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  1. They'll be more than a couple at a Levellers gig that won't have even seen a bar of soap
  2. justperfect


    Anyone else use the Louvre near the cider bus. Mrs P had a number 1 in there
  3. How about having a plane fly over the pryamid next year with your face on it ?
  4. justperfect


    Saturday was rammed for fatboy
  5. Cant fault SEE. Up at 7am, packed and in the pen by 8.10, boarded and setting off to Manchester 8.50 5th time coach user, wouldn't travel any other way now
  6. Also from Rochdale. Also dreading the thermal meltdown I'm probably going to suffer from this weekend
  7. Might as well see the job through to the glorious end. Thanks for your efforts the past week or two.
  8. @briddj......when you setting off? I'm not there until Thursday......what am I going to do whilst not doing much work all day Wednesday on here ?
  9. Neither will I......I will be however checking up on here for ground and weather conditions for my impending arrival
  10. I'm struggling with the "I have mates" part of this.....
  11. justperfect


    We have what appears to be a globe ready to be hoisted into position
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