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  1. Tiverton is an achievement. Wakefield was basically ground zero for the miners strike but you do see alot of help for hero's hoodies about town so basically any labour leader who hasn't been laying wreaths for terrorists should be looking at it as a bare minimum. Plus I've mentioned before the last administration seemed more interested in the Blairites losing their seats than actually beating the conservatives.
  2. I was using it as an example that its going to be rooted all the way up not just with the poorest. As I said it maybe insulting but the BOE sees it as the least worst option because I said their other option to reduce wage expectations is effectively to put people out of work via a recession.
  3. No I've already said its too late and the BOE is miles behind the curve. We all simply need to buckle up now and yes each of us will fight to keep our standard of living all the way up. What will the neighbours think if the see a Skoda parked on the drive when you've had a BMW there the last 10 years? That's why the BOE will probably feel it needs to cause a recession now. Not having a job significantly reduces your chances of demanding a higher wage and you'll suddenly take anything out there.
  4. Buried in todays inflation figures was producer price inflation and thats at 22%. That's basically the cost that they have to pass onto people that they are worried about. The people that make the stuff or provide the service are sadly the biggest constituent of that.
  5. No that's the way it works. We all want a pay rise but also want our wage to buy as much as possible. Its pointless if you end up with your salary end up buying the same or less. They have a tool, and they are going to use it. In the same way when they inject money into the economy they have no control where its going to end up, when they need to suck money out of the economy they have no control where its going to come from. They probably believe in the long run there is more pain for the poorest if interest rates need to go much higher from an inflation wage rise/price hike spiral due to the deeper recession/house price crash that would cause but yes its probably going to fall on deaf ears. We will all be pushing for at least inflation at our next pay rise because we all expect our current standard of living as a bare minimum.
  6. Because there are more of us and very few of them. , a ceo isn't going to start consuming 6 million calories a day or driving to work in 1000 cars hence they are not going to affect consumption in the same way,
  7. You've got the BOE arguing people shouldn't ask for big rises as it will lead to even higher interest rates in the future but equally does anyone have any faith that they'll bring inflation under control? They've been completely wrong over the last 12 months regarding it being "transitory"
  8. Lib dem's posted a tweet saying the Tories and Unions are as bad as each other then had to very quickly delete it after a torrent of abuse 😆
  9. Its a link to the Guido Fawkes site.
  10. Think they should go for Potter before the World Cup. works for the non-woke angle as well as he’s named after a character who’s writer doesn’t think women can have a penis.
  11. Well it was England's worst home defeat for 94 years. But yes the competition probably isn't that important for England who are also tired after a long season but crucially its been built into something of a moral issue issue in Hungary over the take the knee stuff and so their players were probably playing out of their skin. Still doesn't excuse Southgates negative tactics though.
  12. Seems to be going on everywhere. Joe Biden appears to be signing a similar deal with Spain: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1624018/joe-biden-immigration-spain-honduras-summit-of-americas-us-politics-latest I seem to remember it started with Aussie's they had some success and then it spread to other countries.. Israel etc..
  13. Yep happens in this country too but obviously there is a limit to what people will pay before they chose to sit in front of the telly with a can instead hence the number of pubs going under.
  14. No I said they are more likely to be unemployed. Bad habits which are more likely to picked up during your period of "transitory" unemployment which can become cemented. If you don't have to be up early in the morning your more likely to sit up drinking all night. We saw this during covid when people were paid to sit at home we created 1 million new alcoholics in the UK. Minimum wage goes to £15 an hour and then obviously your "bad" businesses such as pubs and bars go under because they don't sell enough drinks to cover the costs. A number of those people will become permanently unemployed with the social aspects linked to that.
  15. Because as I mentioned sometimes it isn't 'Transient' There are social issues around that with long term drug and alcohol problems. Habits people can fall into very quickly which can cost the state more money in the long term. In an ideal world yes the free market does it job, people get off their arse to gain new skills and price their labour at the level companies can pay a good wage and still be viable businesses but in practice it doesn't work like that and we have other state benefit systems which then come under strain (unemployment,NHS etc..)
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