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  1. You have never actually been to Glastonbury festival then my friend
  2. Hairs on the back of my neck were up throughout that
  3. I took my kids to the Pikachu movie last weekend. Please do not waste 90 mins of Glastonbury time on that pile of dross. I'd enjoy eating a growler whilst sat in a long drop more than I enjoyed that movie
  4. Im over it now. A little read of the resale/competition threads and I'm suddenly feeling a lot more positive about my situation.I'm pretty lucky. Got mates who are arriving Wednesday so they are pitching up for me so basically i just have to turn up, dump my rucksack and I'm out. That Wednesday at work is going to be shit knowing they are there tho
  5. 10.00am Thursday from Manchester. Not the best. Keep having to remind myself that it's better than not being there at all.
  6. National Express leave from chorlton st bus depot
  7. No, I got mine in the original sale. Must have been one of the later ones to get through as Weds had sold out Thursday from Manchester is my departure
  8. That's weather porn
  9. Think we're getting our coach times earlier than usual this year aswell
  10. Anyone got the vid of the ground wobbling because of the amount of moisture it was holding. It was when I watched that I knew we were in for a long weekend
  11. Hoping the streets headline JP on sunday
  12. Has Nal retired and you've taken his job ?
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