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  1. lost

    Football 19/20

    Looks promising according to the Athletic:
  2. lost

    Football 19/20

    Yes we know. Wimbledon, famous for their rivalry and deep hatred of Manchester Utd and City.
  3. lost

    Football 19/20

    The point still stands and its not a dig at any one club in particular but no-one can argue if any club was celebrating their first title in 30 years their fans would keep their celebrations down to numerous small parties each with less than 50 people. Look we know your desperate for Liverpool to win the title but at least admit the reason your making these arguments. That its more important than whats going on with this virus.
  4. lost

    Football 19/20

    How to guarantee Manchester Utd fans turn up outside Anfield
  5. lost

    Football 19/20

    The biggest hurdle is not the contracts or even the medical staff needed. Its stopping outside of Anfield looking like Le Parc des Princes after the PSG vs Dortmund game. You'd probably need every policeman in the country up there. We've already seen in the press celebrations such as birthdays etc.. seem to be one of the biggest reasons people are breaking social distancing rules.
  6. lost

    Football 19/20

    That's it. The whole economy is suffering from financial implications as we've put everyone's health as priority. Footballs integrity will be damaged much more by it seeing its self as "special"
  7. Looks like the NEC went the same way. Three Blairite candidates winning.
  8. If Rachel Reeves gets shadow Chancellor I would say that signifies a pretty big shift.
  9. So much for keeping the shadow cabinet intact during a crisis but fantastic news!!
  10. McDonnells jumped before being pushed.
  11. And Boris's letter goes out to opposition leaders to work together on the corna virus.
  12. lost

    Football 19/20

    Its a minefield. Take Spurs. Out of the three options they are in favour of forfeit because they'd get champs league on last seasons place, resume because they will be better off having games over the summer where Kane and Son will be fit, but will probably challenge average points so far as they had an injury crisis towards the end. Every club probably has a scenario which is different based on contacts, loaned players, injuries, opponents left, losing home advantage and current placing.
  13. A few articles coming out saying Starmer/Rayner is the new labour leadership team.
  14. lost

    Football 19/20

    And tennis canned till mid-July. Very difficult to have one sport going on whilst others are stopped.
  15. lost

    Football 19/20

    Financial fair play suspended.
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