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  1. Glasto blues are still in full swing. This thread is for sharing 3 of your photos. Photo 1 - Your fav Glasto landscape photo. Photo 2 - A photo of you. Photo 3 - A photo of your Crew
  2. It's as if you wrote this thread for me. Me and my mate absolutely loved the jazz this year, Ezra Collective, Sons of Kemet.. But the best was The Wormhole, always have the best trippy Jazzy tunes on. Was anyone else in there Thursday night from 1am? Best partying of my bloody life!
  3. Wilfko

    Flops 2019

    I was with 5 mates who are all VEEERY casual listeners, know literally one or two songs (Less I know the better probs), and they came away saying it was their favourite set of the week. The same group of friends who despised Radiohead even though I adored that set too. Apocalypse Dreams was pure euphoria for me.
  4. Wilfko

    Flops 2019

    Oh my God I was in heaven for that set. Personal experience is a funny thing isn't it.
  5. Wilfko


    Managed to get 3rd row back infront of Yannis. Holy shit the moshpits got lairy, for some reason the BBC coverage were reluctant to show much of it. Got within 1 meter of touching the greek god himself during What Went Down.
  6. It's true though, the state of Pyramid perticularly is disgraceful.
  7. Tame Impala (Apocalypse Dreams was probably my fav one track Glasto moment ever) Foals (admittedly I was front rows so didn't deal with reported sound issues) Kola Roasta in (The Wormhole)
  8. Loved the build up to the fest in this thread and the Weather thread.. Off to the Farm 9am tomorrow and couldn't be more excited. Suggesting the idea of the Gherkin Jar will forever be a crowning achievement for me.
  9. Wilfko


    Jesus at least we can just attend tomorrow.. Couldn't imagine how mad you were!
  10. Wilfko


    Be me, buy tickets back in Feb for me an my buds for the Ally Pally gig tonight. Book today off work, make plans with the lads who have all done the same.. Buzzing. Fish the tickets out from my letter drawer.. Realise you actually booked Saturday tickets and you've wasted your annual leave and all of your friends. Beers on me tomorrow I guess.
  11. Only got 2 days of work left before heading down Tuesday morn. Easy day of work tomorrow, day off to see Foals in Ally Pally Friday, then easy day Monday. So bloody excited!
  12. Wilfko

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Comrade Dyatlov was in the long drops having a dump apparantly.
  13. Tuesday Morning, hitching a ride with a friend who's camping in her CV (got her tickets on resale so we'll earned!). Buzzing to spend all day Tuesday sinking a few Ciders in what will obviously be glorious sunshine knowing I don't have to wake up at 3am for once.
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