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  1. Wilfko

    Saturday Headliner Poll

    Im forcing myself to head into SE Corner Fri or Sat night for once as I always bail due to the queue size. I'd happily see The Killers or Chem Bros but Tame Impala on the Friday night are more important.
  2. All I know is that the right side of the field (facing the stage) has a much better view of the stage when you are mid/far back compared to the left. From my experience anyway it seems more of an incline on the right. Is this entirely in my head?
  3. Wilfko


    Jamie T Sunset, Sunday 2015 was pretty bloody special too.
  4. Lekkido Lord of the Lobsters is a pretty good 'Is kinda terrible but brilliantly Glastonbury' shout. Me and a few pals accidentally bumped into his bizzareness in the Theatre field 2015.
  5. Wilfko


    To be fair to the fans who sit down, it was the Band themselves who started it as a thing.
  6. Wilfko


    White Onions, Sunday, Cafe D Athens are my standouts. In Degrees might grow on me. That said White Onions would be much better without the Whoooas, let that fat riff do the work!
  7. Paines Ground. Always have and always find my way home no matter what state I'm in.
  8. Wilfko


    Thats fine because Nightswimmers is an absolute tune.
  9. One of my favourite things to do at Glasto is looking up at the Tor and seeing the tiny shapes of people who hace climbed it and are looking back down at the festival in full swing. Always gives me a buzz that im inside the walls. For me the Tor is as synonymous with the Festival as the Pyramid is.. I like the logo.
  10. Wilfko


    So its confirmed Part one will have 10 tracks and part two out later in the year will have another 10. Yannis said during the interview, 'Album 1 is the groove and Album 2 is the banger'.
  11. Run The Jewels, Pyramid 2017.. shit went off!
  12. Sorry if this has been discussed but what do people think the chances of Foals making an appearance are? 'Part 1' of their new album drops beginning of March and they are in Germany 24th-26th June. Full touring summer. Seeing as they were the Friday afternoon Pyramid slot in 2016 where could they go? Pyramid Sub or Other headliner? Would they take Other Headliner? Phenomenal live band.
  13. Wilfko

    The Darkness

    I adore The Darkness, their debut album is an absolute rock classic and their following albums were also pretty great from a Rock perspective, most recent album is a bit naff though. Seen them live at Roundhouse and they were bloody awesome. Seriously underated band and I do not understand the hate for them on this thread.
  14. Booked a flight to Buenos Aires as I've decided to backpack South America until Glasto. Does this count as prep?
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