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  1. This is amazing! Unfortunately I’m in Scotland so sturgeon will wait a while before joining. I’m away to Copenhagen late feb so praying it’s gone by then to save us like 50 quid or whatever
  2. I think there often is decent discussions on here but I think it’s pretty hard when every second post is from ozanne who usually posts some drivel about how great starmer is. Occasionally people will bite and call him out on it and then they’ll be accused of bullying. Rinse and repeat every couple months.
  3. Careful CF, you’ll be getting accused of being a bully soon enough
  4. The U.K. gov website seems to say pcr or antigen test taken within 24 hours of departure
  5. Basically boils down to a weird kind of crush/ obsession with starmer. As mentioned, ozanne voted Lib Dem in 2019 so he’s hardly a Labour loyalist
  6. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.france24.com/en/france/20220120-france-says-will-loosen-covid-19-measures-from-february I don’t see anything about testing so don’t think that’s changing. I just assumed it was an LFT to get in
  7. France loosening restrictions including masks outdoors (😂😂😂) as of Feb 2nd despite recording over half a mil cases yday. Good stuff, planning to go to Paris in mid March 🙏🙏🙏
  8. The worst part of covid for me was the feeling of being robbed of time. If i was 60 odd I wouldn’t give a fuck really cause I’d have done my stuff. I’m mid 20s and so much has Had to be put in ice for this for years now. It’s brutal.
  9. Get the government out by following and retweeting me 😂😂😂😂
  10. These people are insane. Genuinely feel sorry for their kids. The worst ones imo are Patterson and that Kit Yates guy and the Doctor Oxford person. All have something to sell. The ultimate worst is Eric Feigl-Ding, the guy is a disgrace and he causes so much harm intentionally. Deepti is a fruit loop but don’t really think she’s a bad person just a bit nuts. Pagel probs the lest bad of the lot. At least at one point I’ve tried to see her spread good news even if it’s occasional.
  11. Now that Devi is no longer accepted in the zero covid club I had a look at the replies to her tweet with her guardian article in it. There are some really unwell people out there who have totally lost the plot with this thing tbh. It cannot be normal to be that terrified and also put so so much faith in masks.
  12. Think he means with regards to covid 19. In which case he is entirely correct
  13. thrown under a bus is hyperbolic surely? The 3 vaccines given is a gigantic amount of protection
  14. Thrown you under a bus how exactly? Genuinely curious
  15. People can’t seriously be shocked that party whips are doing what party whips have always done. That’s their job, get MPs to vote with the party at all costs. Not saying that’s good but it’s hardly new
  16. What would you have done to him exactly if you’d seen him...
  17. You’re not seriously telling me the 0.5% comment was anything other than attention seeking lol??
  18. Yeah I’m fine cheers. just perplexed as per at Steve’s bizarre attention seeking.
  19. This translates to : ‘Please please someone give me attention!!!’
  20. I don’t have kids but if I was 10 years old or whatever would I fuck want to wear a mask all day, can’t imagine many if any do unless their parents have petrified them. I genuinely wonder how people like Deepti functioned in society even pre covid
  21. The point remains the same tho. They said that France’s strategy would keep cases low and it didn’t. I think it’s fair enough when Indy sage point to Japan, S Korea and NZ as good examples (this comes at a huge cost tho they don’t mention) but to hold France etc up as a country dealing with it way better then U.K. is ludicrous.
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