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  1. Yet that hasn’t stopped millions of people buying his records or going to his concerts.
  2. Underworld 160 NIne Inch Nails 100 Garbage 110 Orbital 75 Super McFlurry Animals 90 Doves 160 Chemical Brothers 145 Björk 125 lggy & The Stooges 187 Massive Attack 65 Groove Amanda 110 Bloc Party 175 The Prodigy 141 The Flaming Lips 100 Queens of the Stone Age 147 Portishead 210 New Order 117 LCD Soundsystem 355 Tame lmpala 31 (-10) Christine and the Queens 270
  3. This is why I hate young people.
  4. I don’t even know what that means.
  5. Not gonna lie, I’m also in the “Dylan is overrated” camp.
  6. Yeah I really enjoyed them on the Pyramid a few years ago, then saw them again at Ally Pally a few months later. An hour of them was great but when it stretched into headline length it really started to drag. I’m unconvinced they could hold a headline crowd.
  7. To be fair the likes of Biffy, Foals and 1975 have all headlined the other major festivals in this country, as I’m sure the likes of Wolf Alice and Royal Blood will. There’s just one final further step up that they need for Glastonbury, which none of them have been able to make so far.
  8. That’s what I meant by “were enough people ever there?” Its Catch-22 because when a band reaches a certain point and size the only way they’re really grow any bigger is through massive events, such as headlining Glastonbury that attract huge amounts of press and casual viewers. But if they’re not quite big enough to get that chance then they are forever stuck.
  9. FWIW I actually thought the two Everything Not Saved albums were among the best stuff Foals have done. Just seems that too many people have moved on from them. Or not enough people were ever actually there.
  10. Yeah Foals’ time is gone and unless the 1975 pull something big out next album I can see them following.
  11. Indeed, but first time at GF though.
  12. Final point on Ezra - his involvement in the live stream marks him as a “friend of the festival”. The sort of thing that’ll be considered when they’re deciding who headlines. If there’s any doubt over Ezra that’ll tip the balance.
  13. His last album was massive and there’s no real reason to think the next one won’t be either. He’s a mortgage job if you ask me.
  14. There’s no way Ezra isn’t headlining next time he plays.
  15. Something like Ezra/Gaga/Mac wouldn’t shock me for 23.
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