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  1. Yeah the Kasabian part I totally get, I meant Paolo playing below them or more just he fact he supported LG in general.
  2. Still baffled by that tbh. He's obv much bigger up here but he is doing 2sold out nights at the ally pally in london which is a lot of tickets and also a couple of arenas. He's big enough for the slot imo. He doesn't play enough of the oldies tho i agree and the ones he does play some are done badly.
  3. Literally no one has or would suggest this. Sub or other headliner is entirely reasonable but yeah maybe he will play lower. Not a clue what you're getting at with this. You're making something mad up to discredit reasonable suggestions.
  4. It would have. He is massive up here. He is doing 5 sold out nights at the hydro in december which is like 60k tickets
  5. Paolo is bigger than Jamie T. He's got sub or other headliner written all over him. Way more mainstream than Jamie T
  6. You’ve been searching on twitter all afternoon and that’s the best you can come up with. Deary me.
  7. Neither a guess nor a public announcement, it's just what the people in the know are saying on the AM forum. They can defo be trusted.
  8. It means almost nothing tbh. AM will release a single next month that won’t trouble the charts. Really doesn’t matter. Sam fender has 1 top 40 single and he’ll headline next album for example
  9. I guess cause it’ll the first U.K. gigs they’re playing post covid there’ll be more hype there.
  10. If theyre leading with that it hardly bodes well for what is to come
  11. Christ almighty, is that it? They're so pathetically boring and every policy announcement is so mundane. Totally uninspiring. Just saw You Gov polling showing 60% in favour of nationalisation and only 15% or so against. The Lib Dems have more to offer on this fs.
  12. I get the frustration but they don't really have a leg to stand on. You're clearly buying a ticket for a day of the festival, that's what it will say in the small print. And of course 'lineup subject to change'. I'd be raging too tho of course.
  13. I can't think of a group less deserving of cheap tickets than students tbh. I had more money then when I worked part time than I do now.
  14. I swear someone on here has said sheffield was 1-4 june before
  15. Album October 21st, single in september
  16. Do you know the other two locations? Manchester and cardiff or something?
  17. Cheers mate, I’m sure they’re doing glasto too
  18. 😭 thanks anyway. Is it all in May or goes through to June ?
  19. This is regarding the 1975 …
  20. On Monday Starmer will say no nationalisations and you'll lap it up
  21. But Ozanne just assured us they were co-ordinated?? Pretty embarrassing from Labour tbh, so many open goals missed. Never has an exclamation mark done so much heavy lifting
  22. Gordon brown and the Lib Dems making more noise than any current Labour politicians. Pretty embarrassing
  23. I don't think it will have too much of an impact this year. There's no two ways about it, the vast majority of people that go are well off and will cope just fine. And based on demand, there are hundreds of thousands more waiting to take their place.
  24. My point is that it has become the cultural behemoth it is cause they book huge headliners that get loads of TV coverage on BBC and people want to do it as a bucket lost type thing. Stormzy was small for doing it, no doubt about it but he is clearly way way about Little Simz for example. Stormzy only had one album but it wasn't just Glasto that gave him the step up, TRNSMT did it too and they only book people that will shift tickets in big numbers among the kiddies. Wolf Alice are never gonna do it and tbh they do not deserve too. I'd guess the same with LS, they simply don't shift the tickets or have the listens that headliners do or are well known enough.
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