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  1. Lizzim

    Bowie at Glasto

    I am in tears now.
  2. Lizzim


    Updated my photo on Saturday, spent the rest of the weekend worrying that if the photo wasn't accepted it would cancel my registration. Just got the email saying all OK. So I can relax now.
  3. Lizzim

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

    It's looking pretty empty now, you could have a full picnic going on in there. Complete nonsense.
  4. Lizzim

    Weather 2017

    It has been 17 degrees in Edinburgh this afternoon and everyone is in shorts and t-shirts. To be fair it is full sunshine.
  5. Lizzim

    Cabaret Field bar, Wednesday 6pm: eFestivals meet

    @chrislfc Going by your user name you and my other half will have a lot to talk about.
  6. Hiya Liz! Not a regular poster I see? Please ignore most if not all my ramblings on here if/when you come across them... as I don't usually have my professional mask on! :)

    Have a good weekend

    1. Lizzim


      So I noticed.   Dont worry your secrets safe with me.  I figured you out already anyway.    Only just picked up this message - not sure how it all works here. 

      I am shy - so I dont post much.  In most cases I dont have anything more to say than has already been said.

  7. Lizzim

    FLEETWOOD MAC not doing Glastonbury 2015.

    Just me that is scared of heights then. :-(
  8. Lizzim

    FLEETWOOD MAC not doing Glastonbury 2015.

    Stu, the £50 seats will be in the rafters - seriously scary if you have a problem with heights and miles away from stage. Well Glasgow is anyway and I guess the O2 will be worse.
  9. Lizzim

    The Dirty Independence Question

    My first vote was in the 1979 referendum. I honestly can't remember this level of engagement before. That is the real winner.
  10. Lizzim

    The Dirty Independence Question

    . Without exit polls we will never know. But I can say my nephew who is 16 definitely did.
  11. Lizzim

    The Dirty Independence Question

    Hilarious. Well they didn't ask me and having been married to both a Scot and an English man, I can say that my English husband wins hands down. And he has a sexy Liverpool accent.
  12. Lizzim

    The Dirty Independence Question

    Yes indeed and it wasn't a letter in the strict sense. And plenty of wiggle room. I am sure the intention is there but business environment changes all the time. And whilst there is no practical implications for now it does change the way people think about things.
  13. Lizzim

    The Dirty Independence Question

    LJS cheers. I'm off to see Kate Bush on Saturday I will send your regards.
  14. Lizzim

    The Dirty Independence Question

    I will be in London this weekend thankfully I will avoid any ugly scenes in Edinburgh. The No campaign is awful, designed to push any undecided to yes. You would think it deliberate. I completely understand the vision but question if it is achievable or will make any difference. My hope is that it is No but it does its purpose as a protest vote and awakes the socialist and liberal (not the Clegg liberal) movement. Ok slightly bevvied so words don't come over so good.
  15. Lizzim

    The Dirty Independence Question

    To be pedantic, none of the financial institutions have said anything of the sort. It is just Peston's opinion. On saying that chances are he will be correct. I can't see jobs being impacted in the short term as I imagine it will be a legal change. To all intents and purposes the banks are run from down south anyway. I could be wrong of course but this is where I am likely to be most impacted personally.