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  1. ah shit, although I'll probably be at Download anyway!
  2. System of a Down seems oddly plausible, could see it going down a storm 🤘
  3. stonedcircle


    Used to be obsessed with that first album when I was 10/11! Remember having this on my Bebo
  4. @Lostnotfound Dickies & hockey socks!
  5. It's always puzzled me how bands like blink-182, Green Day, Fall Out Boy etc have never had a proper look-in at Glasto, despite their massive mainstream appeal. Especially now as almost every other genre is represented, from the more obscure (metal as extreme as Gojira / Napalm Death) to the completely 'mainstream' (Sheeran/Cyrus etc). Where's pop punk been this entire time? While some have made the occasional appearance (Panic at the Disco), it's certainly never been a regular feature on the lineup. It feels like a bit of a shame, as in their hey-day some of the biggest pop punk acts would have been great on the farm and offered even more variety! 🤔
  6. Not glasto’s vibe necessarily but Blink-182, Green Day, Fall Out Boy etc I think fall into this. Bit of a shame really!
  7. Wheel of Four Tunes! Dizzee! Dermot O Leary!
  8. 2013 - Rolling Stones 2015 - Kanye West 2016 - LCD Soundsystem 2017 - Scouting for Girls 😎
  9. The Guardian’s got stingy over the years! https://www.theguardian.com/arts/competition/0,13349,1502046,00.html
  10. Picked up the guardian today! It seems a bit odd though - is the scanning of the barcode tracked to the purchase of the paper? Or could you request the barcode be scanned without purchase and get the same result? the guy at our newsagent knew exactly what to do! bit of a worry...
  11. Fireball! So versatile - great with ginger beer, hot chocos, straight, put in wounds, clean off mud ... need I go on
  12. stonedcircle

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Hare Krishna tent for free food. Not too bad either!
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