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  1. Pretty much has always been the case since the liberal party merged with the social democrats. When people describe the other two parties as broad churches, the lib dem's probably span from libertarian to socialist.I think Chris Huhne wanted to privatise the NHS whilst Charles Kennedy wanted a local income tax on top of income tax. though if a vote for the brexit party/tories can be counted as one for no deal I don't see why the lib dem's can't count a vote for them as remain.
  2. lost

    Football 19/20

    Just think losing Laporte and Kompany effectively together might be a step too far. If city win the league with a defence that's either new or have been on the fringes for the past few years that's quite an achievement. Saying that though I'm not sure why he's rested De Bruyne who's been their best player so far.
  3. lost

    Football 19/20

    A city defence with out Laporte. Could be Liverpool's year now.
  4. lost

    Football 19/20

    The chances of winning the Europa league for the non-top teams must be quite slim with champions league teams entering after the group stage and usually a couple of teams from the top leagues who should be in the champions league in there too. Then taking into account it ruins your first 4 months of the domestic season. Whats the point?
  5. The FT has picked up on the Byline article pointing out alot of the same stuff I did (including these people are as bad as the far right and their George Soros conspiracies) https://ftalphaville.ft.com/2019/09/12/1568281802000/No-deal-Brexit-is-not-a-hedge-fund-conspiracy/
  6. Companies that run PFI contracts who are going to lose them without compensation. Utility companies that are going to be nationalised at a price set by parliament House builders who's prices would fall after a massive council house building scheme. In fact all British companies if 20% of their shares are seized and handed to workers. That list looks to me like the hedge funds are looking to profit from a labour government not a hard brexit..
  7. We don't know. In 2011 to get around Dodd-Frank and having to register with the SEC he turned it into a private hedge fund so he doesn't have to declare his positions like the public hedge funds do. I think its run from the Cayman Islands now.
  8. So how do you feel about George Soros doing exactly the same thing to fund left wing groups and parties? Personally i don't have any issue with it. Do you dislike him too or are you a hypocrite ?
  9. Who mentioned Jez? I'm simply pointing out those short positions have nothing to do with hard brexit. You short Sainsbury's if you think they are going to continue to lose market share to the discounters like lidl and aldi.. Just Eat again the first delivery app on the block but is now losing market share to uber eats and deliveroo. Nowt to do with brexit. Everyone involved in finance or works in financial services isn't "far right" Do you think George Soros is far right?
  10. And yet complete bollocks. Just taking a list of all the shorts in UK companies and then linking it to brexit shows a child like understanding of the markets. In fact some of those shorts will be due to if Corbyn gets in, the companies that run outsourced public sector contracts for example. I can see why the site is "what the papers don't say" probably because they have some competent people still working for them.
  11. Think its all the unions. Peston mentioned he thought it'd be a unite push but all of them supported unanimously the "better labour deal"
  12. How long before they accept that though? McCluskey last night said the options were remain with labour fighting to reform the existing CU into what they want or a new CU with what they want. What happens when they find out state aid rules are non-negotiable? Jez's answer when asked a few months ago was "we will keep negotiating" hence the he'll be dead first comment.
  13. Yeah looking that way.. Allows Jez to campaign for his leave deal whilst say Tom Watson can still push to remain. I'd expect the remainer centrists to be trigger balloted then. Question for me is this "customs union" that the unions think they can get from the EU. Which happens first, the EU cave in or Jez dies of old age.
  14. I'd put it with Apple. A lifestyle brand that people are happy to pay double what its really worth to be seen with.
  15. if you fiddle the figures to exclude London but include Leeds and Manchester and Birmingham yes but it doesn't mean anything. We already knew remain was strongest in the wealthier cities. People who either live where the jobs are or can move to where the jobs are (more likely to be immigrants with no family ties to an area in this country who logically would settle where most jobs are) voted remain.
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