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  1. At this point it has to be Oasis at glasto or I wont care.
  2. You can argue that Harry booked Wembley out of sheer efficiency. You can play to the same amount of people at Wembley in one night then it wouldve been with 4 dates at The O2. Billie just rebooked everything so that it mirrored the original tour. If there was a concern visually ( poster wise ) with that sort of thing then you keep Harry off the poster and drop him in later as a surprise slot. It wont be that big of a mystery anyway. a surprise sub wouldnt really be seen as being put a notch down. Mumfords were going to do it and they headlined already albeit theyve lost a bit of their draw, its still fairly large name to put in that position anyway.
  3. I said give em the day off on Saturday so they can gear up for the Harry arena dates.
  4. There are extra dates with all those gaps. So whats the discussion if he adds Thursday in Dublin? He aint doing 3 in a row and then youve got the travel issue going Sat to Sun. If he was slated to play in any capacity for 2022 there wouldnt be the Germany gig on Sunday. It would be Monday at worst. Billie still has days off in her country jumping week right before Glasto, no reason why Harry wouldnt either.
  5. Suprefan

    Gig Ticket Prices

    Safe to say Silk Sonic wont take a lower fee for Glasto.
  6. Suprefan

    2023 Headliners

    I guess Coachella doing what they did is really worrying the Glasto faithful. Its going to happen eventually, just get it over with now while you can. Maybe its an anomaly more than the norm, you never know. If youre the festival booker and you can snag them both, you do it. There is always another stage to go to as it is, its more of an image thing for the poster comparisons then anything else. Remember everyone buys a ticket blind anyway. They truly have all the freedom to book the fest how you choose. Ignore all the negative people, or for that matter, the concern over negatives and just do what you like. I wasnt too thrilled with Sheerans name next to Radioheads in 2017, but what was I supposed to do, not go?
  7. Suprefan

    Wolf Alice

    Harry Styles tour support. They join up in Germany on Sunday the 26th. Play Glasto on friday, travel to Germany on Saturday so youre ready for the tour.
  8. If you dont have to take a red eye to another country for a gig, why do it? Especially in these times, like there isnt a need. In the end it is up to the band, but if youre their manager and youre taking into account their well being, you give em a day off to be able to travel and be ready for whats ahead. Why are you going to rush the support act of a major tour to have to be at a festival gig the night before?
  9. You didnt see us Coachella people 2 weeks ago with the “we got Rage Against the Machine wrapped up” thoughts. Nobody is safe!
  10. I think they would have a crowd. Its just if thats what theyre aiming at. Theres potential to have a clearer picture on of if people will take the chance on Billie or not after Coachella since youll have the clearest comparison for crowd size and production. If I come back and say that the sound was bad in person then theres no way itll be better at Glasto for example.
  11. Mitski got a good shot now on top of thag.
  12. Def gonna be more then that with the gaps. quality openers for Harry. Wolf Alice can only play friday now with that schedule. Mitski is def in play.
  13. Again, rotating stages. Literal stages that turn and have another set up behind them. Like Ive been to quite a few that have done that. The final Warped Tour 25th anniversary dates in 2019 had them and that was with 35 bands across 3 stages. See video below. Maybe I should say revolving. I mean the Hollywood Bowl has one built into its stage cause it comes in handy.
  14. Talking about getting into the uk. I got 3 jabs in me so thats not an issue. At this point there is a negative test before I fly and then I need to test again within 48 hours of entry into the uk plus isolate. Hoping things get better so its not such a pain. As it regards the festival they havent even explained what theyre doing which they will have to when the balance window comes up. Cause youll have to make a choice based on your status. Inhope glasto says you need full vaccination plus maybe a booster so they wont gst anyone who just needs a teat to get in.
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