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  1. Whilst the pubs in Berwick upon tweed are apparently full of Scots
  2. Just been out and the queues for hair dressers were mental. Spoons on the other hand seemed quiet only a few in having breakfast.
  3. Nope Same thing testing and contact tracing? As I said it hasn't been more successful at testing. If its testing a smaller proportion of the population. The article says Scotland was more successful post March and the tracing part of test and trace only went live on May 29th hence is referring to or implying the April/May period too. I wasn't quoting Sturgeon. The article was quoting Devi Sridhar. The ferry is still running I can catch it from England to N.Ireland and then from N.Ireland to Scotland. N.Ireland still has its border open with the republic and flights are taking place between there and mainland europe. To suggest that the only reason Scotland may not achieve elimination of the virus is the border with England is factually incorrect.
  4. Well if you didn't read the article posted that I was replying to then why jump in? then There you go not because cases maybe still circling in Scotland which testing may miss or someone may fly into an airport or come across on a ferry from N.Ireland with it but because "it has a 154-kilometre border with England"
  5. hence why I pointed out "being questioned" 👍
  6. Do you have anything to disprove the financial times? as far as I'm aware there is still a theory that hasn't been dismissed that a majority may have T-cell immunity which isn't showing up in the antibody tests? And I said the article was being questioned heavily at the time and still hasn't been disproved. Infact another study on the subject was posted two weeks ago: https://www.researchsquare.com/article/rs-35331/v1
  7. Not angry just depressed at the state of the world where the public have started lapping up dog whistle politics again. i thought we'd left all that shit in the 20th century. At least Starmer seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. As I said it doesn't matter if there is any desire the damage has been done now.
  8. Yes both sides as I said one side counts mailed tests as completed tests and the other sets their target at less than 50% of the England one. Neither side comes out with any credit but that doesn't stop the SNP in the post truth world of nationalism and populism claiming they did better. Sturgeons little stunt this morning has apparently triggered a huge number of cancellations in hotels and holiday cottages when 70% of Scotlands tourism industry relies on the rest of the UK. As with the fabricated oil report they show they are happy time and again to take a scorched earth policy to Scotlands economy and peoples livelihoods to drum up support for independence and yet people still support them?
  9. I didn't mention this at the end of April as I generally think the we did better than you discussion is pretty pointless. The initial decisions by sage were all unanimous we went into lockdown unanimously with an estimated death rate from the WHO at 4.5% and a guarantee the NHS was going to be overloaded. We then came out without the NHS being overloaded and the death rate at around 0.26% and at some point between the two everyone started playing politics with the thing. But the Scotland was more successful at building up testing is a down right lie. Both nations hit their targets on the same day at the end of April, England's was 100k and Scotlands was 3.5K. Scotland's then scaled up for the whole of the UK is about 46k so only successful if you set the bar at an incredibly low level. The fact they are now using the thing as a reason why Scotland needs a border with England to keep the germ ridden people out is hilarious I thought Scotland was open and welcoming, not closed off an insular? The brass neck on these people is amazing. Able to turn everything into an argument for independence even a pandemic. I only wish Salmond had won in 2014 and implemented his economic plan based on a conservative oil price estimate of $135 a barrel. At least we'd of had some entertainment watching them try to fund a furlough scheme when the oil price went negative. There wouldn't of been any lockdown in Scotland if it wasn't for the nasty germ ridden English. Build that wall Sturgeon, Build that wall!
  10. lost

    Football 19/20

    Turns out pool fans couldn't even be be bothered to check the 17 year old kid they were sharing all over facebooks age when a 19 year old Liverpool fan was charged with arson. If I was him I'd sue for slander.
  11. Your whole country has low population density Your basically trying to argue that because its high in parts compared to Scotlands rural areas that makes it as high as the rest of the UK. As the article says there are 47 districts in the rest of the UK higher than Scotland's highest hence these 47 districts should have higher virus transmission.
  12. The corona virus death rate is a percentage of the people who catch it. people catch it by being in contact with other people who have it. If I take public transport to work i'm in contact with alot of people, if I then sit in an office and go to meetings i'm in contact with alot of people, if I go for a sandwich at lunch time I'm in contact with alot of people, If I got to the gym after work I'm in contact with alot of people, If I go for a meal and a drink in the evening I'm in contact with alot of people. If I live in a cottage next to some fields and tend sheep all day I'm not in contact with anyone. I may visit a shop or market once a week. By comparing population size we could be comparing a nation of city workers with a nation of sheep farmers. I can't see why its so difficult to see population density is the biggest factor? as the article says:
  13. Nope the difference is one set of figures is adjusted for population density and the other isn't.
  14. Here you go: https://www.scotsman.com/news/opinion/columnists/statistics-shame-scottish-government-handling-covid-brian-monteith-2877181 I wasn't saying Sweden has done better I'm only saying that if population density doesn't have any effect it has so your really saying Sweden has done better. Also the Graph you've just posted proves what I've been saying England clearly peaked with London, Scotland also peaks at the same time. We know other regions were at least two weeks behind London. Anyway hasn't the density thing been noticed in Scotland too? Weren't some of the islands asking for independence from Sturgeon on the schools opening decision and to open earlier but were told to piss off?
  15. No country is evenly spread but you are getting an average of the whole country. You only have to look at Sweden and Belgium to see that using just population without density is a rubbish measure both have about 10 million residents but Belgium have double the deaths with one of the strictest lock downs on the planet whilst Sweden didn't have one. If you don't think population density has any effect then you'd have to admit the measures you are praising Sturgeon for didn't either.
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