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  1. That was a spectacular implosion from Real there.
  2. Carvahal you silly, silly boy.
  3. True, but if they have to make a decision by roughly the same time the poster is due then it makes sense to make the decision first then announce.
  4. That’s not the logic at all is it? The weather is unknown and would cause a last minute cancellation. This is something that is known about and is being discussed months in advance.
  5. You don’t think it would leave a sour taste if they announced a list of names only to cancel a few days later? IMO the go/no go decision will happen around balance payment time, which is usually when the poster comes out. Would they really release a poster if they’re not sure whether it’ll actually go ahead? Hoping for late March “GLASTONBURY IS GOING AHEAD!!! And to celebrate here’s the poster!”
  6. Jokes aside I can’t see any further lineup announcements if there is any doubt over the festival actually going ahead.
  7. England didn’t lose a single side in the group stages of either the CL or EL. So yeah, they’re doing alright.
  8. That Davies at LB looked absolutely terrifying!
  9. Jesus, that Duffy stuff is horrific.
  10. I wouldn't, I'm about 4/5 pounds heavier than I should be. Haven't been able to train as much due to weather, illness, angry toddlers and excessive biscuit consumption and have only ran ten miles once in my preparation for this. Plus I haven't slept properly for about a week now due to the aforementioned toddler. It will not be enjoyable.
  11. Running a half on Sunday that I am hilariously under prepared for.
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