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  1. Cant. He has to be in Germany the next day
  2. Let em go for broke. ADELE
  3. Its a loss when they were able to get her in the first place. Harry is around but he wouldnt be able to have his whole stage show. And why you guys wanna take Coachellas stuff. At least Doja was there!
  4. Dont thinj they need fake kasabian. female for female is likely the move. Emily isnt going to just let another big Spot go to the boys
  5. Somebody in the secret sets thread says they got word libertines are opening other
  6. Suprefan


    I think positioning of where you are at the pyramid factors into that park walk time. I swear I did it in 20 back in 2017. If youre in the back of the Pyramid fields its def gonna take you longer. And if you leave on the right side going towards john peel and walk it then thats maybe the 30 mins. Might have to make that walk from Macca to Jessie Ware on saturday night, timing pending.
  7. If she gets em removed, its at least a month recovery. So whats the bigger gamble, trying to see if you can sing without the removal or get it done and not lose out on a whole summer of stadium gigs and all you lost was a handful of fest slots in europe. She was being careless already so hopefully this is a wake up call and she quits vaping so she can take care of business. Either that or she just mimes the rest of her tour.
  8. Since this morning. Its alright. She also said she is going to get her tonsils removed soon. Which Im sure is what probably happens next.
  9. Suprefan

    The Park 2022

    Looks like its friday, but still a matter of when. I think early afternoon based on their billing.
  10. If Elbow is before Kendrick are they just welcoming a clear out of the field after theyre done? Gonna be real easy to get up front if thats the case.
  11. I mean just ask to get somebody banned and youll get that sorted out straight away.
  12. Female, has the songs, and a primer for the future tour dates to get people excited watching on tele. Emily got Billie for Taylor, so Florence for Doja seems pretty even.
  13. Saw them last week. they still got it and I hadnt seen them since the last time they played in LA, which was the last time they were here anyway. Played all the hits so itll be a great time seeing them fit it all into an hour.
  14. 4-6 weeks, esp for a singer. No way they risk the eruope stuff for what she has the rest of the summer.
  15. If Wolf Alice took it for example then theyre slot on Other has to get filled which might make it easier. But if theyre going to attempt to get somebody with similar star power then it can be a challenge. you cant just give it to anyone out there. But again, they have time. I would also think that if the schedule and full lineup is still out on tuesday that they will leave the slot as TBA and itll be pretty glaring til they say something. And at least that slot will be officially announced unlike the other tba's. Maybe Florence will take it since she turned down Park? Her on Pyramid again would be good. Thats a female act for a female act, her album is gonna be #1 this week anyway. And Doja did confirm on twitter she is likely to get her tonsils removed soon.
  16. Big time. And post tonsil removal ( which im assuming happens ) the recovery time is 4-6 weeks. That takes her out of all her europe stuff. Im assuming that gets done, they play it safe and she is ready to go for her tour with The Weeknd. She has a festival in the u.s. this weekend so Im sure theyll announce something tomorrow. And yeah, who do they get if they actively seek out a replacement. not like they got 4 million bucks to get The Weeknd lol. Silver lining is they have a month and not under 2 weeks.
  17. We gonna get Harry Styles to fill in for Doja Cat as a secret now?
  18. Oh this is gonna leave an empty spot somewhere. Matt42 must be in shambles.
  19. Suprefan

    The Park 2022

    Who doesnt want to get rammed by a wet leg lol
  20. Suprefan

    The Park 2022

    I just hope Con Man are maybe before them so at least Ill have a good spot before the ramming commences.
  21. Suprefan

    The Park 2022

    Florence florence florence. ( hopefully she changed her mind )
  22. Suprefan

    The Park 2022

    Sunday night ends early anyway. Wet Leg gonna be rammed thiugh if theyre on at 4pm or so which seems about right for them.
  23. Since its a live set itll be much different than the albums. Go find some pro shot sets on youtube.
  24. Suprefan

    The Park 2022

    Now which day is each headliner. Its not automatic that theyre in order of day, correct? Con Man, Gabriels and Wet Leg will suffice. Now I wanna know who is in Crows Nest. Suspect Confidence Man can do it again.
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