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  1. Its probably the new stadium. Arsenal and Spurs went through something similar though I guess its amplified by covid. Saying that yes after last summer this year feels like being constantly kicked in the balls.
  2. Labour confirmed to be opposing along with the lib dems. Lets see if the ERG can get the numbers to defeat the government.
  3. That is what seems to be happening in Scotland. Level 0 doesn't include nightclubs and erm "adult entertainment" venues and Sturgeon said today vaccine take-up in 18 - 30's is as low as 50% in some parts of the nation it may delay full unlocking. If nightclubs don't convince young people to get it I wonder if a lap dance will? 😆
  4. Confirmed for nightclubs and other events where large crowds gather. A negative covid test will not be sufficient as it seems to be coming in more as a coercive action to get young people to take the vaccine. I guess we will find out how much young people value nightclubs then?
  5. Already looks like a top 4 of City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man U in some order is the easiest prediction its been in some time. Haaland to Chelsea though? looks like Malen maybe going to Dortmund as a replacement.
  6. Its quite difficult to blame Kane when the service wasn't there. I know its easy in hindsight but my thoughts were: As I said last week Grealish changed the game vs Germany. The 5-2-3 only really started working well when we brought him on on the left and switched Sterling to the right. I know Mount has had a bit of stick on here but I think even Chelsea fans would admit the right side forward of the 3 probably isn't his position which he played last night. Against Denmark I thought Holberg and Delaney looked relatively comfortable in midfield in the second half and Southgate didn't react. The game actually swung for me when Delaney went off injured at the end of full time. We got a soft penalty in extra time but Denmark looked dead on their feet and I guess had a bigger drop off on the bench so I think we would of created a chance anyway. Mancini made changes at half time last night and as per Denmark Southgate didn't react until it was too late. I'd of had Grealish on sooner with Henderson and reverted to the formation vs Germany.
  7. Agreed. As with the Denmark game it felt Southgate didn't react quickly enough with the subs and you could tell the Italy goal was coming. We'd been defending too deep for too long and after that it was going to be difficult to get the momentum back. The weird thing about the penalties was even though we missed 3 buried in there was one of the best I've ever seen from Maguire and equally one of the best saves from Pickford against Jorginho.
  8. Ahh I don't go. In fact I snuck in there and looked at the covid thread and it reaffirmed my belief that I don't want to go. Festivals for me are about trying to kill yourself with drugs and/or alcohol. In fact its not a good weekend if no ones died or at least some kid has lost his genitals from an exploding gas canister 👍
  9. Bloody hell, you can tell people here only care about club football. England get to a major final and not a single post in the footy thread.
  10. Congrats to who thought up the headline Shaw's Flank Redemption
  11. He's good probably an upgrade on Greenwood who has been very good on the right of that front 3 but not a massive one. McFred for me is the more pressing problem, they may still get Rice but I would of expected them to be pursuing that position first.
  12. I thought it had 1 vs 0 Germany written all over it but Grealish completely changed the game.
  13. The Iceland result was a disgrace. That aside the FA tend to go with very safe managers apart from Keegan in 2000 when we were the complete opposite. We are team that play very to par and the minute we come up against say a Germany, Portugal or Italy we lose. We also tend to be terrible at penalties. I also think as those resources come from the premiership we tend to prioritise it over international football.
  14. I wasn't around then but wiki says we won the quarter finals against Spain in 1968 3 vs 1? Lost to Yugoslavia in the semis and won the 3rd place payoff against USSR. Maybe that stat is counting the knock outs as starting at the semis as 94.
  15. Its traditionally been a smaller competition than the world cup hasn't it? I can remember when Denmark won it there were 8 teams in two groups of 4, the semis, final and that was it.
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