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  1. rubenz

    My first ever gig.....

    I think my first gig was probably Baby D at Rollers in Milton Keynes! Was part of the Sanctuary venue where Dreamscape was held.
  2. About to ban UK and Ireland travel to US apparently
  3. I have been explaining to the youngsters in my office that the idea of going to the Winchester to wait for things to blow over originates from Minder. One of them had never heard of Minder though!
  4. Am I right in thinking you can only get 4 tickets per transaction in the resale rather than 6?
  5. Yeah they caught up with him about a few feet away from where I was standing. I reckon if he had legged it off again he could have made it into the site but seemed to run out of steam! Had a workers wristband on by the looks of it.
  6. Just chilling out to some Catfish and the Bottlemen from the 2016 highlights to get me in the mood!
  7. I'm taking a small plant sprayer to spray myself with cold water!
  8. Just stuck on 2017 highlights to get me in the mood, seems like more than two years ago!
  9. In terms of wellies for me there is a big difference between brands and fit. Had some Dunlop ones once from B and Q which left me in a terrible state after 3 days of usage. Upgraded to some more expensive ones from Blacks which are made by lowther and could shuffle about in these all day with no issues whatsoever. Certainly worth paying the extra money for. Having said that I do have a nice pair of walking shoes rather than boots so may investigate these gaiters.
  10. rubenz

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Absolutely shitting it down now in Bristol, heaviest I've seen for a while. Think we could be doomed!
  11. rubenz

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Bit of Glasto weather chat over on Pienaars Politics on Radio 5 just now. Its one of the key national issues right now.
  12. She just said they have tried really hard not too have too many bad clashes! Bloody loads for me Emily ?
  13. rubenz

    Glastonbury Water

    I sometimes think that the water at Glastonbury gives me a bit of a ropey stomach ( I don't feel this could be attributed to firing down an unholy mix of alchohol and spicy food so it must be the water!)
  14. rubenz

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Going to vote Green Party for the first time as like you I don't feel I can vote Labour on this occasion. Hopefully the Greens could do well here in the South West.
  15. I was fairly blase about it until I started reading about all the new things om the site this year and now I'm excited to check it all out!
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