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  1. Imagine the scenes if it were real
  2. I bet they fall over laughing every time. It’s genius in a way.
  3. Do the bars still serve Pooborg lahhhhger?
  4. Not sure if they're touring but Groove Armada have apparently called on Glastonbury. Would be amazing if they were booked with a live show.
  5. Slugworth

    Who Are You Booking?

    Hall and Oates, West Holts headliner, Friday
  6. Enjoyed this one. Good luck.
  7. They are one of my must see's
  8. June 21st is their last US date until July 10th. I'm going to hold onto the hope
  9. Hall and Oates are touring this year. Where would they play? West Holts surely?
  10. Slugworth

    2020 headliners

    Has he been announced for BST?
  11. I'm good with trying for others. Will it be ok to ask for help for 4 people who weren't lucky in october? Is it just a case of forwarding reg details?
  12. Congrats Joey, Hope all is well!
  13. Slugworth

    Sleeping At Glasto

    I usually drink a pint of water with berroca before i sleep. Usually does the trick.
  14. Wiley is preparing his response according to his Twitter.
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