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  1. Lizzim

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    I'm still seeing adverts but my renewal went through in the 23rd April. I didn't really want to complain about it @Neil
  2. Staying in bed much preferable to staying in breakfast.
  3. Why do folk keep misspelling "borders" these days? I see it regularly on certain forums, not this one though. Or are you talking about staying in B&B ? Am I missing something?
  4. I'm just waiting for Bob Geldof to show. I remember watching Live Aid all day on the telly and being really pissed of when my landlord came home and wanted to watch the cricket instead so I had to retreat to my room and little black white telly.
  5. That's me done for then. To be fair I've had a few already. Question I have is how do they manage the sound quality from home.
  6. Do you think the likes of California can shut their borders and cede from the other states ?Or have I just being reading too much dystopian fiction? My Mum compared Trump to Mussolini today and guess who came out better.
  7. A long way from Sussex I'm afraid. But I love visiting, hope to be back soon. 🥰
  8. He has a café on Hove beach about 10 mins walk from my sister's house. Well he did last year.
  9. Cases are 38868, so 10x is still a tiny percentage. I reckon its higher as I know of several cases in my extended network, none of them official. Stay inside please and help my sister in law do her job as an intensive care nurse and protect her two children at home.
  10. My brother in law sent a you tube video of some guy explaining it. I thought it was a spoof it was so ridiculous, especially when he started quoting revelations. But my bro in law believes all that shit.
  11. Yeah that's my take on it too. I reckon most of us know someone like that - but it doesn't make it right.
  12. I'd be up for that - unless they close the bridge.😀
  13. We didn't get tickets this year but I feel for everyone who has tickets. I am happy if those with tickets this year get rolled over to next year. I don't know if the tech is up to it but I had planned a virtual festival in my garden this year , anyone want to join me.
  14. Check the departure date on the Tuesday night - previously they NE have buses scheduled to arrive on Wed mornign for gates open. Edinburgh has coaches about the same time too.
  15. We have done that trip before - and may well do it agaiin if we manage to get lucky in the resale. Journey down was good and perfect timing for the gates open. Return journey not so good - but that was down to us getting a couple of grumpy drivers who really didnt want to do the trip and refused to stop anywhere except to swap drivers - we rebelled and they relented eventually.
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