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    Shudder to think how much she’s getting paid for that.
  2. Yeah Finsbury Park 2013. Johnny Marr and Miles Kane were both decent. PiL were god awful.
  3. Saw them supporting the Stone Roses a few years ago, genuinely one of the worst live acts I've ever seen.
  4. Doing "Artists A-Z" then running out of space at J is piss poor poster design.
  5. Last gig I went to pre-pandemic was Supergrass at Ally Pally. Again, very much enjoyed them. They’re a perfect afternoon festival act, come on and do an hour of hits that most people will recognise and like and then we all go about our days.
  6. Supergrass to shoe throwing in four posts. A new forum record!
  7. We shall see, personally I think they’re in with a shout.
  8. I would argue they would be a fancier choice than Interpol or (checks notes of recent JP headliners) Metronomy or Jake Bugg. They were massive in their prime (there’s an argument that they would headlined the biggest festivals had they not imploded) and whilst they’re nowhere near that level anymore I could still see them being a decent draw. Especially on a night where the more traditional “indie” offerings are slim.
  9. I meant elsewhere as in playing somewhere else that weekend. The JP is hardly above having Academy acts with cult followings headline. The last festival saw both Interpol and the Streets do it.
  10. Not really, they sold out two nights at Ally Pally in March 2020 at the start of their comeback. There was significant interest, but as others have said the pandemic pretty much fucked their momentum and now they seem happy picking up any old gig. Other opener is definitely a shout.
  11. Thinking JP headliner myself, they would be solid indie option for the Friday with Billie and QOTSA on the two big stages.
  12. Strange support gig for Supergrass that. Shame there isn’t a central London date, I’d happily trade my Kentish Town ticket for next month. Libertines must be a decent shout for GF next summer (assuming they’re not already elsewhere) - JP headliner?
  13. If the planet eating monster from Transformers is on the loose then the virus is the least of our worries.
  14. Can Kendrick just sod the new stuff and just do that set from Vegas please?
  15. Sticking with Macca and Kendrick until we hear otherwise. Reg was the next cab off the rank in terms of alternatives, so if he's out and Bruce is unlikely then I've no idea who else there is. I suppose Swifty is no more ruled out than the two above.
  16. Is he not doing three in a row on his arena dates next year?
  17. I thought RW Classic was the weekend before?
  18. You have to suspect that if he can't make room for it on his massive years long farewell tour then he isn't going to come and do a one off.
  19. As long as it's not the fucking Who again.
  20. There's the looming prospect of Springsteen dates maybe? Macca's silence isn't too much of a concern, he could leave till February/March before deciding he fancies it. Similarly I wonder if Kendrick is holding off announcing any dates until he drops this music he's been sitting on forever...
  21. Isn’t that Kendall lineup just the same one they have every year?
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