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  1. Doubt it. Youre not forseeing the over saturation of the market once things go full whack. Everyone will just have too many choices and pricing will be favorable for that reason. Acts will take the money thats there and shouldnt be thinking they have to gouge anyone at all. they should understand the hunger for gigs and theyll just have to book more gigs to meet demand. If you even consider doubling ticket prices then patrons will find somebody else to go watch and call you out on your greed. Agents will be competing against each other and dont want to be on the short end because they demande
  2. If they actually did want to move to September then the availability of acts is going to be thrown up into the air. There are a lot of north american fests in Sept alone now and going into Oct that would remove a lot of talent off the books. Anyone going to say that Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits and Coachella ( looking strongly for an early October 2021 move btw ) wouldnt have swallowed up enough talent with the head starts they already have? Thats not even including Primavera Sound Los Angeles, Life Is Beautiful in Vegas, Riot Fest in Chicago and iHeart which is also in Vegas who gets a lot
  3. Dont say that to taylor swift or BTS fans.
  4. Its under the assumption that Saturday Night Live is her album launch right? I mean since she isnt performing it could be a ruse as to not alert people even moreso and she will drop a single this Saturday night. Much more of a surprise.
  5. Not weird at all. The last 5 - 7 years of Coachella have gotten more and more dust filled so having some type of face covering is pretty much required unless you want to come back with the “Coachella Flu” as we have gotten to call it. And wearing a mask/covering in 100 degree heat is much different than Glastonbury being easily 30 degrees cooler on average.
  6. Surprise is if she dropped it and let everyone have at it, but marketing won’t allow that.
  7. More like Emily assured them they would return when the timing fit and 2016 was already booked at that point. U2 signed on to play twice in 18 months didnt they?
  8. Yes, cause fuck you if you think Im gonna believe theyll enforce their rules at the rate the clown show uk gov is going. Unless they place tracking bracelets on everyone they wont be able to truly find anyone. Facial recognition on cctv isnt gonna find you if you have a mask on the whole time. You can buy a burner mobile and leave your actual one turned off. And considering that the 14 day rules can change anyway depending on the country of origin then it’s moot. If the UK actually does come through to provide testing when you enter from a country they deem as high risk then that
  9. Thats why it needs to end up that way. If its razor thing in some spots thats all they want to say fraud. Already foul play in California where a fake ballot drop box emerged and who knows how many ballots mightve been placed inside before it was removed.
  10. And Im sure that same mindset got you lot into Brexit. Fortunately you don’t have a say, I do at least.
  11. Probably cause it was a pretty expected Legend booking and there wasn’t a left field choice which wouldve brought more discussion with it. Like if they managed ABBA, everyone would be losing their minds. And cause the chatter of the announcement went in another thread.
  12. You meant to say he left the residence and went to the Oval. It’s not as if he had to go in a motorcade to go downstairs and then to the West Wing.
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