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  1. Vivendi, which means they arent going anywhere.
  2. When did you order it. And it came in a sleeve which by some miracle not bent?
  3. Well they are putting 2021 tours onsale right now. HAIM went onsale today for example. See is getting income just not on as large of a scale as previously. Live Nation also, but with them its knowN how much cash they have on hand.
  4. Oh I agree, and Im not even implying that they had to implement distancing at all either. I was just pointing out the ways in which they could reduce the amount of people on site while not having to do anything rash. If they didnt sell more tickets thats better than doing nothing, isnt it? Theyve got to be weighing those types of things though, and I wasn’t even going to dip into the extreme end of what they could do in order to have the festival and not push it another year. We’re at a point where no idea is off the table anyway, so what harm is it to talk about it. We could just not take into consideration anything at all and then just scream our heads off when they do take a course of action and think its the wildest thing ever for them to have done.
  5. Yeah, but they have to get creative as to how they want to reduce the amount of people that will be on the grounds while not taking any tickets from anyone that has already bought one.
  6. Yes, W.A.S.T.E./Sandbag is Radiohead’s merch company that they created themselves. I have never had a bad experience with them at all in the almost 20 years of shopping with them. The one time I complained over a damaged portion of the In Rainbows boxset and they sent a replacment pretty quickly. I mean they just have to be understaffed to be handling all this stuff. But still no excuse to be dealing with orders this badly.
  7. 10,000 less people ( guesstimating ) is 10,000 less people regardless. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Where was it heading to anyway. Hopefully if they have to replace anything you ordered they could because theres nee stock. i think its going to be a cruel joke that I spent almost $200 usd and get absolutely nothing out of it.
  9. If they had to “reduce” capacity then theres a few things they can do. There is no resale at all, they cut back the sunday locals and maybe even cut back on how many children are allowed.
  10. Well my thing is have they had anyone go on before 9pm. Radiohead did their normal 2 hours and change so that wasnt a big stretch btw since they went on at 9:30. ( just saying ) oh yeah, what if GnR are booked for BST over glasto weekend and it’s going to be a while before they announce that?
  11. But is Glasto willing to give GnR 3 hours of set time? Cause thats their average since their return save for the 4 hour marathon they did in LA 2 years ago.
  12. I think they would still roll it over and there would be another group of people who would just take their deposits at that point. So there will be an even bigger lot of resale tickets. And even glamping options. it would be a whole other situation if we had all paid in full and they were holding the money for this long. But since its only £50, nobody is getting in a twist over it. the most difficult thing is international travellers. We cant just magically rebook a trip and everything at the whim of the festival.
  13. Theyre ensuring they sell a lot of tickets because they arent trying to gouge anyone. Theyll make a lot of their money off merch sales for sure. Plus this is a casualty of a post covid world where agents cant be asking for a pile of money for their acts. Also with currency conversion and fees in north america that would probably come out to $75 for standing. Not even including vip packages and such.
  14. Its something at least. I imagine theyve got time to sort it out. And I would presume that they do understand not everyone would be able to go to one place to get tested either. And I guess I shouldve not said place and used company. They could set up sites around the country and you would have to make do with that depending on where you lived. Of course international attendees will have a little bit of a different experience as it depends on the country of origin. Another obstacle of course is children since they are the number that is not calculated with the number of tickets sold. Wonder how many parents that go to Glasto are anti mask/testing/vaccine.
  15. Unless they force you to get tested only by one place and place security measures in that cannot be forged. Lets say you are required to be tested 72 hours before the fest, you go to the testing clinic theyve chosen, you get your test and they wristband you after. Each wristband has rfid thats tied to you and only you. Your results will be available the next day and you go to the festvial. they obviously have to check your ticket thats its you, and scan your rfid thats also you. Cant get in without either being legitimate. and I think theyll have to suspend the EPO this time.
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