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  1. I had the same issue last night/this morning ( sorry, california time ) and I thought something happened. But I was a few hours early it seems for the real chaos of the announcement from maccas tweet.
  2. Right, something in that vein would seem to be a good way to have them appear. Itll still be rammed I imagine.
  3. Right, something in that vein would seem to be a good way to have them appear. Itll still be rammed I imagine.
  4. Suprefan

    2020 headliners

    If you wanted to get cryptic, I think they could drop her name on her birthday. She will turn 30, and its a friday on top of that. So can they place The 1975 on Other during Macca? Would seem par for the course.
  5. that would be pretty common to do here in the states, have to try to stop touts in any way possible. Short window between onsale and performance lessen the chance and make the market difficult to sell. Im sure theyll have extra measures to prevent that anyway, but still.
  6. I mean, I wouldnt complain about them repeating back to back, but I mean, would you repeat an Other Stage headliner just cause its the 50th? Or maybe they just appear in a different setting? Dj sets in diff areas over the weekend?
  7. Somebody threw a bottle at Crowded House at Coachella in 2007. And they played at 5pm! Still had to get through Willie Nelson and Manu Chao before Rage.
  8. I think his voice will be fine if there isnt an active tour around the festival. If he is playing in norway or something a couple days prior, I would have concerns. If he only has those paris dates and then nothing else, he’ll be fine. I mean, i probably shot myself in the foot and he is going to announce a europe tour tomorrow now.
  9. Suprefan


    The nashville show sold out within minutes, therefore it would have zero effect on the festival itself sales wise. Its the power of Tool. At least there will be a new audience that hopefully gets into them now.
  10. Suprefan


    Gonna be tough now, unless its just random festivals for a bit. They are supposed to be a headliner for Bonnaroo, thats mid June. So if they have an EU tour for May, then its likely only that unless its split up and the U.S fest is just in there to break up things.
  11. Suprefan

    2020 headliners

    Is it such a bad thing if an artist is totally quiet? Not really, if kendrick is on it, he is on it. You can give then credit for keeping mum and zero indication of even coming to the uk at all.
  12. The rumor for MCR was just Milton Keynes at the moment. Who knows what else they have lined up, but thats the only venue that has their name attached to them in the uk since Download was taken off consideration.
  13. Suprefan

    Taylor Swift

    Likely a grey area since what scooter wants to stop is actual broadcast tv, since network broadcast tv programming in the u.s is ''free'' vs a service like prime video which you have to pay to have access to. Also, Amazon mightve cut a big fat check to scooter since they have essentially unlimited funds as it is. And if BBC had to cover their bases and only show Lover songs, then they would be hoping Taylor has a section of her set thats only those tracks so they could show a decent portion uninterrupted. If not, then they wont show it til the next day and piece it all together.
  14. Thanks, might just have to buy some gear then if it comes to it.
  15. Suprefan


    We return to Australia & New Zealand for the first time in six years, playing the following shows: February 14 Perth, Australia RAC Arena February 17 Sydney, Australia Qudos Bank Arena February 20 Brisbane, Australia Entertainment Centre February 22 Melbourne, Australia Rod Laver Arena ticketek.com.au February 28 Auckland, New Zealand Spark Arena ticketmaster.co.nz Tickets are on-sale Friday, Nov. 22 via Frontiertouring.com/tool. Pre-sale tickets are available on Nov. 20 at 2 pm local time to people who sign-up in advance via Frontiertouring.com/signup
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