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  1. So did everyone stay for Jay Z, Kanye and Beyonce? Some of the most polarizing headliners recently, dont leave them out. Cause it sure looked like people watched them the whole time.
  2. American format for all the dates. Sorry.
  3. We’ve seen this before. Theyll pepper festival line ups next year for sure.
  4. I dont think you wanna know. Prob gonna ask £200 for good seats.
  5. Probably the only way they would even say yes.
  6. First festival of the season for Billie Eilish. 23 songs in 90 mins. Setlist probably going to stay the same and itll be interestnig to see how she fares if she is indeed headlining and the audience isnt 3 feet away.
  7. Suprefan

    Olivia Rodrigo

    Cross your fingers she isnt filming her tv show in June. Thats the big hurdle
  8. Its festival flu. Considering everyone has not been in those elements for a long while our bodies can’t deal with extra dust/pollen/smoke and this happens. Add in the fatigue and the immune system isnt ready to deal. Tons of people at american festivals have gotten the same thing the last couple months. The irony is the moment you stop wearing a mask at a festival cause you feel “free” is the moment this creeps up. I was just at my first festival last weekend and the grass had been destroyed be ause there was one the prior weekend in the same place. It was insanely dusty so covering your face was ideal. I also took allergy medicine all weekend to prevent anything from really being an issue and im fine now. Im sure quite a bit of people inhaled their fare share and arent feeling too good. Also took a covid test a few days ago and negative.
  9. Oh yeah, and did I get that final Billie Eilish show wrong? Nope. Dont know what the rush is.
  10. Actually, he has a song with Snow Patrol. That could be it hahahaha.
  11. Im making a joke. But I really dont think theres any reason he wouldnt add some dates considering this touring format with every weekend having a gig somewhere. He could easily do more more dates at Wembley. We'll wait til next week for whats next. And regarding Elton its going to be interesting if people just snag tickets for Hyde now since the O2 got pushed back so far. Or if people just sell them.
  12. What if I told you, there were some some extra dates being added during Glasto weekend to ease everyone off the cliff...
  13. Nvm, Ireland is in April and May. He really is just trying to play on the weekends. That tour goes all the way til the end of September. Question is, what the hell does he have in store for America. He stated this is part of the next 3 years of his life, so maybe its a farewell tour? 🤣
  14. He just wants a weekend off and a guest spot with somebody, nothing more. Considering how he is scheduling those gigs I doubt there isnt something Glasto weekend. 2 more Wembley dates would fit that bill. Where are the Ireland dates.
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