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  1. Replace Stormzy with Dizzee and you could label that exact criticism at last year’s trio.
  2. This is why I think any decision will come before balance week.
  3. I can see both sides of this argument. Those with tickets will certainly feel entitled to have first dibs on the following year given the festival was cancelled due to circumstances beyond their control... While those without are perfectly entitled to feel aggrieved at having to miss out for two years. Hopefully it won’t come to it anyway.
  4. They look like they've spent the last few weeks on board the Diamond Princess.
  5. Unless they've suddenly started hating money it seems unlikely.
  6. Worries me greatly that he’s using imagery from the last album. That suggests he’s actually going to play stuff from it.
  7. Actually.... Tomorrow is the first day of Lent - 40 days, 40 acts leading up to the poster on Easter Sunday. Make it happen Eavis!
  8. They missed an opportunity in December to reveal an act an day in an advent calendar format. Didn’t even have to be all big names either, could have been Taylor one day, Mik Artistik the next...
  9. Hugh Jass

    Ticket touts.

    I’m pretty sure you’ve contributed about 90% of my total rep.
  10. Hugh Jass

    Ticket touts.

    Of course it does, but it’s much harder to do.
  11. Hugh Jass

    Ticket touts.

    I wouldn’t want to go down that route because I don’t think reselling of tickets should be banned outright. We’ve all been in situations where we’ve had tickets for something but for whatever reason haven’t been able to go. The reselling of tickets at face value is absolutely fine in my book. It’s the unscrupulous bastards who hoover up large quantities of tickets just to whack them on Viagogo for a huge profit who need to be legislated against. Those c**ts can fuck right off.
  12. Hugh Jass

    Ticket touts.

    If anyone in power actually have a shit they could stop touting tomorrow by banning the sale of tickets over face value. It would shut c**ts like Viagogo and StubHub down overnight.
  13. He’s eat Scrappy. And probably Fred given the chance.
  14. The look on Scooby’s face suggests he’s being made to eat that against his will. Which says something because that dog will eat fucking anything.
  15. Why can’t we have nice things?
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