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  1. Hugh Jass

    2020 headliners

    I love Blur, I mean really love them, but strangely I’m in no rush to see them back on the farm. 2009 was so good it almost renders any future performance unnecessary.
  2. Hot Chip did pretty well in the voting post fest.
  3. Going there with the intention of getting as many negative votes as possible suggests you’re planning to antagonise.
  4. It’s still going online and annoying people for the sake of it. No different to the idiots who come on here doing it. I have no love for the Mail or those who read it but trolling is still trolling.
  5. Still don't really see the point of this behaviour. You're not also glastoloverpaul, ollie and jimbarkanoodle are you?
  6. Slipknot in the Royal Albert Hall...
  7. As I’ve said before I live for that sweet moment when you craft the perfect comment - witty, insightful, fiercely intelligent yet displaying an undercurrent of sensitivity - clicking “Submit Reply” and waiting for the upvotes to come rolling in... ...Then you don’t get any so go back to posting Simpsons memes.
  8. Hugh Jass

    Musical Confessional

    I've always thought the consensus on here was that Adele smashed it. Don't recall seeing any criticism of her set afterwards.
  9. Hugh Jass

    Musical Confessional

    I also struggle to see the fascination with Daft Punk. I thought Random Access Memories was one of the most overrated albums of all time. Their best song relies on Pharrel and Nile Rogers.
  10. Hugh Jass

    Musical Confessional

    I really enjoyed Simulation Theory and still listen to it regularly.
  11. Hugh Jass

    Musical Confessional

    I know what you mean, I'm approaching 40, am married with kids and am certainly much less interested in what's "cool" these days. I find myself slipping into the comfort of Absolute Radio and listening mostly to the stuff I enjoyed when I was younger.
  12. Hugh Jass

    Musical Confessional

    Aye, I dug the Hot Fuss vinyl out after seeing them and I agree. The first half of that record is sublime.
  13. Hugh Jass

    Musical Confessional

    Whilst discussing the work of Genesis at length. Then afterwards he returned some videos.
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