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  1. Slugworth

    Kanye west confirmed

    For me it's Kanye is back. With a big fuck you. Looking forward to the Kid Cudi/Kanye album
  2. Slugworth

    What’s your wake up tune?

  3. Slugworth

    new Arcadia show confirmed for 2019

    I went to Arcadia on Saturday and thought the Reaktor tent was great. Could be used to split the crowds at Glastonbury
  4. Slugworth

    House Music

    Give us another one then haha
  5. Slugworth

    House Music

  6. Slugworth

    House Music

  7. Slugworth

    House Music

  8. Slugworth

    House Music

  9. Slugworth

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Got my tickets today for Method Man & Redman. Blackout is such a great album
  10. Slugworth

    Glastonbury evolves

    NYC Downlow?
  11. Slugworth

    Suggest a good flag slogan

    #TIMRON Best flag that never happened
  12. Slugworth

    Prime/Netflix me

    Designated Survivor is pretty good. Binged watched the first season. About to start the second. Tried Dark yesterday but the dubbing is terrible so will probably be giving that a miss. Shame as it looks great.
  13. Slugworth

    Album of the Year 2017

    Stormzy - GSAP's
  14. Slugworth

    UK G @ 20

    RIP MAJOR ACE. One of the best
  15. Slugworth

    Arcade Fire

    Just had an early birthday present from Mrs Slug. A ticket for Wembley in April! woohooooooo!