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  1. Suprefan

    The 1975 2020

    U2 is even worse than those. The Joshua Tree 30th tour had people setting up a queue a few days days early where you went and got a number. ( all unofficial mind you ) then to return the morning of the gig date and get into your respective positions and queue at the stadium when allowed. the 1975 dont care what happens with those kids that wait out in the streets for days on out. Venue operators and promoters have had to sort it all out themselves. U.s venues On this current tour have given fair warning that there would zero queing or pre queing allowed a week before respective gig dates and that local police would give out citations for loitering and trespassing if it wasnt obeyed. as a long time Radiohead Fan and being very familiar with queing overnight for their gigs its gotten much more civil over the years because its only been the same people who do it so everyone knows how it will go. Very few new people really bother with trying to think they would get to a gig earlier than the small group of attendees that go to a lot of their gigs over here. lets be grateful that the current batch of K Pop acts do not have standing for their gigs. It would probably result in deaths. if you wanted to see the most extreme case of this, look no further than Lady Gaga’s tour for Art Pop when she was going to play stadiums. There was a standing section for those dates and the thing that set off her fanbase was that the first person in the queue at any date was to be handed a Key by Gaga herself to signal that they may enter the “Little Monster Pit”. So after tickets were secured people started to camp and queue out of venues weeks at a time to ensure they were first. Taking shifts with friends to keep that first spot, missing school and work and such along with it. Just to have that small recognition of being first.
  2. He will be busy doing some u.s dates Anyway which is a smarter move since audiences will not have seen him and can get excited for a new record soon. Really happy he is at Pitchfork since they havent booked a uk mc since 2008.
  3. Yeah, the people who waited to show up late. I got to JP during King Gizzard and was able to get a spot on the barrier still. Lots of people dont want to believe it til it really happens so they wouldnt want to hedge their bets.
  4. Cause having room is never a bad thing.
  5. Be there again you mean? And if we made a list of acts that had nothing going on in june or july it wouldnt ever end. Next time he is there its likely as an Other headliner or a good slot on the pyramid. And artists are allowed to take time off, they shouldnt have to constantly be performing and bending to our desires/wishes.
  6. Just saying. Even one of the most iconic venues In the states has that ability. The Hollywood Bowl built it into the stage when they installed the new band shell back in 2004.
  7. You dont need 2 Pyramid Stages built, you just need to build a rotating stage so the changeovers are 5 minutes in between acts if you wanted to keep the music from not stopping. Its a prominent thing in the u.s. for radio festivals so they can keep the event going non stop.
  8. I kinda wish the Paris line ups happened here. Lots of acts they have had on those that have never played the one here. They experiment more with bookings and such for that one and are a bit more safe with the u.s. version you could say. I thought they almost had booked the 1975 because theyre 2 states over the same weekend of the fest with nothing else scheduled. Gonna be a fun weekend, just hope it doesnt rain.
  9. Suprefan

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    If she cancelled Glasto, she would cancel Coachella too and aint no way thats happening. Thatll be the next show for her. At least its not like Win Butler when he lost his voice and had to have surgery in 2007.
  10. The Weeknd at least has radio hits which would give more familiarity to everyone. Im sure Reading would book him and would draw well.
  11. So The Weeknd just announced 3 nights at The O2 in the autumn. Anyone gonna bet on him now?
  12. Free to roam, they have a good selection of beers too. You have to buy drink tickets, but if you go in early you just stock up on those. Goose Island is their primary beer sponsor. They also do a collaboration with one of the artists to sell exclusively at the fest. Its a deceivingly small affair, just over 20,000 per day if its sold out. And it ends early at 10pm, thats the city's noise curfew for festivals. But last call at bars in Chicago is 4am, so its a win win.
  13. Its only £130 for a 3 day ticket. Just gotta fly to Chicago! My 12th year going, always a fun weekend. You have to hope the weather holds up though. I dont know if many of you wouldve survived the horrendous heat wave they had last year.
  14. Ask Phoebe Bridgers, she is taking the flight from Latitude!
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