . Things are defintiely looking up.
  10. If you are talking about the supply figures extrapolated from the scotland site - then these are cumulative : allocated/delivered up to the 8th March. Not additional.
  11. If it's anything like the seasonal flu jab it's more like the Star Trek jabs. I didn't have even notice there was a needle. Love the idea of a beer garden.😁
  12. According to my Facebook feeds from NHS Scotland regions they have just started the any age group with underlying health conditions, so hearing about 55 year olds booking in England makes me feel a bit anxious. Why is Scotland behind England in the plan? The distribution is supposed to be prorated by population after all. So is the take up lower in England or is the Scottish population older and unhealthier? Or is it just regional variations? At this rate my little sister will be getting her jab a month before I do. I know it is good for everyone, but I'm worried that Scotlan
  13. Yeah, and you're the ones that are in charge now. 😁
  14. Hope you never have to suffer the pain of losing a child whatever their age.
  15. Not really sure where to start with this....do you honestly think parents and grandparents don't care about their children. Not to mention the sweeping generalisation about their political intent. Speaking as a younger boomer myself.
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