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  1. Tbh I wouldn't have had a problem with him debuting new songs like that if the songs were any good lol.
  2. Yeah the right wing festivals that exist are like. Garden parties where someone's kid plays guitar and a tory mp talks for a bit. (Of course, the message is still 'kill poor people' . They just have a way of making the language palatable.)
  3. Ezra Furman was brilliant and beautiful and I love him, as always. Honestly had no idea what John Grant does, though he was a folk guy, so that set was a wild surprise and honestly a great time. Bon Iver didn't really do it for me, not sure why as I love the albums, the crowd had a bad vibe (yes, the damn talkers) and the performance had some issues I thought, but maybe I was just grumpy by then. Such a shame about the sound this year. Gone downhill across the board, BST level at times, presumably because of nimby tossers making a fuss about how great it was last year.
  4. Thing there is that socialists are good and tories are evil bastards. I for one will be boycotting the festival this year over this decision.
  5. Shame on the festival for letting Daily Mail pearl clutchers push them around on this. Leave the artists alone.
  6. They're not really active at the moment are they? It'll just be someone playing Phoenix songs out of the PA.
  7. Yep, they've basically just bumped the main stage acts up a slot. It's on the app.
  8. Yep seems like they're handing out BMTH tickets to anyone who'll take them. Hey, it's a free Idles gig!
  9. Mash011

    2019 New Music

    New Sufjan!!!! These are bloody wonderful
  10. People said the same about BST a few years back and that's still going strong. God knows what contract they have with Huawei but I doubt the festival's in any danger, deep pockets behind it.
  11. Mash011


    Yeah, that lineup ain't up to much, really. At least I get to laugh at everyone who told me Vampire Weekend wouldn't sub. But I'll watch their set on the telly. Putting Black Midi on at 11am in the WG is a funny move though.
  12. I'd recommend getting to the back of the crowd for the last song and legging at as soon as he finishes, at least. The tricky bit will be if you hit the crowd leaving Primals too, I think it gets pretty congested, and you're going from the other side of the site. I'm going to watch all of Primals, but there's only 2 of us so I reckon we can slot into Chems pretty easily long as we're out quickly.
  13. Not at full price but I couldn't have afforded that even if it had a great headliner. I think the lineups they've gotten for these are well made across the board, really, they're varied while still making for a cohesive day of music. Seems daft to look at them and go 'this would be better if everyone on the lineup sounded exactly like the headliner'. Sales wise the problem is that BMTH and C&TQ just aren't big enough draws to headline events like this and sell them well.
  14. Tbh I'm going and I have zero interest in BMTH and will probably leave before they come on. So it does get people in to book like that. (admittedly I won them in a contest)
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