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  1. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did
  2. It was awesome. To me it seemed very personal to him, and because of that of it felt really personal to me as well, having been brought up on the Beatles since I was born. It was like he was sharing everything with me personally and not just doing the anticipated gig for the masses playing hit after hit of Beatles classics (although the last hour was incredible) I am not sure what others think, but it almost seemed like a farewell from him to me, I really felt the gig was aimed at me and me alone, corny I know but that is how I felt and still feel now. I play the first hour as much as a play the last. And unlike other legends it seemed like it was all Paul, there wasn't much support for him, deliberately so, it was mainly Paul for the whole two and a half hours, he wasn't looking for the rest of the band to help him out at any point, he was putting it all out there himself, no hiding place, not bad for an 80 year old, he was saying this is me An incredible gig, I am honoured to say I have seen a Beatle, one one who really gave everything, and to me personally. It blows my mind, I was so lucky to be there, still buzzing now
  3. The good old Glasto water carrier (the steel ones) for peeing into during the night (dont worry I have one for drinking and one for peeing!) They have a wide 'girth' so ideal for peeing into during the night, dont hold a great deal so you have to cut yourself short a bit (so to speak) but means you dont have to stumble out of you tent looking for a toilet at 4 in the morning. Then take it to the nearest bog in the morning and pour it away ... makes a great hand warmer if your cold during the night as well! I am surprised noone has developed a pee bottle for people in their tents. Just needs to be the same as the Glasto water bottle, just bigger, I am sure it reduce the number of people peeing on the land
  4. Having camped in Rivermead the last few years and arriving Wed and Thurs afternoon I would guess based on this year Wednesday night 80% Thursday night 95% It was certainly more full, much earlier this year, we would have struggled to get anywhere near our usual spot in Rivermead had we arrived Thursday afternoon again this year Quite difficult to guess as some camp sites will be 99% full Wednsday (Pennards, Oxlyers, etc) but others I think will probably have lots of space (Rigs field, South Park, etc) - everyone finds a space in the end (I think?!)
  5. No I didn't misunderstand at all. I know what the 1 in 40 means. But if you walked past a group of people who all went to Glastonbury and all came back with a slight cough, I would guess one in in 10 (or one in 5) would have covid. Then if all of these people spent a prolonged period of time with vulnerable people then the chances of them infecting those vulnerable people will be quite high. Genuinely interested to know, would have you done a covid test based on what I said earlier?
  6. Not really, the chances of me having it weren't significantly higher than one in 40 werent they, having been to Glastonbury where there appears to be a lot of infections and a lot of people in tents in close proximity for long periods of time, and having a slight cough means my chances of having covid are significantly higher than most 'normal' people and my chances of spreading it to family members who I know to be clinically very vulnerable are even higher as I will be having a higher level of personal contact with them and for a longer time
  7. I had a very slight cough this morning so thought it sensible to do a covid test this morning in view of that, and the stories of infections at Glasto this year, and the fact that I was supposed to be scattering my Mums ashes tomorrow (who died of Covid) with my clinically vulnerable brother (primary cardio myopathy) and nephew (Chrohn's). Thank god I did, it was just a slight cough and something I wouldnt have bothered about normally as the cough is so slight at the moment. I would never have forgiven myself had I not done the pointless test this morning
  8. WH Lung - incredible stuff
  9. Checking in to the Covid club! Felt fine all festival, noticed a slight cough last night, and tested positive this morning. Deep joy!
  10. The quality of the screens at all the stages i went too were ace, really high quality pictures, nuch better than previous years iirc. I assume they were all new this year?
  11. WH Lung (one of the best sets I have seen I Williams Green, incredible!) Macca Wolf Alice
  12. We seem to have lost a lot of urinals, in the camping fields I walk through anyway (pylon/bushy/rivermead) not sure why?
  13. Loads of space in Pylon, rivermead and Bushy. I would recommend looking away from the main paths which make the fields look full, there is loads of space along the edges of the fields so have a scout around the edges, and they will be quieter. I am in Rivermead now next to the stream in the Sw corner and there is buckets of space. Nice chilled vibe too
  14. dingbat2

    Queue watch

    We drove up from Glastonbury town to West car park at 1pm, no traffic queues at all (thanks parsonjack for the advice!), directed to pink car park unfortunately so quite a walk to Gate A. No queue to get in, and plenty of camping space this side of the site in Darble, Pylon, Rivermead and Bushy. West Side rules! Have fun people!
  15. Thanks parsonjack for your help, I think Somerton > Street > Galstonbury > West car park is probably the way we will head. One more question if you dont mind, you mentioned the A361/A37 junction will be closed. Will the whole of the A361 from their to Pilton, East to West be closed? Just wondered if heading North at that junction towards Shepton Mallet then down the B3136 to rejoin at Pilton is possible at all. Thanks for you help!
  16. Thats the route we usually take but i though the East to West road to the north of the site through Pilton (A361) was closed on Wednesdays?
  17. Is that the route you take? And do you travel on Wednesday (as they reopen some of the roads on Thursday) Thanks
  18. Yes that was the one I was thinking, I just wasnt sure if it was a good idea or even possible with all the road closures they put in place during the festival?
  19. Is going down the A303 then turn off just after Podimore onto the B3151 past Somerton > Street > Glastonbury > West cat parks possible, or is that a no goer?
  20. ....... yeah, I will be waiting for it...lol
  21. Shouldn't we all be packing and looking forward to 5 days in paradise now?! Take wellies, trainers and a few jumpers and you will be covered whatever happens. Time to get excited now rather than worrying about what might or might not happen and will no doubt change again in the next few days. It ain't going to be a mud bath so no need to panic, might or might not be a few showers here and there but who cares, its all a part of the experience, and unlikely to spoil your enjoyment of the festival in any way
  22. Thats very helpful thanks! I was wondering whether to go M4 then down and keep with the west car parks, or brave it and go M3, then up and head to East car parks
  23. Hi, has anyone got any advice for a virgin Wednesday arriver?! Thanks
  24. It was you who recommended them though wasn't it? I think they are are a great live band and it would be ace given a better slot at a festival, there's nothing not to like, electoronic music, DJing, live guiter, live drums, etc.... exactly the sort of thing i am looking for! I see they were at Boomtown recently
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