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  1. Didn’t know that about Linehan, very disappointing.
  2. We went on the Ted Tour. I strongly recommend it. You can’t actually go inside sadly.
  3. Four years ago yesterday I was stood outside Craggy Island Parochial House (which is just outside Ennistimon) as part of my honeymoon.
  4. You probably get this all the time, but I think you’re really cool.
  5. I’m also bunkering down here until this evening when I can watch it. My mate was saying a guy he works with walked into their office this morning and loudly spoiled the whole thing! I’d have lynched the fucker.
  6. Been feeling my way slowly into the new album. The closing run of Hairpin Turns to Light Years is just lovely.
  7. My running and enthusiasm for doing it has dropped off a cliff post marathon. Trying to keep myself ticking over with 3 or so 5 milers a week but it’s hard. Rediscovering my love of biscuits really hasn’t helped either.
  8. Speaking selfishly I’m away with work tomorrow to Friday then away for the bank holiday weekend too so little activity this week suits me. I expect the full shebang next week at some point.
  9. I’ll just take my iPhone, a power pack and try to go easy on the usage.
  10. Like the medium but I cannot abide dry cider. I struggle to see the point in drinking something that makes you thirsty.
  11. The Beat Hotel sell San Miguel, that’s at least vaguely drinkable.
  12. Oh I drink BH just fine from the bus. I was thinking about the Carlsberg.
  13. Looks like four days at the Brothers Bar for me... <Packs Rennies>
  14. Where’s the Eavis gif?
  15. Headliners alone: Blur 09 Macca 04 Muse 04 Adele 16 Stones 13
  16. Not taking anything this year, although Mrs Jass is taking a box or two or wine. Going by coach so trying to travel as light as possible.
  17. Just picked up a pair of tickets for Brighton.
  18. Would love to, but sadly I’m on a Thursday coach.
  19. £130k would pay for a hell of a designer...
  20. It pissed it down Friday afternoon/early evening in 2015. Remember getting absolutely soaked watching Wolf Alice in the Park.
  21. Trying to decide if drinking on a 07.45 coach is wise...
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