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  1. Thanks. We potentially do have a non-drinker come to think of it - so that's an option too
  2. Got tickets via TfG (thanks @sheffinghell for the tip off). Thinking of booking the shuttle bus, which will hopefully be a convenient way to get in and out (and cheaper than taxis). Have they run the shuttle bus in years past/would people recommend it?
  3. Would recommend Mould who are playing on the Saturday. Saw them last weekend in Leeds. Really inventive three-piece from Bristol. The bassist jerks around like Ian Curtis - looks quite like him too. The drummer is absolutely brilliant as well
  4. Happening on Saturday 16 November this year - so a month later than the last couple of years. First lineup announcement this week. Early bird tickets still seem to be available as of today but are apparently going off sale soon. Always a cracking event so looking forward to the first announcement
  5. Final artist of the summer being announced at midday today
  6. As Nigel Clough didn't say, I wouldn't say music is the best thing about Glastonbury...but it's in the top one
  7. Doesn't really matter now...but do we know which act was 51.05254758326447, -1.7005875500564496 / George Barclay dog beds / "A cat named Anne" now?! It's been bugging me
  8. With the four headliners listed, does that mean Fri - Big Thief; Sat - Sampha followed by Jon H; Sun - Mods? Or does it mean one of them is playing on Thursday? Sorry - question already answered above
  9. That lineup is stacked! Buzzing!
  10. Both Gruff Rhys and Bill Ryder-Jones not playing according to a GM twitter reply. Was hoping BRJ would be there
  11. New clue: 51.05254758326447, -1.7005875500564496. Co-ordinates to George Barclay dog beds. Not a scooby - unless it's Fat Dog but that doesn't seem a great clue
  12. Just seen that Father John Misty is supporting Kacey Musgraves in the US in September. Probably an unrealistic shout but could he come over to headline GM as a one-off?
  13. Hoping for this - enjoying their new album. No radical departure from their trademark sound but some nice songs on there. Hopefully they come over to Europe in the late summer. Could see them being added to the Death Cab day at APE if they do
  14. Didn't realise this. Quite intrigued though, do you know what parts of Glastonbury are booked by the GM team?
  15. Last year they tweeted on 17 February (a Friday) that the lineup would be out on 1 March. So if they are sticking with 1 March this year, we can expect the 'announcement of the announcement' any time now
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