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  1. Sad times. Will miss the hot rum punch!
  2. mickthevoice

    Resale Club 2019

    Haha I am in exactly the same position and was thinking the same earlier today. Surely it’ll increase our chances! Best of luck on Thursday!
  3. I paid my deposit a few months go but frustratingly I can't make it now. Beyond gutted. If anybody needs a ticket at face value, I'm happy to transfer it over to your name in theticketsellers. You will just need to pay the rest of the deposit (£166) and reimburse my deposit. The deadline for paying off the deposit is this evening. I don't come on to these forums as often these days so apologies if posts like this are frowned upon. Not trying to make a profit. Gutted I can't go! will be the first I miss in years!
  4. They were awesome! So glad I finally managed to make it to the festival. It was very hard work and looked like it wasn't going to happen on Wednesday, but something came through very last minute and got here Friday afternoon. It's my tenth Glastonbury and I have appreciated it more than ever before. Seeing October Drift this morning was one of those moments that made me so glad to be here. Hope to see them moving up the stages in the coming years!
  5. Nothing like a Monday morning Alert to keep dreams alive. Sadly no resale :-(
  6. Really thought that was it then! Gutted!
  7. Saw them at Live at Leeds last month and they were phenomenal. Hands down the best band I've seen in quite a while. Gutted im not going to be there this year to see them. Enjoy!
  8. I was 15 the first time I went, twenty years ago! Have been 9 times sine and would love to make this my tenth. Sadly starting to look unlikely now. However, I refuse to give up!
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