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  1. rubenz

    Black Lives Matter

    Just popped up the cenotaph in Bristol to see what was going on earlier. Pretty bizarre scenes, large group of bikers turned up along with a lot of morons and a pretty big police presence.
  2. This is the song that always reminds me of Glasto. Not from seeing the band play but because they always use it to sound check before the bands Start!
  3. I think there could be an increase in park drinking and people having a few beers out and about. While older folks may go for the back garden beers or invite friends round. Here in Bristol people often have a few drinks down on the harbourside or in the parks or squares etc. Only problem could be toilet facilities as don't want people going in the bushes etc!
  4. The minister was just chatting about having breaks in the UK and said something along the lines of how he liked them but no one was a bigger advocate of a nice UK stay cation than Boris Johnson so maybe he is just chilling out in an Air Bnb somewhere!
  5. My holiday year starts again on the 30th June due to starting my job many years ago the day after Glastonbury 2009 which was fun! Going to end up with about 7 weeks holiday next year so hopefully we will be allowed to go somewhere at some point! BTW I remember spotting you in your crazy Glasto suit one year at the back of the Pyramid field, roll on 2021!
  6. Yeah I'm still going to take all the time off work and lounge about drinking cider, eating hotdogs and listening to music!
  7. rubenz

    My first ever gig.....

    I think my first gig was probably Baby D at Rollers in Milton Keynes! Was part of the Sanctuary venue where Dreamscape was held.
  8. About to ban UK and Ireland travel to US apparently
  9. I have been explaining to the youngsters in my office that the idea of going to the Winchester to wait for things to blow over originates from Minder. One of them had never heard of Minder though!
  10. Am I right in thinking you can only get 4 tickets per transaction in the resale rather than 6?
  11. Yeah they caught up with him about a few feet away from where I was standing. I reckon if he had legged it off again he could have made it into the site but seemed to run out of steam! Had a workers wristband on by the looks of it.
  12. Just chilling out to some Catfish and the Bottlemen from the 2016 highlights to get me in the mood!
  13. I'm taking a small plant sprayer to spray myself with cold water!
  14. Just stuck on 2017 highlights to get me in the mood, seems like more than two years ago!
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