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  1. Why would there be an election then? makes no sense. The tories have an 80 seat majority.
  2. Of course that actually works.. you're closing basically everything. At what cost tho? Also as soon as you open up again the virus will just come back
  3. Literally 0 chance any of this happens. How can you think a general election would happen soon when the Tories have an 80 seat majority. What is in it for them?
  4. Your love of Starmer is a bit much mate.. Also just ignore the guy, he's clearly talking gibberish again for attention.
  5. You just said they should be closed to bring down the R rate like 3 posts ago 😅 Sometimes think you're a really dedicated troll and sometimes I just think you're a complete moron. Hard to tell with this one!
  6. It's a pretty contradictory opinion to hold. You have no issue with kids missing their education just cause it suits you?
  7. You seem to chop and change what you want regularly. Closing schools would basically mean full lockdown again which i am pretty sure you have said you don't want. This virus is going to be here a while we can't just shut school indefinitely it's insane. Not much more important that children's education in society imo.
  8. Why on earth should the schools be closed? It's arguably the most important thing to keep open. Yes that will lead to more spreading of the virus but tbh what is the alternative? These kids to miss a year of education on top of what is already lost?
  9. Great news! A great festival I was fearing might be done forever. Would defo like to go back in the future.
  10. Students I get should have been able to stay at home. But school kids? What is the alternative to sending them back to school? They have already lost enough education as it is.
  11. Sorry, I just couldn't let that go. I'll leave it now.
  12. Yeah it is not over till it's over but it is reasonable to assume that the polling companies have corrected for errors in 2016. Those numbers are very bad for Trump no two ways about it. Please stop saying nonsense like CNN= liberal therefore gonna show democrat leads and vice-versa with Fox- because it is ill-informed nonsense.
  13. CNN poll September 2016 gave a republican lead. Fox News polls in October and November 2016 giving Democrats a sizeable lead. Source here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nationwide_opinion_polling_for_the_2016_United_States_presidential_election Just had to do some digging to show how ill-informed your comments are on this.
  14. @Matt42 https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/oct/06/us-election-polls-tracker-who-is-leading-in-the-swing-states This makes it pretty clear. It's also polling averages and breaks down swing states not just national vote share.
  15. No Matt only you realise that, everyone else is stupid! Deary me you're so condescending with so little to back it up.
  16. He's winning every poll by way higher that Clinton was. I think it is fairly clear you don't have a clue what you're talking about based on your comments regarding politics on this forum.
  17. Unless it is state specific polling it'll only predict the popular vote, which Clinton won. It wasn't some huge upset and his victory didn't come out of nowhere.
  18. How can you say he appeals to people that don't usually vote and that makes him successful? Turnout in 2012 and 2016 was almost identical.
  19. will it yeah 🤥 must be exhausting getting this worked up about case numbers every day
  20. Daily deaths : 19. What exactly is the insistence on getting so worked up on here about the case numbers? It's like some people on here are looking for reasons to get worked up sometimes.
  21. Who knows what the chances are but I would be shocked if it was that high. Ultimately it is his decision though- he wears a mask 'meticulously' and doesn't break the rule of 6. Should he lock himself in his house for the next few years? This attitude needs to change imo- the virus is here for the foreseeable it isn't going to just disappear.
  22. He wasn't being risky though? He was carrying on a social life within the rules? The writer seems like a controlling nut job to me.
  23. Lots of cases but only 33 deaths and hospitalisations way way down from spring time. Is there really any need for the hysteria?
  24. Maybe it was but it wasn't meant to be. I do think the amount some people here are following every single bit of info re Covid is extremely unhealthy. It is good to be informed and I guess a lot more people have a lot more time on their hands atm but that is just my two cents.
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