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  1. Potentially. My point isn't about whether renationalising utilities is good or bad, but I think everyone can agree that saying X to get elected then reversing your position once elected is shocking.
  2. No doubt this will be met with Ozanne crying 'Tory' at this as a means of deflection. But I genuinely don't see how anyone can accept Starmer just lying his way through the leadership election and then reneging on all the things he agreed to. Like total 180s on so many things.
  3. Worst thing that ever happened to marvel was the TV shows. It’s total overkill imo. also that new Thor film was dog shit
  4. Streams count towards the charts I think
  5. Truss genuinely seems less charismatic and more wooden than May which is some feat. I don't think Labour should be overly fearful of either, however the Tories having a BAME/ 3rd woman leader before Labour have had either is pretty mortifying. I know Labour have more diverse MPs etc but most of the public don't care about that.
  6. The old songs sound pretty shite apart from Candy and Coming up Easy. He clearly doesnt want to play the oldies but a lot of the crowd are there expecting to hear that
  7. Or maybe it just isn't a good move politically lol The fact your only response to maybe Starmer isn't the messiah is to scream Tory is very telling.
  8. There are 9 days until summer recess and a new leader will be in place by the time it is over. It isn't happening. Starmer could stand up in the commons and take a dump on the benches during PMQs and you would say it was a good move tbf
  9. Yep, 80 seat majority. Same reason the new PM defo won't be calling a GE even tho if it was gordon brown they'd say he should be
  10. Waste of time. No way they're going to bring don their own gov to replace a PM who will be gone in like 7 weeks anyway, some of which parliament is even sitting.
  11. They can't really split the vote. Lowest ones will be eliminated and their votes will go elsewhere in the next round. Presumably those votes would go to other further right candidates.
  12. fraybentos1

    The Strokes?

    Average age at trnsmt is about 12 to be fair. Felt very old there at 26. I'm still shocked trnsmt booked them, their own show would have been way better.
  13. Enjoyed Friday and Saturday, stayed in the flat yesterday till the queues had died down so didn’t get caught up in that. Paolo was as expected, didn’t play many old ones and when he did they didn’t sound great imo. Enjoyed it overall tho. Fender was great and defo a future headliner. Foals sounded great and really liked the strokes, never thought I’d get to see them in glasgow.
  14. The streets aren’t gonna sub trnsmt. Blossoms is a fair shout cause they’re there almost every year
  15. Someone who has a good record of knowing stuff in the glasto forum said courteeners were doing Murray field I think
  16. Not letting me message you but do you know venue AM are planning for Scotland? Also how likely would u say the T Swift stadiums are to go ahead next summer? Like it is it close to being booked in.
  17. Lizzo is infinitely smaller than katy perry and she played 3rd down
  18. What is with people on here suggesting lizzo as a headliner? She’s not even close to the conversation. People lost the plot cause she did a decent set in 2019. Pretty sure she’s only played academies in the U.K. so far lol
  19. It's hardly a wild shout, they could easily do it. Not saying they will but they're defo big enough.
  20. I mean each person would need a credit card with £1800 credit limit, that sounds easy enough. Basically any adult can get a credit card and then just pay it off before interest
  21. Long way before it gets to the membership, it#s all about who the MPs want first
  22. They could just use a credit card
  23. The august last year sold well
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