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  1. This is appalling. What exactly does he stand for if not being against that. He’s Labour leader ffs. That is indefensible (unless you’re ozanne of course)
  2. Or they could increase the cost of their drinks and food. Happens in other countries
  3. Must be a slow day at work if you’re baiting ozanne like this just for a reply Stevie
  4. He didn’t even mention the VONC Johnson faced and did shite in a few days ago? A huge open goal which would silence the tories. How can that be pretty good. You know it’s bad when u let Ian blackford look better than you
  5. We get it mate, you love starmer. It’s borderline concerning at this point how obsessed you are with him
  6. fraybentos1

    Sam Fender

    Weird take on why he and his songs are popular 🤣 don’t think it’s that’s deep
  7. Nah he’s going to call a general election at a time where he could lose his own seat 🤣
  8. About the 100th time You’ve said this and I genuinely can’t understand how you don’t realise how dumb it is. They’re behind in the polls and currently have a big majority and recent polls have shown him losing his own seat. And based off this you’ve decided he’s going to call a general election 🤣🤣
  9. Think deep down you want it Stevie just to see the ozanne meltdown
  10. Plenty of 18 year olds have money. Be that their own from working or getting it off their parents or their student loans. They also have no responsibility for the most part. When I was 18 I worked part time and was a student and had plenty disposable income. Most festivals are filled with 18 year olds.
  11. Is that the radio 2 one on YouTube? Never actually seen it before but that looks brilliant I’ll listen to that soon. I think that’s when Noel is at his best, just him and an acoustic guitar. That set list is off the scale good
  12. Has to be 2024 really. Latest it can be is Jan 2025 and there obv won't be one in January. As you say, he's obviously not going to have one earlier than 2024, that would be utterly nonsensical.
  13. Would be somewhat amusing you’d have to admit, not least for ozanne’s reaction
  14. Mate even you’re sick of his starmer pish now and we all know it
  15. At a music festival and looking up starmer’s approval ratings 🤣🤣🤣🤣 dear lord
  16. They’ve tried for tickets, who knows they may have got them in the resale for this year. They wouldn’t expect free tix for that but they get free ones for R&L etc
  17. Disabilities fair enough but if you choose to fly in for the festival then that doesn’t warrant special treatment
  18. fraybentos1

    Kanye West

    Maybe not but he’s clearly been told before it’s a bad thing to say. The guy got Kanye and Kendrick mixed up, this clearly isn’t about number of albums - they both have plenty. And as you say; Mumfords, AM and many many more have headlined on 2 albums.
  19. fraybentos1

    Kanye West

    Should be called out imo. It’s not a good look
  20. fraybentos1

    Kanye West

    Yeah I’m sure your issue is number of albums 😂Kendrick has plenty and you’ve just got him mixed up with Kanye. Wish old weird men weren’t allowed to use the internet. Also anyone that says ‘all lives matters’ is by definition a total c**t
  21. Fair play, if that’s true then that’s amazing for those going. I think they’ll defo do 2023 headlining. Tbf the killers did a small stage so why not I guess
  22. If AM did do it (doubt it) would be likely their very first gig back and a first showing of new songs. Can’t see it happening, they’ll headline 2023 tho
  23. fraybentos1

    Club Covid

    Girlfriend had it in December and I never got it despite sharing a one bed flat. Then I got it last week for the first time. Had to miss my grandad’s funeral. Was gutted, typical awful timing.
  24. What a terrible take on things lol
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