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  1. Is there any consensus regarding who this secret set might be? Green Day too pie in the sky?
  2. I feel this warrants its own thread..... let the speculation run rife! Ghost? MCR? Some shit DJ?
  3. Fair, maybe even a rogue JP set?
  4. This is where my subconscious placed them. They would be a great fit!
  5. Had an incredibly vivid dream last night that Limp Bizkit played……premonition?
  6. Yes!! Deffo looking forward to this - hopefully they drop this banger
  7. Don't think this has been posted yet - Do we have any country acts on the bill so far? And who are we hoping to see? 🤠
  8. ah shit, although I'll probably be at Download anyway!
  9. System of a Down seems oddly plausible, could see it going down a storm ?
  10. stonedcircle


    Used to be obsessed with that first album when I was 10/11! Remember having this on my Bebo
  11. @Lostnotfound Dickies & hockey socks!
  12. It's always puzzled me how bands like blink-182, Green Day, Fall Out Boy etc have never had a proper look-in at Glasto, despite their massive mainstream appeal. Especially now as almost every other genre is represented, from the more obscure (metal as extreme as Gojira / Napalm Death) to the completely 'mainstream' (Sheeran/Cyrus etc). Where's pop punk been this entire time? While some have made the occasional appearance (Panic at the Disco), it's certainly never been a regular feature on the lineup. It feels like a bit of a shame, as in their hey-day some of the biggest pop punk acts would have been great on the farm and offered even more variety! ?
  13. Not glasto’s vibe necessarily but Blink-182, Green Day, Fall Out Boy etc I think fall into this. Bit of a shame really!
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