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  1. Kate Nash I think opening the pyramid in 2008. Was trying to remember why I didn't see any bands on the Thursday but just remembered we stayed in the tent and smoked all the weed on that day!
  2. rubenz

    In the loop?

    I think this would be a good idea if it decreases the chance of people coming to harm through taking some ropey pills. Genuine question though, how does it work with regards to security etc. Is there some sort of agreement that security will leave people alone who are in and around the drug testing places. I have seen security at glasto giving people a hard time for smoking weed so how does it work with people coming out of a drug testing area who are likely to have drugs on them?
  3. Yeah thought it did a bit. That means out of 9 times I have been only 2010 was completely rain free. Someone should do some research into which weekend has the least rain statistically and we can move it there!
  4. Was there any rain at all in 2017?
  5. rubenz

    2019 Headliners

    I have had that exact same dream several times or some similar variation where I am circling round the edge of the festival and don't see anything. I think there was a dream thread in here and that one was quite common. What does it signify I wonder?!
  6. Agreed, I went in the Hospitality bit once and pretty much the entire Bath rugby team were in there. I bet they didn't have a group f5 session on the Sunday after the game!
  7. Yeah I had one from a friend in music business once. From what I can recall it did have my name on it although no photo and was not arranged until a couple of months prior. As has been stated above they cost more than normal tickets although some could be provided free of charge for work done for the festival with the option to purchase more.
  8. rubenz

    Park Stage 2019

    James Holden would also fit the bill nicely there I reckon. Perhaps Maribou State as well.
  9. The techno re work was pretty good!
  10. Tomato thing is pretty funny. I had no clue they did this and walked into the temple one year just as it was all kicking off. Certainly gets the adrenaline going although a felt a bit sorry for this one guy in the middle with a pink wig and silver hot pants who become the focal point for a lot of the tomatoes being hurled! I was up on the rafters of the temple but still took a few hits from the flying fruits.
  11. I like to do this also. Once when I had to escape from the huge crowd of deckchair merchants watching Paul Simon I took a walk round Shangri la etc. Got some great photos of the artwork and had a few nice cocktails, was quite relaxing compared to the usual mayhem.
  12. rubenz

    2019 Headliners

    A quick shuffle over to Moderat on the West Holts for one of the highlights of the weekend for me.
  13. rubenz

    2019 Improvements

    Probably just some of the Tech House lads having a scuffle over who had the deepest v neck t shirt
  14. First went in 2008, my friend persuaded me to go as she had been a few times before and knew I would love it. I didn't have a clue though and needed chasing up to get registered and send in photos etc. It wasn't the best time in my life so I am very glad that person persuaded me to go and I have been every year since and I would say that all those experiences have had a very positive effect on me. The next one in 2009 was really special and probably my favourite one with an amazing group of people and some unforgettable experiences. 10 years down the line I'm still going, things change and people move on but I'll keep going as long as I can get a ticket! Moral of the story being if you know someone who you think would enjoy it get them on board and share the experience as it could add greatly to their life!
  15. Carry a large rucksack of booze with you at all times!
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