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  1. Jack wasnt as bad as Wet Leg.
  2. Suprefan

    2023 Headliners

    Always funny when a band headlines every other festival in the world and its not good enough to just end up on The Pyramid based on random technicalities because it wouldnt look good on tele or something.
  3. Suprefan

    2023 Headliners

    Tyler should still be an option one way or another.
  4. Suprefan

    The 1975

    Wasnt there a thread already.
  5. Suprefan

    2023 Headliners

    so you didnt just copy pasta from TMZ, cause they said all the same stuff, along with billboard and the like. And yeah, she fucked up by deciding way too late on signing the Vegas contract vs doing Coachella and it obviously bit her in the ass. You never see a Vegas residency announce their shit with a short lead up cause its all gotta be done right. She sounded great on Friday, although the 10 min champagne toast break she did with some fans really killed the momentum. I know Adele talks a lot at her shows but this was nex level. It wasnt to that degree in 2016 on tour.
  6. Yeah. But its a matter of him saying yes. He also would prob do a few more Police songs in that kind of set I figure. So 70/30 Police to solo stuff.
  7. Suprefan

    Special Guests

    The perfect move shouldve been to have had TLC for no scrubs.
  8. I rolled my eyes everytime somebody mentioned green day, it was so tiring during any chat at the fest. Although it was a nice feeling Sunday morning to just tell anyone Jack White was the 6pm and there was no denying it. Plenty of surprised faces with that one. And you could tell there were plenty who never try to go in depth on whats happening vs the top rumors. Pretty happy attending the 2 secret sets I did this year. Both easy to have a good spot for and escaped the crush of another.
  9. Stinks I could never get my Dime account back and when I re applied I was "rejected" cause they thought I was gonna cut and run or something. As if having had an account for 10 years prior meant I just leeched. And no sign of the uhd on there?
  10. Humbug came out a week before Reading 2009. Close to it but still time to listen.
  11. Suprefan

    2023 Headliners

    Thats a problem for lots of the big fests. There just arent enough slots for everyone that could fill the top of a lineup. They could be sneaky and just throw in fleetwood for legend and you technically have 4 headliners in a respective. Maybe even give them 90 mins. Its just theyre on in the daytime. Gotta get creative somehow. And on the female headliner talk, when are they gonna get to 3 female headliners. Thats the biggest obstacle when it comes to genre diversity. I mean that could be the pitch you make to Taylor now so she just holds off on coming back til they got that lined up. But who else is put in there. Wolf Alice is the obvious "rock" choice and Florence isnt really defined as a pop act so you got that going for you. They prob couldnt roll the dice on a Paramore cause of looking like Reading/Leeds, even though they shared some top talent. If Olivia made a total punk album for her follow up it would def lean towards not so pop I guess. But do they throw her up to the top that fast cause they capitalize on the stardom and you luck out with a right place/time if her career slows down. Always tricky.
  12. Suprefan

    2023 Headliners

    Didnt everyone say that when Jay Z headlined? Its over cause they got a rapper? Or when Robbbie Williams played? Been there, done that
  13. Suprefan

    2023 Headliners

    That twitter account has no history of getting touring or performance stuff for artists. They just are connected with the major labels when it comes to music thats coming and such. But really they have a thing for AM news and always have updates about them.
  14. Oh its gonna be insane. Although I would hope the frame rate isnt at 60. I lile the 30fps stuff since its a bit more cinematic. Although I thought I had gotten a uhd kendrick cause it was 6gb, but it was the 3 hour program.
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