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  1. It was Bryan Ferry. I was there, he was ace.
  2. Interestingly George Best also died on 25th November.
  3. It was obvious, I just didn’t like it.
  4. “Grabbing press”? Fuck does that mean?
  5. Aye, the vaccine news seems to have reinvigorated everyone. Which is great.
  6. If nothing else this certainly bumps Reg up the list of potential replacements. Current state of play: Kendrick - Playing European festivals around Glasto, looks a lock. Macca - Has hinted at returning but no clear dates just yet. Taylor - I’m not aware of any dates or news that places her about next summer. Have I missed something?
  7. That’s because he’s not bigger than Muse.
  8. Not gonna lie... On a personal level Kendrick - Macca - Reg would be as close to a dream trio I’m ever gonna see in one year. Can’t see it though.
  9. There’s no part of that sentence that doesn’t sound terrible.
  10. It’s possible by June that vaccines will be available privately and commercially so the richer acts will be able to pay for their crews to be vaccinated before setting off.
  11. A lot of acts will be doing the European festival circuit so I’d imagine that if there are any quarantine requirements by then they’ll just come over early. Personally I’d be happy with a total rebook for 2021.
  12. Seconded on South Park. If you’re a fan of the series and a fan of RPGs they are a must play! Stick of Truth is the best one.
  13. Can I get an abridged version for those of us with less than four hours to spare please?
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